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Times 27283 - Live from Avignon!

Time: 27 minutes
Music: Bach, Goldberg Variations, Glenn Gould

I didn't think this puzzle was going to be difficult at first, as I filled in the whole left side starting from 1 across.   However, things got considerably more interesting on the right side, and I had to biff a number of answers without being very sure how they worked.  However, the Times website gives me a 'Congratulations!', so I must have good instincts.   As usual, getting up to flip the record addled my brain enough for me to be instantly able to see the remaining answers when I returned.

In the end, this was a perfectly serviceable Monday puzzle, competent but not brilliant.   Nothing stands out as terribly obscure or tricky, although I still have a few clues to parse as I do the blog; some research may be required.

1 Cast touring Jersey, say, looking displeased (8)
SCOWLING - S(COW)LING.   I thought 'Jersey, say' was going to be C.I., but no.
9 Satisfactory to correspond with Bill (8)
ADEQUATE - AD + EQUATE, where 'with' indicates 'after' - in a classical language, the case of 'Bill' would indicate which meaning the preposition has.
10 Illicit global union left a load of rubbish (8)
11 Confine false allies holding company back (8)
LOCALISE - anagram of ALLIES around CO backwards.
12 Within them, one Yorkshireman keeps rolling (2,3,5)
IN THE MONEY - hidden in [with]IN THEM, ONE Y[orkshireman].   I admit, I never saw the hidden until I came to write up this clue in the blog, but just biffed it.
14 Fuel for heating drink (4)
COKE - A double definition, and a good one.
15 The writer with a home as close as possible (7)
MEANEST - ME + A NEST, with 'close' in the sense of stingy.
17 Polish put up with intrusive female in pursuit of power (7)
PERFECT - P + ER(F)ECT.   Another one I never saw.
21 All those attending walk on air (4)
GATE - Sounds like 'GAIT'.
22 Scots, short of a pound appealed to Jock's compatriot (10)
CALEDONIAN - CAL[l]ED ON IAN.   Presumably, the Scots language, although I've never heard it called this.
23 Last two bits of pickle in clandestine spread (8)
25 Policies adopted by army with no time for purity (8)
HOLINESS -  HO(LINES)S[t], where an army is again a 'host'.   This has confused some beginners, since English contains two words spelled and pronounced 'host', one from Middle French 'hospites', innkeeper, and this one, from Latin 'hostis', army.
26 Rebel church leader disliking work among vacuous people (8)
ANTIPOPE - ANTI + P(OP)E.   Of course, which one is the rebel depends on which one you support.   At one point, you could take you pick from among three of them.
27 Reviews chalky uplands at end of trip (8)
2 Satisfy head of corporation as soon as French wine's imported (8)
3 Gradually become less persuasive dancing in the raw (4,4)
WEAR THIN - Anagram of IN THE RAW.
4 News two thirds of Ulster’s picked up (4)
INFO - OF N.I upside-down.  The clue confusingly refers to the fact that only 6 out of the 9 counties of Ulster are in Northern Ireland, a bit of pedantry that most setters would dispense with.     Our nitpicking may be getting to them.
5 Measures neck, leg and top of shoulder (7)
GALLONS - GALL + ON + S[houlder], where both 'gall' and 'neck' have the slang sense of 'effrontery'.
6 Feel unfit to take charge of coastal vantage point (6,4)
BEACHY HEAD - BE ACHY + HEAD.   I had to search my brain to bring this up, but I remembered it eventually.  It's probably located in the UK, but I have no idea where.
7 Merry monarch entertaining friends abroad in nightwear (8)
8 Undesirable housing principle blocked by workers (8)
TENEMENT -  TENE(MEN)T, which has tenants living in it, not tenets.
13 Source of strain when wound up? (7,3)
MUSICAL BOX - Cryptic defintiion, a 'music box' here in the US.
15 Eastern trio facing gaol, admitting one's a trickster (8)
MAGICIAN - MAGI + C(I)AN.   Not a great clue, because 'mage' and 'magician' share the same root and are closely related.
16 Prompt report of busy boat crew (8)
18 Provide ventilation for shelters and leave Spanish Steps (8)
FANDANGO - FAN + DAN + GO, with a disguised literal OK, let's try again, F(AND)AN + GO.   A 'dan' is a place where martial arts are practiced, not a shelter in any conceivable sense.
19 Top-class youngster makes quick progress (6,2)
20 Small, more supple snake (7)
24 Bottomless side dish, sweet or savoury (4)
FLAN - FLAN[k], where a flan can be either a caramel dessert or the British version of quiche.
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