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Times Quick Cryptic No 1393 by Orpheus

Gentle enough puzzle, perhaps, but that didn't stop me incorrectly guessing the girl at 24ac and giving 6d less than a minute's consideration before giving up and sticking in the only remotely plausible answer that came to mind. In my defence, I'm rusty and still musty from a holiday, so I'm calling this 8-minute mess-up a success. Which it was, in comparison to yesterday's QC DNF, done just before this in around twice the time - so for that I give Orpheus my thanks, and of course also to the Rotter for kindly filling in for me last week.

7 Singer’s unhappy attempt to cross river (8)
BLUEBIRD - BLUE (unhappy) BID (attempt) to cross R (river)
8 A strange perennial plant (4)
ARUM - A RUM (a strange). Reminded me of the titan arum, which is indeed a strange plant, but whose proper name provides a vastly better description.
9 Collided with back of enormous goods vehicle (6)
STRUCK - S ("back" of enormouS) TRUCK (goods vehicle)
10 Member overcome by English youth leader’s lament (5)
ELEGY - LEG (member) overcome by E(nglish) and Y (Youth "leader")
11 Knight accommodated in fashionable lodging-place (3)
INN - N (knight in chess) accommodated in IN (fashionable)
12 Source of bananas, a blessing for a monkey (6)
BABOON - B ("source" of Bananas) A BOON (a blessing)
14 He painted first of infants captured by giant (6)
TITIAN - I ("first" of Infants) captured by TITAN (giant)
16 County with appeal for basic accommodation (6)
BEDSIT - BEDS. (Bedfordshire/county) with IT (appeal)
18 Fanatic read dictionary? Not all of it! (6)
ADDICT - not all of the letters of reAD DICTionary
19 Ineptly act a son of Noah (3)
HAM - double definition
20 Wee drink before a stage production, perhaps (5)
DRAMA - DRAM (wee drink) before A
21 Dismiss party protecting Northern Ireland (6)
BANISH - BASH (party) protecting NI (Northern Ireland)
23 Edible part of grain for breakfast, say? (4)
MEAL - double definition. The first derives from the same sense as mill(ing); the second originally meant a particular time or occasion.
24 Charge girl for herbaceous plant (8)
COSTMARY - COST (charge) MARY (girl). I looked at the checkers and could only see "cashmere", and then couldn't get "costmira" out of my head. It seems to be a well-known, aromatic herb that was widely used medicinally and to flavour ale (so also called alecost).

1 Corpulent ship’s officer embracing large fellow lodger (8)
FLATMATE - FAT (corpulent) MATE (ship's officer) embracing L(arge)
2 Boyfriend’s part of East London, we hear (4)
BEAU - "we hear" the same as BOW (part of East London)
3 Bird in grass is kingfisher (6)
SISKIN - "in" the letters of grasS IS KINgfisher. A finch type creature that I'd also never heard of but the clue was helpful.
4 Arrival of notice archdeacon originally typed (6)
ADVENT - AD (advert/notice) VEN (venerable/archdeacon) T ("originally" Typed)
5 Capable 1950s youth keeping a fast (8)
TALENTED - TED (1950s youth) keeps A LENT (a fast)
6 Crucial-sounding place for handling ship’s cargo (4)
QUAY - sounds like KEY (crucial). So, _U_Y? Well, if a port can have a "duty-free", then surely it has a lesser-known but much more important-sounding place called a "duty" hidden away somewhere. Yeah whatever.
13 Barrier damaged best coal (8)
OBSTACLE - anagram (damaged) of BEST COAL
15 Man finally delving into poor Tracey’s lineage (8)
ANCESTRY - N (maN, "finally") delving into an anagram (poor) of TRACEY'S
17 Roofing material in yonder church (6)
THATCH - THAT (yonder) CH(urch)
18 Waylay a doctor with American husband (6)
AMBUSH - A MB (a doctor) with US (american) H(usband)
20 Grass sent up for ruminants (4)
DEER - REED (grass) sent up/reversed
22 Celebrity giving eastern servant a rise (4)
NAME - E(astern) MAN (servant) given a rise/reversed

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