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Times Quick Cryptic 1261 by Tracy

In rather a hurry today so expect typos etc. I took 14 mins which seems heavy weather having now looked back at it. Thanks Tracy - and don’t mind my GR at 23ac - bit rushed, bit grumpy! Cod 5dn.


1. HIGHLY STRUNG - very nervy. Charles Blondin crossed the 1,100 ft Niagara Gorge on a tightrope - I have no information on his motivation but one would hope it was more than just for a dare.
8. MAPLE - tree. Fictional detective Miss (MArPLE) overlooking right (R).
9. OUTCOME - result. Arrive (COME) following published (OUT).
10. SHYLOCK - usurer. Jam (LOCK - to become stuck or locked - the switch has jammed) after retiring (SHY - he was very retiring/shy).
11. RALLY - mass meeting. Everyone (ALL) inside (R)owd(Y).
12. RATING - ordinary seaman. Can (TIN) during fund raising event (RAG).
14. TEASER - tricky question. From qui(TE A SER)ies.
17. IGLOO - house (possibly an Inuit's). (I)nuit, despondency (GLOO)m missing last letter.
19. PARAPET - low wall. Section (PART) breached by clumsy type (APE).
21. HAYWIRE - crazy. Anagram (silly) of WAY splitting rent (HIRE).
22. DREAM - fantasy. Short play (DRAM)a about univers(E).
23. TOWER HAMLETS - London borough - tough, I should imagine, for non-U.K. solvers. Keeps (TOWERS) hosting Shakespeare play (HAMLET). This was my penultimate having seen hamlets from the checkers. With towers for keeps as well this was my personal Golden Raspberry but it is all fair - in love and crossword land.


1. HOME STRAIGHT - section of racecourse. In (HOME), unbending (STRAIGHT).
2. GUPPY - fish. Fellow (GUY) eating very soft (PP - musical).
3. LIE DOWN - rest. Unhappy (DOWN) supporting cock-and-bull story.
4. STOCKY - sturdy. Cattle - (STOCK), valle(Y).
5. ROTOR - what may go round and round. The word also reads the same up and downwards. Very neat.
6. NOODLES - Chinese (and Japanese - so I would have thought a 'perhaps' was due) food. New (N), bags (OODLES).
7. NEW YORK TIMES - American newspaper. Anagram (unfortunately) of ITS KEY MEN ROW.
13. TALLY-HO - sporting cry (the '?' means it’s an example of a sporting cry). Heading off w(HO) after count (TALLY).
15. EARLDOM - what Macmillan had. Anagram (nasty) of ORDEAL plus (M)ilitary.
16. SPEECH - sermon. Look (SEE) round quiet (P), church (CH).
18. OLIVE - fruit. I seem to remember a similar clue recently so not sure why this was my LOI - old (O), bad (EVIL) turning upwards.
20. PIECE - double definition - bishop (perhaps = an example of one) - newspaper article.

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