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Times Quick Cryptic 1331 by Oink

A quick QC - coming in at just under 8 minutes. Our setter may be making a commentary on current politics at 8, 10 and 11ac but this doesn’t preclude a porcine reference or two. Loi 16ac.
I don’t foresee too many problems - but do ask if anything is unclear.


1. IN A SPOT - facing difficulty. Anagram (move) of TO SPAIN.
5. HAIRY - double definition. Hairy/dangerous moment, a wild and domesticated type of cattle, Bos grunniens, of Tibet, having long horns and long shaggy HAIR.
8. NONSENSICAL - ridiculous. Anagram (needing correction) of NONE IN CLASS.
10. HYPE - publicity. Some mout(HY PE)er.
11. CLAPTRAP - rubbish. Applaud (CLAP), role (part) reversed (TRAP).
12. ASCENT - rise. Homophone (you say) of agreement (assent). If anyone is uncertain on homophones - the indicator should be applicable to just one part of the clue. Here it’s away from rise (which is therefore the definition) and after (so therefore applying to) to agreement. If the clue had been 'rise, you say, in agreement' then it would have been uncertain which part of the clue was definition and which homophone. Any questions I’m sure the old (in experience only, I hasten to add) hands will further clarify.
14. NIPPER - double definition. Crab with claws and child.
16. MUG'S GAME - foolish activity. Attacks (MUGS), wild animals (GAME).
18. NILE - African banker (a river has banks). Snack (NI)bb(LE) from which the bishops (bb) are taken away.
20. PAINSTAKING - hard-working. Penny (P), anagram (unfortunately) of SKINT AGAIN.
22. UDDER - milk producer. Anagram (terribly) of RUDE about daughter (D).
23. SEVENTY - cardinal. A cardinal number is a number such as 1, 3, or 10 that tells you how many things there are in a group but not what order they are in. Still (EVEN) in filthy place (STY). Always get a bad press do pigs IMHO (filthy due to husbandry rather than nature) and I'm gently disappointed that our setter, of all people, should spread such porkies.


2. NINNY - halfwit. Pub (INN) inside New York (NY).
3. SINCERE - real (eg apologies). Wrongdoing (SIN) by/beside church (CE), upset Her Majesty (ER - upset so becomes RE).
4. ODE - poem. h(O)o(D)i(E).
6. ASCOT - racecourse. Chap from Glasgow? (A SCOT).
7. RELEASE - (news) announcement. About (RE), tenancy agreement (LEASE).
9. SLAINTE - cheers in Irish/Gaelic - I’ve seen many a SLAINTE bar in Scotland as well. Saint (SAINT) and Bernadett(E) crossing lake (L).
11. CUTLASS - it might wound anybody deeply but 'her' is used to improve the clue. Ignore (CUT), girl (LASS).
13. STUMPED - bemused. As a batsman may be when facing a doosra. Anyone knowledgeable in the intricacies of cricket would be advised to skip on to the next clue whilst the non-cricketing public (if they are at all interested) are invited to a quick detour through some of the many technicalities of the game. OK, so for those still with me - a doosra is a delivery, bowled by an off-spinner (a slow bowler), that turns the opposite way from an off-break (a spin given to the ball by the bowler). Doosra means "(the) second (one)", or "(the) other (one)" in Hindi or Urdu. The batsman may be stumped/confused about the direction of spin and may also leave the crease to attempt to hit the ball (being deceived by the spin) and so be stumped - bails removed with ball in hand while the batsman is out of the crease. This is one of many ways of being dismissed. Right, thanks for your patience, now back to the crossword.
15. PENSIVE - deep in thought. Dear ex(PENSIVE) with the old wife maybe - as it could be an old husband - (EX) departs.
17. SWINE - swine fever is a type of fever. Southern (S), port (WINE).
19. LEGIT - OK. To run away (LEG IT).
21. AXE - cleaver. All turning upwards - European (E), cross (X), a (A).

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