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Pip Kirby

Times 27375 - Am I on the yellow brick road?

When I'd finished this, a really fun puzzle I thought, it felt like I'd been given one of those exercises where you have to write a short story using as many of the answer words as you can; there was a sort of theme, but I can't put my finger on exactly what it is. Something about a 11a in Australia sending me as the 28a to a 22a?

Anyway, maybe I'll win the 10a or become a 1a now I've had my 18d replaced and am ready to do the discos in 8d again. Which reminds me, my fav clue was 8d once I saw why! And I've learned the plural as in 15a has an E, or can have.

More like this please, Mr Setter!

1 In time, gastarbeiter’s a household name! (8)
5 Didn’t manage everything, finishing early delivery (6)
RANSOM - RAN SOM(E), delivery as in rescue, paying the ransom, I assume.
10 Raving intolerantly to a sponsor of good causes (8,7)
11 Nothing sailor can do ultimately stops preparation for it (4,6)
LOVE POTION - LOVE = nothing, PO = Petty Officer, can = TIN has O (last letter of DO) inserted. 'it' as in sex.
13 Girl who’s got people gunning for me? (4)
MYRA - MY RA (Royal Artillery).
15 Tries, in the front row, for Australian pack (7)
DINGOES - GOES = tries after DIN = row. I'd have spelt dingos without an E, but either way is OK apparently.
17 Surgeon grabs tip of nice long pointed object (7)
LEISTER - LISTER has E the end of nicE inserted. Joseph Lister was a British surgeon and a pioneer of antiseptic surgery. A leister is a type of spear for fishing.
18 This used to set Raleigh off on travels (4,3)
HAIR GEL - (RALEIGH)*. A preparation of no use to me.
19 Buy bigger piano as addition to jazz and country club? (5,2)
TRADE UP - TRAD = jazz, EU = "country club" (!), P = piano.
21 Wife who survived a year with bishop (4)
PARR - P.A. = a year, per year; RR = Right Reverend. As in Catherine Parr, last of the six.
22 Pressure put on US mobile psychiatric unit facility (6,4)
PADDED CELL - P(ressure), ADDED = put on, CELL what Americans call a mobile phone, goodness knows why they don't call it a mobile, as it's mobile.
25 Perversely, went for another ending to latest film (2,3,10)
27 Partner once having had a vacation cut short is free (6)
EXEMPT - EX = partner once, EMPT(Y) = a vacation cut short.
28 Most idiotic time to take short bow, on reflection (8)
CRAZIEST - All reversed: T, SEIZ(E) = take, short, ARC = bow.

1 Monsieur did fish, and so did butcher (7)
MANGLED - M = Monsieur, ANGLED = did fish.
2 Acquired grand place for Ruth and Samuel (3)
GOT - G(rand), OT where these people appear.
3 After interference, fail in move to stop slide? (10)
SNOWPLOUGH - SNOW the white flecks on your TV screen when no signal; PLOUGH can mean to fail.
4 Expect answers when buttonholing head of intelligence (5)
AWAIT - Not quite sure exactly how this works. The head of intelligence = I, goes into A and AT = when. But the W? Or A, A has I inserted, but whence the W T? I'll think on. I'll probably need a 22a when someone tells us below. EDIT the ever early and reliable jackkt has an explanation in the first comment below. I don't much like WIT for intelligence, but I think we've seen that before and it works.
6 Maybe old Bill’s John’s successor (4)
ACTS - Book after John in the NT. When a Bill before Parliament is passed, it becomes an ACT, so an old Bill.
7 Be as one initially scared by series of echoes — then you kick yourself? (3,3,2,3)
SEE EYE TO EYE - S(cared), EE = echoes as in NATO alphabet, YE TOE YE = you kick yourself.
8 Go immediately after this long-range spring forecast (7)
MAYFAIR - Well a forecast for May 2020 would be long range for Spring, and if you've played Monopoly as many times as I have you'll know that GO comes after MAYFAIR. Both parts brilliant, IMO.
9 Line in cookery books, maybe, was intensely illuminating (8)
FLOODLIT - FOOD LIT(erature) could be cookery books: insert an L.
12 Vintage rite involved sharp dressing (11)
14 Musical, variable one, about Perth hospital area nurses (6,2,2)
WIZARD OF OZ - Z I = variable, one; reversed = IZ, insert into WARD OF OZ. A rather awkward surface, but amusing; I hate all musicals and thought the WOOZ was just a film, or two. But I see on WIKI nearly everything you can think of has been turned into a musical now, some not in the best possible taste.
16 Stash stuff in cellar, above a street (4,4)
SALT AWAY - SALT goes in a salt cellar, and A WAY = a street.
18 Welcome athletic achievement by one showing a bit of a leg (7)
HIPBONE - HI = welcome, PB = personal best, ONE. My new hip is just perfect, after 3 months, thanks for asking.
20 Coat with a small amount of white spirit? (7)
PALETOT - A PALE TOT is a small amount of a white spirit. I got this from checkers and wordplay, it's a bit of a Mephisto type word.
23 Departs stern and miserable (5)
DREAR - D = departs, REAR = stern.
24 Algae from half of lake unexplored up in the middle (4)
KELP - la KE, unex PL ored, reverse the PL (up).
26 I might be carried off when picked up (3)
ONE - sounds like WON. I = 1.
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