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Times 27391 - Topic 12TS298

Time: 20 minutes
Music: Dexter Gordon, Doin' Alright

We're definitely back to easy Monday here.   Every time I thought I was going to get stuck, I saw another obvious one, so thanks for that.   I have a lot of other things to do this week, and I would prefer not to struggle for two hours tonight.   I was hung up on my LOI for a minute or two before seeing how it worked, and I neatly sidestepped the one possible trap for unwary biffers.

Your results may vary, but I would expect some very fast times.   And away we go....

1 What Man Ray was, having a platform in outskirts of Detroit (7)
DADAIST - D(A DAIS)T, rather obvious even if you can't remember exactly what Man Ray was famous for.
5 A theatre award in New Mexico? It means the opposite (7)
9 Self-denying sailors can finally purchase books (9)
ABSTINENT - ABS + TIN + [purchas]E + NT, a nice surface, but not very deceptive.
10 All the players make nearly half the ice cream (5)
TUTTI - half of TUTTI FRUTTI, a rhyming flavour.
11 Daggers produced by old boy and priest (5)
OBELI - OB + ELI, a compendium of cryptic cliches.
12 At that time a group of nations invested in American club (9)
ATHENAEUM - A + THEN + A(E.U)M.   Yeah, let's put the EU in America!
13 Jurassic creature’s talons oddly displayed in a house (13)
ATLANTOSAURUS - A T(anagram of TALONS)AURUS.   A dubious dinosaur, but well-known.
17 Affected elegance of melodies with decorations (4,3,6)
AIRS AND GRACES - AIR + GRACES, a barely-cryptic clue.
21 Attractive English teacher dips into trifle half-heartedly (9)
24 US city entertaining male climber (5)
LIANA - L(IAN)A, where is was a bit thrown by 'male' indicating a random man's name.  At least 'liana' is a stock crossword plant.
25 Stuff oneself with something close to Cheddar? (5)
GORGE - Cheddar GORGE is a geographical feature close to the town of Cheddar.   I didn't know this, but the answer is pretty evident.
26 When swimming, lady dives with due consideration (9)
27 Fate sailors reversed, avoiding area by island (7)
NEMESIS - SE[a]MEN backwards + IS.
28 Faker cops finally decisively overcome (7)
SHAMMER - [cop]S HAMMER.   If you biffed scammer, shame (or sham) on you!
1 Racing yacht — something a female impersonator might have? (6)
DRAGON - DRAG ON, referring to the well-known Chinese racing boats.
2 Go with detectives, finding ruin (9)
DISREPAIR - DIS, i.e. detective inspectors, + REPAIR.
3 First letter, one I penned in ancient language going north (7)
INITIAL - I + LA(I)TIN upside-down.
4 Bored agent with woman in Thailand’s borders (9)
TREPANNED - T(REP + ANNE)D, a bit of a surprise.
5 Letter revealing a union problem after seven years? (5)
AITCH - A + ITCH, i.e. the seven-year itch.
6 Giant, one meeting a fairy queen (7)
7 In action it resembles saltpetre (5)
NITRE - Hidden in [actio]N IT RE[sembles].
8 Part of sailing vessel popular in mother’s time (8)
14 Old, old city’s little people — us, emphatically (9)
OURSELVES - O + UR'S ELVES.   We'll have to check the OT to see if Ur had elves.....
15 Scallywags generally in right order crossing a burn? (9)
RASCALDOM - R(A SCALD)O.M, i.e. the Order of Merit.
16 Eccentric leader leaving NW town for a Welsh one (8)
CARDIGAN - I biffed this one, being familiar with the Earl and his famous sweater, but I now see that it is CARD + [w]IGAN, as in the Road to Wigan Pier.
18 Stuffy, like follicularly challenged Cockneys? (7)
AIRLESS - [h]AIRLESS, one escaped from the Quickie before they stepped up the difficulty levels over there.
19 Church cheers fellow visiting, one giving out notes (7)
20 Hungarian publication unknown artist set up (6)
MAGYAR - MAG + Y + RA upside-down, an obvious biff.
22 Originally such a strange Wiltshire diocese (5)
SARUM - S[uch] A RUM, well-known from the rotten borough of Old Sarum.
23 The cheek of some musicians! (5)
BRASS - Double definition
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