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Times 27256: I called it!

Solving time: 20:05

I commented on yesterday's puzzle that we are due for a stinker, and it would just so happen that it is my turn. And we got it! I am usually under 12 minutes, and this one took me just a scratch over 20 minutes, and much of that scratching was on my poor head, though I think I have just about everything parsed now as I get ready to start the blog.

What made it so difficult? Well after seeing some unusual letters, I thought it was going to be a pangram... but far from it, there is no J, W or Z! There is a mix of unusual words and unusual definitions that make things tricky.

First definitions are underlined in clues.

Away we go...

1 Glass slipper may become this (7)
TUMBLER - double definition - one who slips may tumble
5 Backing ace to eclipse enemy cook ultimately in this? (7)
BAKEOFF - reversal of FAB(ace) containing FOE(enemy) and the last letter of cooK
9 A topic ill fitted for parties? (9)
10 Trouble’s besetting one for so long (5)
ADIOS - ADO'S (trouble's) containing I(one)
11 Do books acclaim hiding place? (5)
AUDIT - PLAUDIT(acclaim) missing PL(place) - "do books" in finiancial terms
12 Invalid awfully close to you filled in forms (9)
NULLIFIED - anagram of the last letter of yoU with FILLED and IN
14 Tart to put up with some Yankee rave (4,5,5)
ACID HOUSE PARTY - ACID(tart), HOUSE(put up), PART(some), Y(Yankee). I'll assume the setter has been to more of these than I have.
17 General initially aiming to oppose governors? (6-3-5)
ACROSS-THE-BOARD - first letter in Aiming, then if you oppose governors you CROSS THE BOARD
21 Fail to get up, turning huntsman’s gun on duck (9)
OVERSLEEP - another long reversal, this time of the hunter (D'ye ken John) PEEL'S, REV(gun, run an engine hard), O(duck in cricket)
23 Tremble, as weakened at heart (5)
QUAKE - QUA(as), then the middle letters of weaKEned
24 Relations well and truly “cornered”? (5)
NOOKY - double definition, the second a little cryptic, with cornered being in a nook
25 German diet of cake and dates uncommonly good (9)
BUNDESTAG - BUN(cake) then an anagram of DATES, G(good)
26 Uplifting day in which something is to happen soon (7)
DOFFING - This was my last in.... D(day) and when something is to happen soon it is in the OFFING. Uplifting as in "DOFFING one's cap"
27 Did appropriate article following broadcast (7)
ANNEXED - AN(article), then sounds like NEXT(following). "Did appropriate" means "Did assume control of"

1 Formal attire which sailor turning up wears (3,3)
TOP HAT - THAT(which) containing PO(petty officer) reversed
2 Sweet person treating you gets large round in (7)
MELODIC - MEDIC(person treating you) containing L(large) and O(round)
3 Region of Lima awkwardly situated (9)
LATITUDES - L(Lima in the NATO alphabet) then an anagram of SITUATED
4 Arising from assertion, no certifiable case (11)
RECONNOITRE - hidden reversed in asseRTION NO CERtifiable. "Case" meaning to check out the conditions, presumably with nefarious intent
5 Unit in area getting time off (3)
BEL - BELT(area, as in "green belt") missing the last letter, for the unit of sound intensity
6 Military buff (5)
KHAKI - cryptic definition
7 Actor in green room’s beginning to accept one (7)
OLIVIER - OLIVE(green), R(oom) containing I(one) for the actor Laurence OLIVER
8 Dates for the pious in no way movable feasts! (4-4)
FAST-DAYS - another double definition with a hint of the cryptic. It wouldn't be a feast if it was a FAST and it also wouldn't be moveable
13 Sales rep messing about with Asian native (6,5)
LESSER PANDA - anagram of SALES,REP contaiing AND(with)
15 US student president’s concert piece (4,5)
PROM QUEEN - PROM(concert), QUEEN(piece in chess). Popular victim in scary movies
16 A single mum staff nurses abandoned (8)
MAROONED -  ONE(a single) inside MA(mum), ROD(staff)
18 Stagger race start and run through quickly? (4,3)
REEL OFF - REEL(stagger), OFF(start of a race)
19 What drivers pay men to lift trailer cab, mostly (4,3)
ROAD TAX - OR(men, soliders) reversed, then AD(advertisement, trailer), TAX(i) (cab)
20 Neptune, maybe, or Earth, each grand when orbited (3,3)
SEA GOD - SOD(Earth) containing EA(each), G(grand)
22 Every so often, mislay stash brought up for engravers (5)
STYLI - alternating letters in mIsLaY sTaSh, reversed
25 Betjeman’s first mistake defending Slough (3)
BOG - first letter in Betjeman, then OG(own goal, mistake defending)
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