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Times 1260 Quick Cryptic by Mara

Solving time: 9 minutes. When blogging there seemed to be an excess of anagrams or partials but on counting them there were only 9, which out of 24 clues is surely not above average. I lost a moment along the way over the parsing of 16dn and hesitated to write in the correct answer in although it had occured to me as soon as I saw the word 'boxes' in the clue.

As usual definitions are underlined in bold italics, {deletions and substitutions are in curly brackets} and [anagrinds, containment, reversal and other indicators in square ones]

1 Actor, hipster, made space for musicians (9,3)
ORCHESTRA PIT - Anagram [made] of ACTOR HIPSTER. Not relevant today, but newbies may care to note that 'orchestra' is an anagram of CARTHORSE and as such  it has turned up many a time in cryptic puzzles.
9 Cask of beer is for African capital (5)
TUNIS -  TUN (cask of beer), IS
10 Article rewritten for performance (7)
RECITAL -Anagram [rewritten] of ARTICLE
11 Language produced as I wash off cut lip (7)
SWAHILI - Anagram [off] of  I WASH, LI{p} [cut]
12 Order feathers on splitting quill, perhaps? (5)
PREEN - RE (on), contained by [splitting] PEN (quill, perhaps)
14 Someone from this planet: large and thin, weirdly! (9)
EARTHLING - Anagram [wierdly] of LARGE THIN
18 Parts loser messed up (5)
ROLES - Anagram [messed up] of LOSER
20 Lay it on thick, smoother (7)
FLATTER - Two meanings, the first being a coloquial expression for flattery, fawning or generally over-stating things.
21 Somewhat lamentable, austere scene (7)
TABLEAU - Hidden [somewhat] in {lamen}TABLE AU{stere}
23 Solid cooks, those revered (5)
IDOLS - Anagram [cooks] of SOLID
24 Record delivered solo (6-6)
SINGLE-HANDED - SINGLE (record - as opposed to LP, EP etc), HANDED (delivered)
2 Make a tinkling noise to serve as a reminder? (4,1,4)
RING A BELL - Two meanings
3 More reckless, eats layer of cake! (7)
HASTIER - HAS (eats), TIER (layer of cake - e.g. a wedding cake may have tiers)
4 Hand not bent, level (8,5)
STRAIGHT FLUSH - STRAIGHT (not bent), FLUSH (level). A very strong hand of cards in poker.
5 Summarise extraordinary race on page (5)
RECAP - Anagram [extraordinary] of RACE, P (page)
6 Pan lid turned over (3)
POT - TOP (lid) reversed [turned over]
7 Ability to write story on New Testament (6)
TALENT - TALE (story), NT (New Testament)
8 Admitting hot finally, scarf put away (5)
STASH - SASH (scarf), containing [admitting] {ho}T [finally]
13 Group gets home drunk around one (9)
EIGHTSOME - Anagram [drunk] of GETS HOME containing [around] I (one)
15 From Sicily, say, I ain’t worried about Mr Capone! (7)
ITALIAN - Anagram [worried] of I AIN'T containing [about] AL (Mr Capone)
16 Ready: line up boxes (6)
CRATES - SET (ready) + ARC (line] reversed [up]
17 Ruthlessly overcome infatuation (5)
CRUSH - Two meanings
19 Super increase (5)
SWELL - Two meanings
22 Cake in bed, unfinished (3)
BUN - BUN{k} (bed) [unfinished]
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