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Mephisto 3071 - Tim Moorey

I found this one pretty tricky, and worked from the bottom up, ending with 4 across. I hope I have all the wordplay sorted out.

All definitions can be verified in Chambers and are only discussed if they need further clarification. The first definition in each clue is underlined.

Away we go...

1 Pub’s butt of criticism for froth on liquor (4)
BARM - BAR(pub), then the last letter in criticisM
4 Bone china pots are not available on Sabbath (8)
PRENASAL - PAL(china) containing RE(are), NA(not available), S(sabbath)
9 Interpreter of dreams using a story in Ireland (12)
ONEIROMANCER - ONE(a), then ROMANCE(story) in IR(Ireland)
11 Climber, one’s seen in wood (5)
LIANA - I(one) in LANA(wood of the genipap tree)
12 Bill for electricity supply (6)
CHARGE - double definition
14 Substance from almond nuts in muesli chopped (7)
EMULSIN - anagram of IN,MUSEL(i)
15 Slip catching four in turn after wicket’s fallen (5)
SLIVE - IV(four) inside SLEW(turn) missing W(wicket)
16 One without illusions on a roll (7)
REALIST -  RE(on), A, LIST(roll)
17 Indian gardener’s covering over tare in African country greens (6)
MALOTI - MALI(Indian gardener) surrounding O(over) T(tare)
22 Dancing girls mediocre in French region? Not half (6)
ALMEHS - MEH(mediocre) in ALSACE(French region) missing the second half
23 Catch black cuckoo in Sicilian port (7)
TRAPANI - TRAP(catch), ANI(black cuckoo)
24 Month’s work for small amount of money (5)
MOPUS - M(month), OPUS(work)
26 Purgative substance? Order a pill not entirely to be taken in one month (7)
JALAPIN - anagram of A,PIL(l) in JAN(one month)
28 Come in from how tea’s often served for an audience (6)
ENTREZ - sounds like tea is served ON TRAY
29 Shift about on barbs circulating (5)
CIMAR - C(about), then RAMI(plural of ramus, barb) reversed
30 Group of ferns one’s taken in, each a size that's amazing (12)
SCHIZAEACEAE - ACE(one) inside an anagram of EACH,A,SIZE
31 Pondered about getting slower and quieter for Queen? (8)
PERDENDO - anagram of PONDERED - Queen is referring to the band here
32 Cut private rooms back (4)
SNED - DENS(private rooms) reversed

1 Secure employment tails off — a hard pill to swallow (5)
BOLUS - BOLT(secure) and USE(employment) both missing the last letter
2 Without difficulty, money includes one pound (7)
READILY - READY(money) containing I(one), L(pound)
3 Scottish try in Twickenham international (4)
MINT - hidden in twickenhaM INTernational
4 Gossip helping to include a change of direction (5)
PRATE - PLATE(helping of food) with R replacing L
5 Mutter as before about a decoy (7)
ROPERIN - ROIN(variant of ROYNE, mutter) surrounding PER(a)
6 This originally, native Aztecs happily used as their language (7)
NAHUATL - first letter of each word in the clue beinning at Native
7 One supporter showing a manner of excessive orderliness (6)
ANALLY - AN(one), ALLY(supporter)
8 Needing protection accordingly, one who murdered Agamemnon (9)
AEGISTHUS - AEGIS(protection), THUS(accordingly)
10 Records right up front for income from Government bonds (6)
RENTES - ENTERS(records) with R at the front
13 Outrageous quality of prisoner in country (9)
FLAGRANCE - LAG(prisoner) in FRANCE(country)
17 China touring Japan to get special fishy hors d’oeuvres (6)
MATJES - MATE(china) surrounding J(japan), then S(special)
18 Gin and drugs reported in swingers’ bar (7)
TRAPEZE - TRAP(gin) then sounds like E'S(drugs)
19 Writer’s exhausted and is not contracted in US agency (7)
FAINTED - AIN'T(is not) inside FED(US agency)
20 Repeat warning for people to take back goods (7)
REPOMEN - REP(repeat), OMEN(warning)
21 Sea fish splash, free for short time (6)
SPARID - SPAT(splash) with RID(free) replacing T(time)
24 Former Chairman taking cases in gambling Mecca (5)
MACAO - Chairman MAO containing CA(cases)
25 Hurt roused theatrically, not for all to see (5)
SORED - anagram or ROUSED missing U(for all to see). Don't see "theatrically" as an anagram indicator often
27 Jerks act out purposeful procedures (4)
TICS - remove ACT from TACTICS(purposeful procedues)
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