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Times Cryptic Jumbo No 1382 - 18th May

Today's Jumbo continues the series of fairly easy puzzles, although there is the usual smattering of less familiar words. In all it took me about 32 1/2 minutes. Having finished describing the parsings, I can't see why it took me so long! But there's one clue, 25A, which dosn't seem to quite work. Hopefully someone will explain where I went wrong. So, on the whole, easily digestible, but tasty fare then. Thank-you setter. How did you other solvers like it?

Definitions underlined in bold blue italics, Abc indicating anagram of Abc, deletions like this and [] other indicators.

1 Doctor caught pinching journalist’s wine (5)
MEDOC - MO (medical orderly, doctor) and C (caught) [pinching] (i.e. outside) ED (journalist). The famous wine-growing region on the left bank of the Gironde.
4 A woman’s spells on a drug rejected in these parts (10)
HEREABOUTS - HER (A woman) and BOUTS (spells) after [on] A E (a drug) [rejected] -> E A.
9 Tactless remark primarily riling the chief electrician (6)
GAFFER - GAFFE (tactless remark) and the first letter of [primarily] Riling.
14 Strait-laced Carthaginian woman making entry (9)
PURITANIC - PUNIC (Carthaginian) with RITA (woman) inside, [making entry].
15 Questioning politician on eg train or at sea (13)
INTERROGATORY - TORY (politician) [on], i.e. after, an anagram of eg train or [at sea].
16 What Parisian left among directions for follow-ups (7)
SEQUELS - QUE (french for what)  L (left) [among] S, E, S [directions].
17 Friend eager to carry a new covered litter (9)
PALANKEEN - PAL (friend) KEEN (eager) outside [to carry] A N (new). I'd not come across this spelling of palanquin, which is a word that came up recently in this recent Saturday 15x15 crossword.
18 Horrify a reindeer herder going west (5)
APPAL - A and LAPP (reindeer herder) reversed [going west] to give PPAL.
19 How it dries rice out? That’s novel (5,4,5)
CIDER WITH ROSIE - Anagram of How it dries rice [out]. The book is by Laurie Lee. No. I haven't read it. Have you?
22 Pole with old hat in distant settlement (7)
OUTPOST - POST (pole) after [with] OUT (old hat).
25 Son finally abandons water-starved sheep in fairish number (10)
THIRTYFOLD - I have a bit of a problem with this one. Where does the "finally" come into the wordplay? Without it, I would say THIRsTY (water-starved) without the s (son) [abandons] FOLD (a group of sheep in a pen). I'm sure somone will tell me what I've missed/got wrong!
27 Crossing ocean it finally moved quickly, having particular sound (12)
TRANSPACIFIC - iT [finally] RAN (moved quickly) SPACIFIC, sounds like, [having ... sound], specific (particular).
30 Italian fellow’s regularly alluring air (5)
LUIGI - Alternate letters [regularly] of aLlUrInG aIr.
31 Confuse viewpoint of otolaryngologists? (8)
ENTANGLE - Here's our favourite hospital department again... ENT (ear, nose and throat specialists = otolaryngologists) ANGLE (viewpoint).
32 One of Mitford’s aristos accepting suggestion for psalm (8)
ANTIPHONAN HON (One of Mitford's aristos)  outside [accepting] TIP (suggestion). See discussion here on the 20th May daily about AN HON.
35 Study dance, providing fee for postponement (8)
CONTANGO - CON (study) TANGO (dance).
36 Detached Roman statesman with animals from the east (8)
STACCATO - CATO (Roman statesman) after [with] CATS backwards [from the east], i.e. STAC.
37 Outspoken woman receiving military commander (5)
VOCAL - VAL (woman) [receiving] C.O. (military commander).
39 Upright rider’s second woman at frontier, we hear (12)
SKATEBOARDER - S (second) KATE (woman) BOARDER, sounds like BORDER (frontier) [we hear].
41 Saw about taking to the water and making merry (10)
WASSAILING - Reverse SAW [about] to get WAS and add SAILING (taking to the water).
43 Cleft stick girl’s found by river at Pontypridd (7)
DISTAFF - DI'S (girl's) TAFF (river at Pontypridd). The definition was a DNK for me.
45 Mount further industrial action, ringing pub to agree on terms (6,1,7)
STRIKE A BARGAIN - STRIKE AGAIN (mount further industrial action) outside [ringing] BAR (pub).
48 Singers in Cuba’s side-streets (5)
BASSI - Hidden in CuBA'S SIde-streets.
49 Gangster’s way to enter parts of builders’ course (9)
CAPSTONES - CAPONE'S (gangster's) with ST (way) inserted, [to enter].
51 Foot of giant bird encountered in the east (7)
TROCHEE - ROC (giant bird) inside [encountered in] THE E (east). A term familar from my Latin 'O' level study of the dactylic hexameter verse of Virgil's Aeneid, And what good did knowing all that do for me? Well it meant I could find an answer to this clue and... er... not sure what else.
53 Slow mover gets into a riot, carelessly (5,8)
GIANT TORTOISE - Anagram of gets into a riot [carelessly].
54 Talmudic scholar’s chatter about rejection of wrongdoing (9)
RABBINIST - Wrongdoing is SIN. Reverse it [rejection of] to get NIS and put RABBIT (chatter) [about].
55 Fully developed type demanding change of leader (6)
MATURE - nATURE (type) with a different first letter [change of leader], in this case M.
56 Uncultivated Greek character given inventory in English (10)
PHILISTINE - PHI (Greek character) LIST (inventory) IN E (English). Uncultivated as in not appreciating the work of an architect perhaps? As described here.
57 Part of spring attached to 50% of beds, perhaps (5)
MAYBE - Nice. No. Perhaps is not indicating a definition by example or cryptic definition, it's the definition! MAY (part of spring) BEds (50% of beds).

1 Like Eeyore’s second expression of impatience (6)
MOPISH - MO (second, short period of time) PISH (expression of impatience).
2 Quiet old insider prepared to return to civilian employment (13)
DEREQUISITION - Anagram of Quiet O (old) insider [prepared].
3 Piece of meat — item regularly forming dish (5)
CUTIE - CUT (piece of meat) ItEm [regularly].
4 Passes first of workmen carrying a tool (7)
HANDSAW - HANDS (passes) [first of] Workmen outside [carrying] A.
5 Go over again, about to surrender (12)
RECAPITULATE - RE (about) CAPITULATE (surrender).
6 Fax Mary starts off about affliction of the armpit (8)
AXILLARY - fAX MARY [starts off] [about] ILL (afflication). A new word on me.
7 Like some cereal Oscar put away before noon (5)
OATEN - O (Oscar in the NATO phonetic alphabet) ATE (put away) N (noon).
8 Like a Weill opera, costing very little once (10)
THREEPENNY - Double definition. You do know the song Mack the Knife from the opera, at least. don't you?
10 Insistent a worker must shore up barrier (7)
ADAMANT - A ANT (a worker) outside [must shore up] DAM (barrier).
11 Completely safe dessert, one originally consumed by academic (9)
FOOLPROOF - FOOL (dessert) One [originally] inside [consumed by] PROF (academic).
12 Member of ruling family put up by Republican circle (5)
ROYAL - LAY (put) [up] -> YAL after [by] R (Republican) O (circle).
13 Intimates favour crooked man in scoop (4,10)
BOON COMPANIONS - BOON (favour) with an anagram of  man in scoop [crooked].
20 Free former con briefly at end of sentence (9)
EXTRICATE - EX (former) TRICk (con) [briefly] AT [end of] sentencE.
21 Vestment certain to incorporate new clip (8)
SURPLICE - SURE (certain) outside [to incorporate] angram of [new] clip.
23 Practical sciences only the GOC deployed (10)
TECHNOLOGY - Anagram of only the GOC [deployed].
24 Stressed computer studies woman with daughter touring islands (10)
ITALICISED - IT (computer studies) ALICE (woman) [with] D (daughter) outside [touring] IS (islands).
26 Experience efficient estate manager’s sense of wellbeing (4-4,6)
FEEL-GOOD FACTOR - FEEL (experience) GOOD (efficient) FACTOR (estate manager).
28 Nagging civilian in garrison principally restricting husband (9)
CHIVVYING - CIVVY (civilian) IN Garrison [principally] outside [restricting] H (husband).
29 Woollen items knight placed among gear on river (8)
KNITWEAR - N (knight, in chess notation) [placed among] KIT (gear) [on] WEAR (river in NE England).
33 Greek character with house worked in mythic Asian port (2,3,4,4)
HO CHI MINH CITY - CHI (greek character) after [with] HO (house) and an anagram of [worked] in mythic.
34 Artist in Irish county composed airs outside eastern inn (12)
CARAVANSERAI - RA (artist) [in] CAVAN (Irish county) with anagram of [composed] airs [outside] E (eastern).
38 Peevish type giving mongrel a common dog’s name (10)
CROSSPATCH - CROSS (mongrel) PATCH (common dog's name).
40 One leaving Francis’s place beat rear of flippant aide (9)
ASSISTANT - ASSISi (Francis's place) [one leaving] TAN (beat) [rear of] flippanT.
42 Society family not so devoid of cover (8)
SKINLESS - S (Society) KIN (family) LESS (not so).
44 One flying aircraft at first by way of rocky peak (7)
AVIATOR - Aircraft [at first] VIA (by way of) TOR (rocky peak).
46 Current board suitable for representing on stage (7)
ACTABLE - AC (Alternating Current) TABLE (board).
47 Take up residence in N Yorks town (6)
SETTLE - Double Defiinition.
48 High-ranking Muslim woman, say, taken in by tramp (5)
BEGUM - EG (say) [taken in by] BUM (tramp).
50 Leaving hospital, get excited and sing (5)
TRILL - ThRILL (get excited) without the [leaving] H (hospital).
52 Work on island with hesitation, producing narcotic drug (5)
OPIUM - OP (work) [on] I (island) [with] UM (hesitation).


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