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Times Cryptic 27344

I found this quite easy after struggling through yesterday's. I needed 34 minutes in total, but the last 11 of these were spent on two intersecting clues at 5dn and 12ac

As usual definitions are underlined in bold italics, {deletions and substitutions are in curly brackets} and [anagrinds, containment, reversal and other indicators in square ones]

1 Society originally providing money for burlesque (5)
SPOOF - S (society), P{roviding} [originally], OOF (money). I thought I had never come across this slang word for 'money' before but have just found out that OOF came up in a puzzle I blogged only last June..  Collins  has it as : C19: from Yiddish ooftisch, from German auf dem Tische 'on the table' (referring to gambling stakes).
4 Desire to adopt a name for a source of power (9)
WATERMILL - WILL (desire) containing [to adopt] A TERM (name)
9 Players may perform them, sliding as erratically (9)
GLISSANDI - Anagram [erratically] of SLIDING AS. Defined by SOED in the singular as: (in music) A continuous slide of adjacent notes upwards or downwards.
10 In which Earl Grey may be course attendant? (5)
CADDY - Two meanings re tea and golf
11 Quarrels when school’s dismissing head (6)
ARROWS - {h}ARROW'S (school’s) [dismissing head]. The 'dump on the lump' as Etonians would have it. These are actually the bolts fired from crossbows but can also be termed 'arrows'.
12 Like study of races finally run in proper setting? (8)
ETHNICAL - {ru}N [finally] contained by [in...setting] ETHICAL (proper)
14 Abundantly virile boxing though no longer young (10)
MANIFOLDLY - MANLY (virile) containing [boxing] IF (though) + OLD (no longer young)
16 Member given rise Charlie rejected (4)
LIMB - {c}LIMB (rise) [Charlie rejected]
19 Information from all quarters (4)
NEWS - cryptic - North, East, West, South
20 Winner takes all initially, including Scotsman’s memorabilia (10)
VICTORIANA - VICTOR (winner) + A{ll} [initially] containing [including] IAN (Scotsman)
22 People with accommodation in Derby, for example (4,4)
FLAT RACE - FLAT (accommodation), RACE (people)
23 Address of son — super chap, it’s said (6)
SPEECH - S (son), PEECH sounds like [it's said] "peach" [super chap].  I looked twice at 'chap' but the definition is not necessarily gender-specific.
26 East Ender’s claptrap about a loose fibre (5)
OAKUM - {h}OKUM (claptrap) [East Ender's] containing [about] A. Trimmings or shreds or untwisted rope.
27 Low character pinching bridge player’s jewel (9)
MOONSTONE - MOO (low) + TONE (character) containing [pinching] N'S (bridge player’s)
28 What French drivers are out to use at first when travelling? (9)
AUTOROUTE - Anagram [travelling] of ARE OUT TO U{se} [at first]
29 Liberal philosopher’s coat (5)
LAYER - L (liberal), AYER (philosopher)
1 Noteworthy crew, one controlling traffic movement (9)
SIGNALMAN - SIGNAL (noteworthy), MAN (crew vb.)
2 Point accepted by outstanding Irish basket-maker (5)
OSIER - E (point) contained [accepted] by OS (outstanding) + IR (Irish)
3 Angle we must adopt if ranting woman is seen here (8)
FISHWIFE - FISH (angle), WE containing [must adopt] IF
4 Stick with joiner? (4)
WAND - W (with), AND (joiner - conjunction)
5 Commonplace setting for articles about large sportsperson (10)
TRIATHLETE - TRITE (commonplace) containing [setting for] A + THE (articles) containing [about] L (large)
6 Part of army is unable to disavow (6)
RECANT - RE (part of army), CAN'T (is unable to)
7 Friend supporting elected party in Asian peninsula (4-5)
INDO-CHINA - IN (elected), DO (party), CHINA (friend)
8 Dedicated prince possibly changing sides at the outset (5)
LOYAL - {r}OYAL (prince possibly) [changing sides - R/L at the outset] to become LOYAL
13 Prim lady unexpectedly caught entering university party (5,5)
PLAID CYMRU - C (caught) is contained by [entering] anagram [unexpectedly] of PRIM LADY, U (university). The Welsh Nationalist party.
15 Game in horse-racing centre (9)
NEWMARKET - Two meanings
17 Composer crossing English river in skimpy garments (9)
BEACHWEAR - BACH (composer) containing [crossing] E (English), WEAR (river)
18 Plan put before the union? (8)
PROPOSAL - Cryptic referring to marriage
21 Textbook device for detonating charge (6)
PRIMER - Two meanings
22 Girl originally from a Scottish island? (5)
FIONA - F{rom} [originally], IONA (Scottish island)
24 Energy lad used to go round northern wood (5)
EBONY - E (energy), BOY (lad) contains [to go round] N (northern)
25 Reportedly belonging to solvers in the old days? (4)
YORE - Sounds like [reportedly] "your" (belonging to solvers)
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