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Times Quick Cryptic No 1372 by Orpheus


DNF, as I had the wrong kind of food (and dog) at 16 Across. But it was a medium-ish sort of solve, no great difficulties, and some guesswork at the end that may have been difficult for newer solvers.



1 Straggly beard on a Scotsman, one from the Granite City (10)
ABERDONIAN - anagram of ("straggly") BEARD ("beard") + ON ("on") + IAN ("a Scotsman")
The Granite City is Aberdeen.
8 Eg boxer’s gentle progress to track leftist? (7)
DOGTROT - DOG ("to track") + TROT ("leftist?")
A boxer being a kind of dog, and a 'trot' being a follower of Trotsky, probably a leftist.
9 Portion [of] baked food served around City (5)
PIECE - PIE ("baked food") around ("served around") EC ("city", postcode for London)
10 Unscrupulous dealer people of substance rejected (4)
SPIV - VIPS ("people of substance") reversed ("rejected")
Hadn't heard of this word so I took a leap of faith at the end.
11 Bearing gifts, roughly speaking? (8)
PRESENCE - PRESENTS ("gifts") replaced by homophone ("roughly speaking")
Not exactly sure what 'roughly' is doing here.
13 Some chose the right anaesthetic (5)
ETHER - letters in ("some") CHOSE THE RIGHT ("chose the right")
14 Herb[’s] occasion for speaking? (5)
THYME - TIME ("occasion") replaced by homophone ("for speaking")
16 Dog [requiring] two portions of food? (4-4)
CHOW-CHOW - repeated ("two portions of") CHOW ("food")
17 Enthusiastic Judean king abandoning first daughter (4)
AVID - DAVID ("Judean king") without first ("abandoning first") D ("daughter")
20 Idle endlessly in 6 square (5)
PLAZA - LAZE ("idle") without its last letter ("endlessly") in ("in") PA ("6", Pennsylvania)
21 English saint, one associated with a European republic (7)
ALBANIA - ALBAN ("English saint") + I ("one") + ("associated with") A ("a")
Didn't know the saint, so I was looking for something starting with E+ST.
22 In religious house, cultivate liliaceous plant (10)
FRITILLARY - in ("in") FRIARY ("religious house"), TILL ("cultivate")
I had all the crossing letters, sussed out TILL, then guessed on FRIARY. Last one in.


1 Mountain system with little access ultimately (5)
ANDES - AND ("and") + LITTLE ACCESS ("little access") reduced to last letters ("ultimately")
2 Welsh moaning disturbed female across the border (12)
ENGLISHWOMAN - WELSH MOANING ("Welsh moaning") anagrammed ("disturbed")
Couldn't figure out what 'across the border' was doing, then realized on writing up the blog that it's part of the surface: across the border from Wales.
3 Dagger bound in the end to irritate (4)
DIRK - BOUND ("bound") reduced to last letter ("in the end") + IRK ("to irritate")
4 Legal official in particular region never without books? (6)
NOTARY - NARY ("in particular region, never") outside ("without") OT ("books", Old Testament)
Here, 'in particular region' indicates that NARY is a nonstandard form of 'never'.
5 Suitable program originally on internet location (8)
APPOSITE - APP ("program") + first letter of ("originally") ON ("on") + SITE ("internet location")
Really liked this clue.
6 State [of] planes in navy manoeuvres (12)
PENNSYLVANIA - PLANES IN NAVY ("planes in navy") anagrammed ("manoeuvres")
7 Harsh member of clergy rising in diocese (6)
SEVERE - REV ("member of clergy") reversed ("rising") in ("in") SEE ("diocese")
12 Equip professor’s position, [providing] comfortable seat (8)
ARMCHAIR - ARM ("equip") + CHAIR ("professor's position")
13 Copy key first — [and] do a runner! (6)
ESCAPE - APE ("copy"), ESC ("key") placed be
15 Element [provided by] fellow Lithuanian? (6)
COBALT - CO- ("fellow") + BALT ("Lithuanian?", for example)
I chuckled at this one!
18 Log a builder finally used in home improvements (5)
DIARY - A ("a") + BUILDER ("builder") reduced to its last letter ("finally") in ("used in") DIY ("home improvements")
19 Murder victim of some capability, so to speak (4)
ABEL - ABLE ("of some capability") replaced by homophone ("so to speak")

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