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Times 27,287: Mightier Than The Sorb

A devious puzzle, riddled with cunning definitions, that I counted myself lucky to finish in ~10 minutes, post boozy pub quiz (we won! yay). Some obscure vocab should have slowed most solvers down - if you knew BRISLING or LUSATIAN off the bat, you're a better man than I am Gunga Din.

Clue of the day to 11ac for a lovely surface that took me a good while to parse, with runner-up prize to 28ac for having a 7-word definition part compared to 2 words of wordplay - I think that's actually really quite a rare occurrence. Thanks to the setter for a quality Friday puzzle!

1 Happy for one to turn off raw data, but not entirely (5)
DWARF - hidden reversed in {of}F RAW D{ata}

4 Roughly weld an unusual, unknown material for guttering? (6-3)
CANDLE-WAX - CA [roughly] + (WELD AN*) ["unusual"] + X [unknown]

9 Displayed great relish with animated short shown in full (9)
SALIVATED - ALIV{e} [animated "short"] shown in SATED [full]

10 Shy artisan spending every second in the country (5)
SYRIA - S{h}Y {a}R{t}I{s}A{n}

11 Simple time perhaps for children and youth of the fifties (13)
UNADULTERATED - UN-ADULT ERA [time perhaps for children] + TED [youth of the fifties]

14 Obscene gents had to be heard (4)
LEWD - homophone of LOO'D [gents had]

15 Popular download having a charge that’s hidden? (10)
INAPPARENT - IN APP [popular | download] having A RENT [a | charge]

18 Unexpected weaknesses that held boxer up? (4,2,4)
FEET OF CLAY - the boxer being Cassius Clay aka Mohammed Ali

19 Singular epithet for men (4)
STAG - S TAG [singular | epithet]

21 Dread holding broadcast back with light experimentation (5,3,5)
TRIAL AND ERROR - TERROR [dread] holding reversed AIR [broadcast] + LAND [light]

24 Fence, perhaps, close to historic castle (5)
CROOK - {histori}C + ROOK [castle]

25 Sprat eating fat at last, visibly indignant? (9)
BRISTLING - BRISLING [sprat] "eating" {fa}T

27 Dutch people better off than us? (5,4)
OTHER HALF - as in one's wife, or "how the other half lives"

28 Traveller books place somewhere new to put down roots (5)
REPOT - REP OT [traveller | books]

1 Ultimately cooled one’s temper in bar (10)
DISQUALIFY - {coole}D I'S + QUALIFY [temper]

2 One piercing cry when heading off (3)
AWL - {b}AWL [cry, its "heading off"]

3 Number keeping a slightly larger number back (6)
FAVOUR - FOUR [number] "keeping" A V [a | slightly larger (than 4) number]

4 Rigid, like traffic bollard that’s holding up so long (9)
CATATONIC - CONIC [like traffic bollard] that's "holding" reversed TATA [so long]

5 Low section of arena — dirt-cheap (5)
NADIR - hidden in {are}NA DIR{t-cheap}

6 Central European’s great desire to adopt a Scottish name (8)
LUSATIAN - LUST [great desire] to "adopt" A, plus IAN [Scottish name]

7 One raising game after broadcast quickly turned champion (5-6)
WORLD-BEATER - BEATER [one raising game] after homophone Of WHIRLED [quickly turned]

8 This Yankee succeeds by right, indeed (4)
XRAY - X R AY [by | right | indeed]. Yankee succeeds Xray in the phonetic alphabet.

12 Unsavoury fancy junk those two eat (1,5,5)

13 Where player can appear fine having abandoned his fear? (5,5)
STAGE RIGHT - STAGE {f}RIGHT [(player's) fear, losing F for fine]

16 A record returned in exchange for one bringing case (9)
PLAINTIFF - reverse A LP [a | record] + IN TIFF [in | exchange]

17 One as it were who’d steal doctor’s name (8)
MONICKER - M.O. NICKER [one as it were who'd steal doctor]

20 Comic way to scoff sandwiches (6)
JESTER - ST [way], sandwiched by JEER [to scoff]

22 Sign we’ve lost track of reference collection (5)
LIBRA - LIBRA{ry} [reference collection, "losing" RY = railway = track]

23 Mounting appeal to Anglicans to reflect (4)
ECHO - reverse all of OH CE! [appeal to Anglicans]

26 The writer’s potential, at first, for mischief (3)
IMP = I'M [the writer's] + P{otential}
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