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Quick Cryptic 1267 by Orpheus

I stared for an age at my LOI 22ac, as I was playing around with 'c' (start of concert), 'r' (right) and some sort of word reversal (back). And I had a mistake at 17ac after submitting (A for the first E), which will teach me to read more than the first two words of a clue. No other hiccups, so I'd say a nicely balanced quicky - thanks Orpheus.

Definitions underlined.

1 Abrasion requiring care ultimately after fight (6)
SCRAPE - last letter of (ultimately) care after SCRAP (fight).
4 Distinctive clothing right for inclusion in speaker’s gift? (4)
GARB - R (right) inside (for inclusion in) GAB (speaker's gift).
9 Part played by civil engineer keeping mug for stew (9)
CASSEROLE - ROLE (part played) next to CE (civil engineer) containing (keeping) ASS (mug).
10 Tall grass in East Sussex resort (3)
RYE - double definition.
11 Healthy food reportedly goes for a song (12)
GREENSLEEVES - GREENS (healthy food) with a homophone of (reportedly) "leaves" (goes).
13 Masseur’s set of matches? (6)
RUBBER - double definition. I had never before heard of the second meaning, but apparently a rubber can be a contest or series of games.
15 Supernatural creature eatin’ greedily, do we hear? (6)
GOBLIN - sounds like (do we hear?) "gobbling" (eating greedily), when said with the terminal velar nasal replaced by an alveolar one (dropping the 'g')!
17 French girl produced wine around island (12)
MADEMOISELLE - MADE (produced) and MOSELLE (wine) around I (island).
20 Hammer possibly left out as well (3)
TOO - TOOl (hammer, possibly) missing the final letter 'l' (left out).
21 Get over and confer with others (9)
NEGOTIATE - double definition.
22 Frolic putting start of concert right back (4)
ROMP - PROM (concert) with its first letter (start) all the way to the end (right back).
23 Strange story about European mollusc (6)
OYSTER - anagram of (strange) STORY around E (European).

1 Splinter group’s way to take in City (4)
SECT - ST (street, way) surrounding (to take in) EC (city (of London)).
2 Part of stair in tower is eroded (5)
RISER - hidden in toweR IS ERoded.
3 Make advance decision, shaking pet with red fur (12)
PREDETERMINE - anagram of (shaking) PET and RED, followed by ERMINE (fur).
5 Appearance of a competitor, by the sound of it (7)
ARRIVAL - homophone of (by the sound of it) "a rival".
6 Godsend, having flashy jewellery round eastern ship (8)
BLESSING - BLING (flashy jewellery) around E (eastern) and SS (ship).
7 Husky-sounding Arab, possibly (5)
HORSE - homophone of (-sounding) "hoarse" (husky).
8 Chap cultivated lonely vet in kindly way (12)
BENEVOLENTLY - BEN (chap) and an anagram of (cultivated) LONELY VET.
12 More punctual theatre employee? (8)
PROMPTER - double definition.
14 Brush seen outside top journalist’s sleeping-place (7)
BEDROOM - BROOM (brush) around (seen outside) ED (editor, top journalist).
16 Travel on horseback across grand elevation (5)
RIDGE - RIDE (travel on horseback) around (across) G (grand).
18 Endure, consuming energy to the smallest extent (5)
LEAST - LAST (endure) around (consuming) E (energy).
19 Legal successor’s manner, so to speak? (4)
HEIR - sounds like (so to speak) "air" (manner).
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