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Times Cryptic 27242

I completed this in 24 minutes, one of my fastest times for solving a puzzle on a blogging day. It would have been quicker but for a hold-up at the very end in the SW corner where 16 and 21 eluded me until I had dealt with 17dn -  I knew it was the original name of  'tungsten' but it wouldn't come to mind.

As usual definitions are underlined in bold italics, {deletions and substitutions are in curly brackets} and [anagrinds, containment, reversal and other indicators in square ones]

1 Development angle initially ignored in training (8)
EDUCTION - EDUC{a}TION (training) [angle initially ignored]
6 God as revealed in performance by Salvationists (6)
SATURN - SA (Salvationists - Salvation Army), TURN (performance)
9 Collecting bits and pieces? (13)
NUMISMATOLOGY -  A cryptic definition that's not very cryptic, with 'bits' and 'pieces' both being coins and the N-word meaning the collecting of coins. It's still a very neat clue though.
10 Grieve for bird that disappeared inside mountain (6)
BEMOAN - MOA (bird that disappeared - became extinct) contained by [inside] BEN (mountain)
11 First man to hold pen maybe creating massive barrier (5,3)
ASWAN DAM - ADAM (first man) contains [to hold] SWAN (pen)
13 Opposing or supporting check by social worker (10)
PROTESTANT - PRO (supporting), TEST (check), ANT (social worker)
15 Tongue in ancient city to be enough for listeners (4)
URDU - UR (ancient city), DU sounds like (for listeners) "do" (be enough - as in 'that will do')
16 Affected material finally cut (4)
TWEE - TWEE{d} (material) [finally cut]
18 Spokesman opening with dramatic work (10)
MOUTHPIECE - MOUTH (opening), PIECE (dramatic work - as in 'villain of the piece')
21 One used to beat dispirited infantry (8)
FLATFOOT - FLAT (dispirited), FOOT (infantry).  'Flatfoot' is a slang term for a policeman who as we all know at one time used to patrol his beat. The British army had many 'Regiments of Foot' before the terminology was changed to Infantry.
22 Hard men in secret place make drastic cuts (6)
DEHORN - H (hard) + OR (mean) contained by [in] DEN (secret place). I'm wondering if there is a meaning of 'drastic' that's particularly relevant to the dehorning process but I haven't been able to come up with one.
23 Mug collection regularly goes astray (6,7)
ROGUES' GALLERY - Anagram [astray] of REGULARLY GOES. A rogues' gallery is a collection of photographs ('mugshots') of criminals that is kept by the police and used when they want to identify someone. 'Mug' is slang for 'face'.
25 Influence thing done by little devil (6)
IMPACT - IMP (little devil), ACT (thing done)
26 Cardinal in there crippled after tango (8)
THIRTEEN - T (tango - NATO alphabet), anagram [crippled] of IN THERE
2 Ballet star has no regrets coming up short (7)
DANSEUR - RUES NAD{a} (rues nothing so 'has no regrets') [short] reversed [coming up]. I think it's just a male ballet dancer and not specifically a ballet star. 
3 Left cutting remark in personal manner (11)
COMPORTMENT - PORT (left) contained by [cutting] COMMENT (remark)
4 Dramatist elevated in Verlaine's biography (5)
IBSEN - Reversed [elevated] and hidden in {verlai}NE'S BI{ography}. I await publication the book with interest!
5 River's northern one a gelatinous substance blocks (7)
NIAGARA - AGAR (gelatinous substance) is contained by [blocks]  N (northern) + I (one) + A
6 Timepiece best in sample collection (9)
STOPWATCH - TOP (best) contained by [in] SWATCH (sample collection) - a 'book' of  curtain or carpet fabrics for example
7 Company that sends up anything (3)
TWO - OWT (anything - Oop North!) reverses [sends up] with reference to the saying 'Two's company, three's a crowd'
8 Fox on road around some turning (7)
REYNARD - RE (on) + RD (road) contains [around] ANY (some) reversed [turning]
12 Eats nuts in Homer, which is anomalous (11)
NOURISHMENT - Anagram [which is anomalous] of NUTS IN HOMER
14 Sleepy old man dropping article in strait (9)
SOMNOLENT - O (old) + M{a}N [dropping article] contained by [in] SOLENT (strait). The Solent is the strait that separates the Isle of Wight from the mainland of England.
17 Metal bolt and stuff (7)
WOLFRAM - WOLF (bolt - as of food), RAM (stuff)
19 Stressed and too drunk to go to bed? (7)
UPTIGHT -  UP can mean 'not in bed', TIGHT (drunk). Put them together for a cryptic hint.
20 Scottish historian in Cumbrian city to speak (7)
CARLYLE - Sounds like [to speak] "Carlisle" (Cumbrian city). Thomas Carlyle was more than just a historian, but he first came to my attention when travelling in Scotland many years ago I spent a night along the way in his birthplace, Ecclefechan, where there is a large statue commemorating his association with the village.
22 Capital at one time husband invested in food store (5)
DELHI - H (husband) contained by [invested in] DELI (food store)
24 State purpose falling short (3)
GOA - GOA{l} (purpose) [falling short]
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