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Quick Cryptic 1394 by Bob and Margaret

This took me 10 minutes, but oon reflection there's nothing unfair or excessively complex. I havent done one by Bob and Margaret before so maybe it's just a wavelength thing. Good mix of clues, nice surfaces. Hard to pick a winner - I like 8ac and also 11dn

1 Some provided source of Latin poetry (4)
OVID -  hidden word -  prOVIDed
4 Admen had styles personally crafted (8)
HANDMADE - anagram ('styles') of ADMEN HAD
8 Three of the fifteen best seats? (5,3)
FRONT ROW - double definition. The front row of a rugby scrum consists of three players, two massive 'props' and a slightly shorter player called a 'hooker' (no laughing across the atlantic), out of the total of 15.
9 Instrument in sack brought back (4)
TOOL - LOOT backwards
10 Auditor’s punished for discovery (4)
FIND - sounds like FINED
11 Yellow clay rod somehow bearing weight (8)
COWARDLY - anagram ('somehow') of CLAY ROD with W for weight inside
12 Judge encounters advocate, finally, when returning (6)
ESTEEM - MEETS + E all backwards
14 Month that ends too soon for girl (6)
MARTHA - MAR (month) + THA(t)
16 Hold back from relaxation, then shower (8)
18 A number a lot may go for cheaply? (4)
SONG - 'going for a song' means to sell cheaply
19 Raising agent, heading off in this direction? (4)
EAST - YEAST minus the 'heading'
20 Father’s host for old TV show (4,4)
DADS ARMY - barely cryptic.
22 Road-edge spoiled, with battered corners (3-5)
DOG-EARED - anagram ('spoiled') of ROAD EDGE
23 Eagle sailors found in middle of Greece (4)
ERNE - sailors are RN (Royal Navy) inside EE (middle of 'Greece')

2 Maids serving King drink within six seconds (7)
VIRGINS - King is R, drink is GIN. All contained within VI (six) S (seconds)
3 Ate in study I’d set up (5)
DINED - DEN ID reversed
4 The girl’s seeing the earl regularly (3)
HER - alternate letters of tHe EaRl
5 She has the latest snowman we built (9)
NEWSWOMAN - anagram ('built') of SNOWMAN WE
6 Older erratum corrected (7)
MATURER - anagram ('corrected') of ERRATUM
7 Amusing conclusion to repeated spin (5)
DROLL - D (last letter of 'repeated') + ROLL (spin)
11 Someone who arrives holding mike, with officer in charge? (9)
COMMANDER - Someone who arrives is a COMER, with M (Mike, phonetic alphabet) + AND (with) inside
13 On reflection, some felt it needed permit (7)
ENTITLE - 'some' = hidden word klaxon. This one is reversed: fELT IT NEeded
15 Game where the suspense comes at the end (7)
HANGMAN - cryptic definition
17 Books are turning up inspirational source (5)
ERATO - OT (old testament ) + ARE all backwards. One of the Muses of Greek and Roman mythology.
18 Good fellow on the beer becoming overfamiliar (5)
STALE - ST (good fellow) + ALE
21 Detective having daughter carried out (3)
DID - DI (Detective Inspector) + D

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