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Times Quick Cryptic 1386 by Tracy

Never got to grips with this one so ended up slipping about all over the grid for 12 tricky but enjoyable minutes. Loi 10ac, COD 22ac.


1. Penny amends homework.
PREPARATION - penny P, amends (to make amends) REPARATION.
8. Opening first of louvres in part of church.
CHANCEL - pening (CHANCE), (L)ouvres.
9. Difficult question for model.
POSER - double definition.
10. A hotel - inn arranged without delay.
ON THE NAIL - anagram (arranged) of A HOTEL INN. Didn’t see this at all but it was the only way to hammer in the jigsaw pieces of the anagrist. Looked it up for the blog - (of payments) at once (esp in the phrase pay on the nail).
12. Leader of advance party in trouble.
ADO - (A)dvanced, party (DO).
13. Answer the phone and hear.
PICK UP - double definition.
15. Copper with most unusual habit.
CUSTOM - copper (CU) with an anagram (unusual) of MOST.
17. The writer is going to some trouble.
ILL - the writer (I) is going to do something (I'LL).
18. Let up in respect of crusade.
REMISSION - in respect of (RE), crusade (MISSION).
20. Is stuck in very warm lift.
HOIST - is (IS) stuck inside very warm (HOT).
22. Are all sozzled imbibing English beer?
REAL ALE - anagram (sozzled) of ARE ALL imbibing English (E). Excellent! COD.
23. Discourage one old judge in decline.
DETERIORATE - discourage (DETER), one (I), old (O), judge (RATE).


1. Scheme that initially works.
PLANT - scheme (PLAN) (T)hat.
2. Former scrutineer, reportedly in Treasury department.
EXCHEQUER - former (EX), homophone (reportedly) of scrutineer - checker.
3. At sea, a duck coming in low.
AFLOAT - a (A), duck (O) coming inside low (FLAT - E.G. country).
4. File does not include river snake.
ASP - file - rasp - does not contain river (r) - r(ASP).
5. Immediate flash.
INSTANT - double definition.
6. Conservative knight objected to cornering pointer.
NARROW-MINDED - knight (N), objected to (MINDED) cornering/containing pointer (ARROW). Conservative - definition 7 in Collins - a person who is reluctant to change or consider new ideas; conformist.
7. Professional discharged.
ACCOMPLISHED - double definition.
11. Girl touring island, an American state.
LOUISIANA - girl (LOUISA) touring island (I), an (AN).
14. Musician in small room is close to vocalist.
CELLIST - small room (CELL), is (IS), close to vocalis(T).
16. What could be the beginning, or be my undoing.
EMBRYO - anagram (undoing) of OR BE MY.
19. Marauder blowing top, up in arms.
IRATE - marauder without the top letter p(IRATE).
21. Rocky height in Pretoria.
TOR - in Pre(TOR)ia.
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