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Times Cryptic 27392

There were at least half-a-dozen unknown words or meanings in this one so I was pleased to complete it in 37 minutes aided considerably by very fair wordplay. The cattle disease, the bird and the Japanese artist were amongst them, and of course I had forgotten the Chinese dog yet again.

As usual definitions are underlined in bold italics, {deletions and substitutions are in curly brackets} and [anagrinds, containment, reversal and other indicators in square ones]

1 Ring road charge (4)
TOLL - Two meanings
3 One has opus composed for this? (10)
SOUSAPHONE - Anagram [composed] of ONE HAS OPUS
9 Fever’s odd, being brought about by a shower? (7)
MURRAIN - RUM (odd) reversed [brought about], RAIN (shower). Not a word I knew, but apparently it's a general term covering various diseases of cattle including 'foot-and-mouth' which certainly involves fever although I haven't been able to find the word 'fever' mentioned in any dictionary definition of 'murrain'.
11 Notes saint in screen in church (7)
REREDOS - RE RE DO (notes), S (saint). One of those words learnt many years ago from crosswords and still doing sterling duty.
12 Listen all the way to the end of America’s good cover (9)
HEARTHRUG - HEAR (listen), THRU (all the way to the end - of America), G (good). A somewhat vague definition, but rugs cover things so it's undoubtedly accurate.
13 Angry, withholding page from copyright infringer (5)
IRATE - {p}IRATE (copyright infringer) [withholding page - p]
14 Socialite’s wordplay for NAMELY? (3,5,4)
MAN ABOUT TOWN - In a crossword clue the wordplay for NAMELY might well be this, to be parsed as: MAN reversed (about ), ELY (town). Referring back to last Tuesday's QC discussions, Ely is in fact a cathedral city but that doesn't invalidate the use of 'town' here.
18 Tool girl’s holding right after drill, perhaps (6,6)
MONKEY WRENCH - MONKEY (drill, perhaps - a West African baboon ), WENCH (girl) containing [holding] R (right). This strangely named device came up in a QC little more than a week ago. I suspect the setter may need his tin-hat for this one!
21 Lover of loud noise sacrificing little volume (5)
AMOUR - {cl}AMOUR (loud noise) [sacrificing little volume - cl, centilitre)
22 Helpless over everything still in the seed drill? (2,4,3)
ON ONES OWN - O (over - cricket), NONE SOWN (everything still in the seed drill?)
24 Dog — almost more intelligent one (4,3)
SHAR PEI - SHARPE{r} (more intelligent) [almost], I (one)
25 Japanese who drew fish around America (7)
HOKUSAI - HOKI (fish) containing [around] USA (America). Didn't know.
26 Bird with varied grey tones around wing’s leading edge (5,5)
SNOWY EGRET - Anagram [varied] of GREY TONES containing [around] W{ing} [’s leading edge]. Didn't know.
27 Pieces turned for joiner (4)
SNUG - GUNS (pieces) reversed [turned]. Snug, the joiner, is one of the Mechanicals in A Midsummer Night's Dream, and the only one not to have been given a Christian name by the Bard.
1 Tiny plant: cat’s sat on leaf (3,5)
TOM THUMB - TOM (cat), THUMB (leaf - as in thumb or leaf through a book or magazine). This is general term for any dwarf version of a plant.
2 Odd for Scots to appear in genealogical list for French duchy (8)
LORRAINE - ORRA (odd - for Scots) contained by [to appear in] LINE (genealogical list). I've never heard of the Scottish word but SOED defines it as: Odd, unmatched; occasional, miscellaneous; unattached, unemployed. Didn't know this as a duchy but the name is familiar as a French region.
4 Possessor of tranquillisers uncovered (5)
OWNER - {d}OWNER{s} (tranquillisers) [uncovered]
5 Lively cunning grabs power completely (9)
SPRIGHTLY - SLY (cunning) contains [grabs] P (power) + RIGHT (completely)
6 Treated pinker sore, upset with burn — this one revolted (6,7)
PERKIN WARBECK - Anagram [treated] of PINKER, RAW (sore) reversed [upset], BECK (burn - stream). A pretender to the throne who came to a sticky end.  I remember his name via Sellar and Yeatman rather than any history lessons at school; does that qualify as 'Ninja Turtling'?
7 Severe test — exam without notes (6)
ORDEAL - ORAL (exam) containing [without - outside] D E (notes)
8 Regularly take slices in because I hear more like a piece of cake (6)
EASIER - Alternate letters of [regularly take slices in] {b}E{c}A{u}S{e} I {h}E{a}R
10 A yogurt phobia — oddly only a live one can produce this? (13)
15 Ignorant hunk now in gaol has this? (9)
UNKNOWING - Hidden in {h}UNK NOW IN G{aol} [has - contains - this]
16 Tormented soul none set free (8)
UNLOOSEN - Anagram [tormented] of SOUL NONE
17 Seeking to support small railway operation (8)
SHUNTING - S (small), HUNTING (seeking)
19 Hotel’s out of the base maybe for a sidecar — fruit syrup (6)
CASSIS - C{h}ASSIS (base maybe for a sidecar) [hotel's out]. Made from blackcurrant.
20 Fruit mum used in toto (6)
TOMATO - MA (mum) contained by [used in] TOTO
23 Mineral containing chestnut pigment (5)
OCHRE - ORE (mineral) containing CH (chestnut  - horse)
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