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Times 27,395: Clues Over Easy

No complaints about this very entertaining nongram (with 9ac and 16ac in there, you'd think it was going to be a pangram, but it's missing both X and Z), which I polished off relatively quickly apart from having to hesitate a while at the end over the unknowns at 2dn and especially 19ac - nothing more unnerving than having to press submit on an answer you're not sure is a thing, clued with a cryptic definition.

But other than that this was a crossword that had a bit of everything, obscure words, interesting GK, the correct level of smut (that being, marginally lower than that of a saucy seaside postcard) and really great "storytelling" in pretty much all the surfaces. Two thumbs up from me, and not just because I'm in a good mood from having a day off work today. Happy 3^5th birthday, America!

FOI 9ac, which fortunately I knew how to spell off the bat, favourite clue probably 11ac even though I as the definition of iodine is a well-trodden path at this point. But that's only because it's such a seductive road! Thanks to the setter for taking us on a ramble down it and the others.

1 Subject that’s closed, still (5)
TOPIC - TO [closed, as in a door] + PIC [still, as in a photo]

4 Part of shop makes fast returns on singular beer (9)
SALESROOM - MOORS [makes fast] returns on/after S ALE [singular | beer]

9 The city of Kyiv a jerk misspelled (9)
REYKJAVIK - (KYIV A JERK*) ["misspelled"]

10 Fought to be heard with a gong (5)
AWARD - homophone of WARRED [fought] with/after A

11 I must have both bits to eat (6)
IODINE - 1 and 0 [both bits, in computing] + DINE [to eat]

12 Store up memoir for play (8)
EMPORIUM - (UP MEMOIR*) ["for play"]

14 Crime occurring without judge hearing a thing (9)
OBSESSION - {j}OB [crime, minus J] + SESSION [hearing]

16 Veil’s collar containing a measure of brightness (5)
NIQAB - NAB [collar] containing IQ [a measure of brightness]

17 Boy dispatching daughter in place of Clare (5)
ENNIS - {d}ENNIS [boy, minus D]. Ennis is the county town of Clare.

19 Does it constitute a blanket ban on unhealthy food? (4,5)
DIET SHEET - cryptic def, playing on sheets and blankets as in bedclothes.

21 Radical’s irritatingly cosy life diminished (8)
GLYCOSYL - hidden in {irritatin}GLY COSY L{ife}

22 Female hit gym, then chilled (6)
FRAPPE - F RAP P.E. [female | hit | gym]

25 Inclined to be having relations round last of all (5)
ATILT - AT IT [having relations] "round" {al}L

26 Bid at cards by fellow expert concealing nothing? (2,3,4)
IN THE BUFF - 1NT [bid, in Bridge] by HE BUFF [fellow | expert]

27 Like some Arabs, having weekend break outside the city (3-6)
EWE-NECKED - having (WEEKEND*) "break", outside EC [the city].
A ewe-necked horse has a thin concave neck. Not to be confused with a V-necked sweater.

28 Spouse seen in activity centre at times (5)
HUBBY - HUB [activity centre] at/before BY [times]

1 Go to bed — we’re not joking — and rest uneasily (4,2,4,5)
TURN IN ONE'S GRAVE - TURN IN [go to bed] + ONE'S GRAVE [we're | not joking]

2 Stuff, which you will have opened, sealed (5)
PAYED - PAD [stuff] which YE [you] will have opened.
To "pay" is to waterproof a boat by sealing it with tar.

3 Bottle of harmful gas found by Welshman (7)
COJONES - CO [carbon monoxide = harmful gas] found by JONES [Welshman]

4 Destroyer shelled navy, one’s recalled (4)
SIVA - {n}AV{y} + I'S [one's], all reversed for this Hindu deity.

5 Liberal president tended to be naturally sympathetic? (4-6)
LIKE-MINDED - L IKE MINDED [Liberal | President (Eisenhower) | tended]

6 Argument to have in Cheltenham, perhaps (3,4)
SPA TOWN - SPAT OWN [argument | to have]

7 Spaniard who painted, in place of worship, topless concubine (9)
ODALISQUE - DALI [Spaniard (Salvador) who painted] in {m}OSQUE [place of worship, "topless"]

8 Out to lunch, unexpectedly met by tearful officer’s wife (6,9)
MADAME BUTTERFLY - MAD [out to lunch] + (MET BY TEARFUL*) ["unexpectedly"].
Madame Butterfly was the unfortunate Japanese teenage wife of US naval officer Pinkerton.

13 Happy to land close to snack counter! (10)
TIDDLYWINK - TIDDLY [happy, as in tipsy] + WIN [to land] + {snac}K

15 What’s up with your egg? (5,4)
SUNNY SIDE - cryptic definition, referring to the common way of frying an egg, sunny side up.

18 Little fellow tore his pants (7)
SHORTIE - (TORE HIS*) ["pants"]

20 Cry that is about to reverberate endlessly (7)
SCREECH - SC [this is] + RE [about] + ECH{o} [to reverberate, "endlessly"]

23 Dead weight (5)
PLUMB - double def. "Dead" as in, precisely.

24 A lot of horses bolt (4)
STUD - double def.
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