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Cryptic No 27334 Thursday, 25 April 2019 This be the verse

I made rather a dog’s brexit of this one, badly mis-entering 5d and thus rendering 13ac as vaguely plausible AMNESTY and making 6d impossible.  Dozing off didn’t help this fluffery, so a not-difficult crossword stretched me to 27.31 to reach a satisfactory conclusion. 1ac I parsed post-submission, and would probably have left it to the blogger du jour if it wasn’t me. I was rather blind to the lettuce leaves at 26d and entered with fingers crossed.
It’s notable for some of the more straightforward anagram clues scattered through the grid
Clues are in italics, definitions in underlined italics, and solutions in BOLD CAPITALS.

1 Officer's co-worker decorated in famous Venetian building at last (6,3)
POLICE DOG Right. Your famous Venetian is (Marco) POLO, insert ICED for decorated and at the last letter of buildinG
9 Secret affair left couple holding a child (7)
LIAISON L(eft) II, Roman for couple, with A held therein and SON for child.
10 Organise AGM, or be subject to ban (7)
EMBARGO “Organise” practically screams “anagram!” Fiddle with the next few letters (AGM OR BE) and get the name of the apocryphal brassiere that was taken off the market when they realised how it read when reflected.
11 Alluring female is short of shilling after time (5)
HOURI  One of the rewards for the faithful in Moslem paradise, IS without S(hilling)  after an HOUR of time.
12 Working girl has an ideal place to live (7-2)
SHANGRI-LA Working suggests (in a barely less stentorian voice) “anagram!”. Muck about with the letters GIRL HAS AN. The earthly paradise imagined by James Hilton in “Lost Horizon”.
13 Humility means transcending yourself, primarily (7)
MODESTY I think MODES just about translates means, ways to an end. Whatever, add TY, the first letters of the next two words.
15 Adjutant returned after month for papers etc (5)
MEDIA The adjutant is an AIDE, reversed after M for Month
17 Sheepish male with drug, pursuing fine physique (5)
FRAME The sheepish male is, of course, a RAM, add today’s drug of choice E, and tack both onto F(fine)
18 Division of gas producer changing hands (5)
SHARE The gas producer is the controversial SHALE, changing hands means the L becomes an R
19 Give birth with anguished cry? (5)
WHELP I thought this was a double definition, but it’s the sneaky W(ith) plus a cry of HELP!
20 Don't drink tar and varnish! (7)
ABSTAIN AB for tar, both seamen, and STAIN for varnish
23 Most unjust if nature's destroyed (9)
UNFAIREST “Destroyed” is this clue’s merest hint of anagram, this time of IF NATURE’S
25 Run home with rogue (5)
INCUR I think run as in “run a tab” at the bar, thus incurring costs. At home IN, rogue supplying CUR
27 Turned to use backless cooker, perhaps explosive (7)
APPLIED The backless cooker iis an APPLE without the E, and the explosive an Improvised Explosive Device
28 Develop case of gangrene, say (7)
GESTATE The case of gangrene yields the G and E the rest provided by say: STATE
29 Figure on plane reportedly demolished fish (9)
RECTANGLE Sounds like wrecked plus ANGLE for the verb, fish

1 People, as ever, welcoming polite word (6)
PLEASE Today’s hidden. I’ll leave you to spot it...well done!
2 Larkin and colleagues tease liars in bar (10)
LIBRARIANS “Tease” stage whispers “anagram!” Reorder LIARS IN BAR Philip Larkin (“They f*** you up, your mum and dad) was a custodian of books at the University of Hull
3 Perhaps hare after eccentric old maid? (4,4)
CARD GAME Of which “Old Maid” is an example. A CARD is an eccentric person. And a hare counts amongst GAME for the huntin’ shootin’ set.
4 Policeman seizing stolen loincloth (5)
DHOTI Most famously worn by Gandhi Ji. Today’s policeman is a Detective Inspector, who takes HOT for stolen on board.
5 Feed a friend too much salt (9)
GLUTAMATE Feed too much GLUT, A for a, MATE for friend
6 Hit piece of furniture, gathering dust (6)
BASHED The furniture is a BED, the gathered dust is ASH
7 Rebecca's son oddly ignoring new status (4)
ESAU Was the hairy one of Jacob’s favourite missus’ twin boys. Ignore the odd letters of nEw StAtUs
8 The setter writes to support worker, contrary sort (8)
ANTITYPE  Translate “the setter writes” to “I TYPE” and tack on the worker ANT
14 Condemned English art, laying it on thick (10)
SLATHERING Not the nasty house in Harry Potter, but an anagram of ENGLISH ART signalled in a meaningful whisper by “condemned”
16 One shunning less stylish nursing sister in Oz? (4,5)
DOWN UNDER Less stylish is DOWDIER, which I (one) shuns and is replaced a little earlier with NUN for sister
17 Wretched old bird (8)
FLAMINGO Wretched is represented by FLAMING, a milder emphatic swear word than others beginning with F. Old just donates the concluding O
18 Leave gym with initially accelerated pulse (5-3)
SPLIT-PEA Oddly enough, my version of Chambers offers only the plural version with no hyphen. Leave is SPLIT (as in the joint), gym is PE and A the first letter of Accelerated
21 Ethereal and extremely attractive hideaway seen from the south (6)
AERIAL The two extremes of AttractivE plus LAIR for hideaway reversed
22 Perhaps Dorothy's served up heavy food (6)
STODGE Perhaps gives EG, and Dorothy’s short version is DOT’S Reverse all
24 Head of Finance sped about Swiss capital (5)
FRANC Head of Finance F, sped: RAN, about (more often ca) C
26 Leaves hotel for club (4)
COSH Leaves as in lettuce leaves COS plus Nato H(otel)
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