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QC 1385 by Hurley

OK, this was officially the most straightforward crossword I have ever had to blog. I am claiming a PB for it at around the 6.30 mark even though I took ages over my LOI which was 5D. I could see that the answer was obviously MEDIATOR. I could see that it was obviously an anagram with 'mad' as the anagrind. But I was mystified by the anagrist which appeared to me to be NOT MADE. This was because I was doing the puzzle on a smaller than usual screen with my awful reading eyesight as corrected by a bad pair of pound shop reading glasses which made 'ri' appear as 'n' to me. As soon as I looked at it on my normal Mac screen with my normal glasses all became clear.

So many thanks to Hurley for providing me with my latest benchmark for future progress.

FOI was 7A as you would expect. COD is difficult to choose as there were no clues that really stood out from the others but I probably liked 2D the best.

Definitions are underlined and everything else is explained just as I see it in the simplest language I can manage.

7 Performers etc involved in Old Testament (5)
OCTET - anagram of ETC = CTE ('involved') 'in' OT (Old Testament).
8 Demanding individual, Proust — peripheral sections cut (7)
ONEROUS - ONE (individual) + ROUS (pROUSt with the 'peripheral sections' cut).
10 He criticizes prison? (7)
SLAMMER - double definition. I've included the question mark which signifies that the second definition is 'unexpected', but in this case merely because it is a slang definition rather than cryptic.
11 Victor initially ignored private (5)
INNER - wINNER 'initially ignored'.
12 Was late up — pet lovers wild (9)
OVERSLEPT - straight anagram ('wild') of PET LOVERS.
14 Drink is brought round — pub’s Number One (3)
SIP - SI (is 'brought round') + P (Pub's 'Number One').
15 Evasive firm, untrustworthy ultimately (3)
COY - CO (company, often used to denote 'firm' in crossword land, where the legal distinction between a partnership and a company is less distinct than in the real world) + Y (untrustworthY 'ultimately').
16 A “wart” clue, poor, getting shrill response? (9)
CATERWAUL - straight anagram ('poor') of A WART CLUE.
18 Material from centres, industrial (5)
RESIN - hidden word: centRES INdustrial.
20 Bill left French water scene (7)
TABLEAU - TAB (bill) = L (left) + EAU (French for water)
22 Seeing that Religious Education’s genuine (7)
SINCERE - SINCE (seeing that) + RE (Religious Education).
23 Referring to girl, fit for king (5)
REGAL - RE (referring to) + GAL (girl).
1 Collection featuring suits — it may not last long! (5,2,5)
HOUSE OF CARDS - a pack of cards may be seen as a collection of suits.
2 Get overthrown in maverick plan (8)
STRATEGY - TEG (GET 'overthrown') 'in' STRAY (maverick).
3 Art form oddly seen as something minute (4)
ATOM - odd letters of ArT fOrM.
4 Notice about Old Irish evening gathering (6)
SOIREE - SEE (notice) 'about' O (old) + IR (Irish).
5 One seeking agreement riot made mad (8)
MEDIATOR - straight anagram ('mad') of RIOT MADE.
6 Good — have dress for formal wear (4)
GOWN - G (good) + OWN (have).
9 Cull spurs you to change, taking great care (12)
SCRUPULOUSLY - straight anagram ('to change') of CULL SPURS YOU.
13 One supporting monarch after short time (8)
SECONDER - ER (monarch) after SECOND (short time).
14 Search of Southern grotto initially not good enough (8)
SCAVENGE - S (southern) + CAVE (grotto) + NGE (initials of Not Good Enough).
17 Measure of spirits and half of bitter — walk unsteadily? (6)
TOTTER - TOT (meaure of spirits) = TER (half of bitTER).
19 Smooth, starts to sing awfully, needling daughter (4)
SAND - initials letters ('starts to') Sing Awfully Needling Daughter.
21 Insult lawyers and bishop (4)
BARB - BAR (collective name for barristers) + B (bishop).
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