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Times Quick Cryptic 1370 by Breadman

My solving time was 11 minutes. Regulars may know that I always include parsing in my stated times and it was that that took me over my target 10 minutes today; the answer at 21dn was obvious on first reading but I had a blind spot lasting more than a moment or two before I realised how it worked. It seems so obvious now!

As usual definitions are underlined in bold italics, {deletions and substitutions are in curly brackets} and [anagrinds, containment, reversal and other indicators in square ones]

8 Sword nicked by girl (7)
CUTLASS - CUT (nicked), LASS (girl)
9 Financial supporter not available to back hairdressing product (5)
ANGEL - NA (not available) reversed [back], GEL (hairdressing product). I first came across this type of angel as backers who invest in theatrical productions, but it can also be used for other kinds of enterprise.
10 Lowest emotional point of commemoration: a dirge (5)
NADIR - Hidden in [of] {commemoratio}N A DIR{ge}
11 The aim's to change a lack of belief in god (7)
ATHEISM - Anagram [change] THE AIM'S
12 Adult heard complaint raised (5-2)
GROWN-UP - Sounds like [heard] "groan" (complaint), UP (raised)
14 Reveal temperature in Spanish city (3,2)
LET ON - T (temperature) contained by [in]  LEÓN (Spanish city). My knowledge of Spanish cities is somewhat limited and I'm afraid I didn't know this one - not that I needed it to solve the clue.
15 Again plan harvest around first of May (5)
REMAP - REAP (harvest) containing [around] M{ay} [first]
17 Violent storm forcibly split a party (7)
TORNADO - TORN (forcibly split), A, DO (party)
19 Swindler runs past new sleuth (7)
HUSTLER - R (runs) comes after [past] anagram [new] of SLEUTH
20 A vocal expression in harmony (2,3)
AT ONE - A, TONE (vocal expression)
22 US soldier rejected toilet, dwelling in freezing conditions (5)
IGLOO - GI (US soldier) reversed [rejected], LOO (toilet)
23 Turned to welcome Shakespearean character (7)
OTHELLO - TO reversed [turned], HELLO (welcome)
1 Closely examine small prison (4)
SCAN - S (small), CAN (prison)
2 Both Stuart and Dionne half-completed artist's workroom (6)
STUDIO - STU{art} + DIO{nne} [both...half-completed]. I'm not sure if the names have any relevance here.
3 Trade show open (4)
FAIR - Two meanings, the second as in 'open and honest'
4 Jazz pianist favoured by royal relative after award (5,8)
OSCAR PETERSON - OSCAR (award),  PET (favoured), ER (royal), SON (relative)
5 Unmarried man excited Chloe in pub (8)
BACHELOR - Anagram [excited] of CHLOE contained by [in] BAR (pub)
6 One who stands against the old decaying gates enclosing unit (6)
AGEIST - Anagram [decaying] of GATES containing [enclosing] I (unit)
7 Little Florence entertains blokes in Athletic club dance (8)
FLAMENCO - FLO (little Florence), contains [entertains] MEN (blokes) contained by [in] AC (athletic club)
12 US composer whinges awfully about intro of record (8)
GERSHWIN - Anagram [awfully] of WHINGES containing [about] R{ecord} [intro]
13 Recalled article by North European on military general (8)
NAPOLEON - AN (article) reversed [recalled], POLE (North European), ON
16 Perhaps calf is a beast of burden carrying sack regularly (6)
MUSCLE - MULE (beast of burden) containing [carrying] S{a}C{k} [regularly]
18 Everyone outside potty over handsome young man (6)
APOLLO - ALL (everyone) containing [outside] PO (potty), then O (over)
20 First couple of children in A&E hurt (4)
ACHE - CH{ildren} [first couple] contained by [in] A E (A&E - Accident & Emergenecy)
21 School prize went to son, finally (4)
ETON - {priz}E, {wen}T. {t}O, {so}N [finally]
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