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Times Quick Cryptic No 1392 by Pedro


I'm usually pretty tolerant when it comes to cryptic clues, but I have to complain about 20 Across, which seems to me utterly ambiguous. It didn't at the time of solving, and I got it "wrong".

Otherwise, some very nice clues in this puzzle. Lots of anagrams, which I haven't had in awhile.



1 Loud volume nearby, though not initially (5)
VOCAL - V ("volume") + LOCAL ("nearby") without the first letter ("though not initially")
7 Misfired a shot — very rash (9)
OVERHASTY - anagram of ("misfired") A SHOT ("a shot") + VERY ("very")
My instinct to try a different definition from the surface reading backfired here, and I was looking for some form of skin irritation. Hiding in plain sight.
9 Style of swimming [that’s] chilly in cold lake (5)
CRAWL - RAW ("chilly") in ("in") C ("cold") + L ("lake")
This one stumped me for awhile as I couldn't see past C+ICY+L, which obviously isn't a thing.
10 Story I want rewritten after I prepare to attack? (3,2,4)
LIE IN WAIT - LIE ("story") + I WANT ("I want") anagrammed ("rewritten") after ("after") I ("I")
11 Key cricketer making comeback (3)
TAB - BAT ("cricketer") reversed ("making comeback")
12 Cute plane handled badly, [prompting] irritability (9)
PETULANCE - CUTE PLANE ("cute plane") anagrammed ("handled badly")
14 Get rid of reserve [in] collation of memories? (9)
SCRAPBOOK - SCRAP ("get rid of") + BOOK ("reserve")
16 Party time? [There’s] little point (3)
DOT - DO ("party") + T ("time")
18 Meat dish rises with cooking (5,4)
IRISH STEW - RISES WITH ("rises with") anagrammed ("cooking")
20 Conscious a King is surrounded by reverence (5)
AWARE - A ('a") + R ("King", rex, that is) in ("surrounded by") AWE ("reverence")
Nothing wrong with R for 'king'. But there's also nothing wrong with K for 'king', and AWAKE is just as good a synonym for 'conscious' as AWARE is. Grumble, grumble, grumble. Grumble, I say.
21 US soldier very into vocation — medical attendant? (9)
CAREGIVER - GI ("US soldier") + V ("very") in ("into") CAREER ("vocation")
22 Sentimental Greek character retiring (5)
MUSHY - MU ("Greek character") + SHY ("retiring")
Lovely definitions for MUSHY and SHY here.


1 Empty tin put in tank (6)
VACANT - CAN ("tin") in ("put in") VAT ("tank")
2 Charlie spots lawyer removing street[’s] protection for drivers (5,7)
CRASH BARRIER - C ("Charlie", radio alphabet, I imagine) + RASH ("spots") + BARRISTER ("lawyer") without ("removing") ST ("street")
3 Lie around with newspaper and popular item of confectionery (8)
LOLLIPOP - LOLL ("lie around") + ("with") I ("newspaper") + ("and") POP ("popular")
4 Leave / somewhere uncultivated (6)
DESERT - double definition
Took me forever to think of this word.
5 Avoid source of heat in fine weather (4)
SHUN - first letter of ("source of") HEAT ("heat") in ("in") SUN ("fine weather")
6 Fragrant shrub: attempt to block tree coming up (6)
MYRTLE - TRY ("attempt") in ("to block") ELM ("tree") reversed ("coming up")
8 Details snags after repairing church feature (7,5)
STAINED GLASS - DETAILS SNAGS ("details snags") anagrammed ("after repairing")
13 Tepid conflict linked to first of manuscripts overseen by gospel writer (8)
LUKEWARM - WAR ("conflict") + ("linked to") first letter of ("first of") MANUSCRIPTS ("manuscripts") under ("overseen by") LUKE ("gospel writer")
14 One informing idiot’s in school (6)
SNITCH - NIT's ("idiot's") in ("in") SCH ("school")
15 Sequence of notes hermit finally placed in old grotto (6)
OCTAVE - HERMIT ("hermit") reduced to last letter ("finally") in ("placed in") O ("old") + CAVE ("grotto")
17 Cathedral city supporting man, just when needed (6)
TIMELY - ELY ("cathedral city") under ("supporting") TIM ("man")
19 Substantial front to garden, with colour around (4)
HUGE - first letter of ("front to") GARDEN ("garden") with ("with") HUE ("colour") around ("around")

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