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Times Quick Cryptic 1390 by Joker

At 9 minutes this seemed quite straightforward to me with few if any unknown words or meanings, but I'm sure as always opinions will differ so I shall be interested to read what others made of it.

As usual definitions are underlined in bold italics, {deletions and substitutions are in curly brackets} and [anagrinds, containment, reversal and other indicators in square ones]

1 Time in Channel island is bleak (5)
STARK - T (time) contained by [in] SARK (Channel island)
7 No one from space is real thing, unfortunately (9)
EARTHLING - Anagram [unfortunately] of REAL THING. I think we're from space too, but you get the idea!
9 Machine for turning articles in France and here (5)
LATHE - LA + THE (articles in France and here - UK)
10 Quickly running past those (9)
POSTHASTE - Anagram [running] of PAST THOSE
11 Eccentric old king losing head (3)
NUT - {c}NUT (old king) [losing head]. He wasn't spelt like this in my schooldays!
12 Idea so far is to change given expression earlier? (9)
AFORESAID - Anagram [change] of IDEA SO FAR
14 March could feature this bird before tons in September (5,4)
GOOSE STEP - GOOSE (bird), then T (tons) contained by [in] SEP (September). All the usual sources spell this with a hyphen (5-4).
16 Allergy regularly does for part of the body (3)
LEG - {a}L{l}E{r}G{y} [regularly]
18 Doctor concerned with substance not entirely uncommon (9)
REGISTRAR - RE (concerned with), GIST (substance), RAR{e} (uncommon) [not entirely]
20 Fabric made from odd bits of tow, poor in quality (5)
TWILL - T{o}W [odd bits], ILL (poor in quality)
21 More than just the colon during exam in English? (9)
INTESTINE - IN (during), TEST (exam), IN, E (English)
22 Far from stiff from marathon, perhaps, west of New York (5)
RUNNY - RUN (marathon, perhaps), NY (New York). 'West of' is simply a positional indicator here and not really needed other than for the surface reading.
1 Readily imbibing a litre in bar (6)
SALOON - SOON (readily) containing [imbibing] A + L (litre)
2 A later idea Mad Hatter fought (12)
3 What helps one remember to stock rice wine (8)
KEEPSAKE - KEEP (stock - as shops stock certain goods), SAKE (rice wine)
4 Quickly stop work in Post Office (6)
PRESTO - REST (stop work) contained by [in] PO (Post Office). I lost time thinking 'pronto' here.
5 Keep quiet about a Persian ruler (4)
SHAH - SHH (keep quiet)  about a Persian ruler. We don't often see Shh! - it's more usually Sh!, and Sh-Sh! is also possible.
6 Went along with a deadly sin (6)
AGREED - A, GREED (deadly sin)
8 Hold up in one country military establishment (12)
INSTALLATION - I (one), then STALL (hold up) contained by [in] NATION (country)
13 Former beer is a seller abroad (8)
EXPORTER - EX (former), PORTER (beer)
14 Some sugar, licorice and another pungent flavouring (6)
GARLIC - Hidden in [some] {su}GAR LIC{orice}
15 Root Internet Protocol under change of direction (6)
TURNIP - TURN (change of direction), IP (Internet Protocol as in 'IP address')
17 Ship having good passage (6)
GALLEY - G (good), ALLEY (passage)
19 Indifferent beginning to operation after distress call (2-2)
SO-SO - SOS (distress call), O{peration} [beginning]
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