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Cityish Alt-ish Fortyish

Times 27,239: Cutting A Dash

I would describe this crossword as being fairly simply clued, but not in a bad way - there are some belters in the mix today, top of the heap in my opinion being 14ac for the never-gets-old device of significant punctuation; but honourable mentions to some entertaining definitions such as "corn cutter" and "Breton style", more than making up for a few over-crosswordese-y surfaces. Thanks setter!

I got a fair bit of change out of my ten minutes for it though - it feels like quite a while since the hardest puzzle of the week has fallen on a Friday, though I guess this isn't that surprising while we're getting Championship puzzles every Wednesday? Roll on the proper stinkers that will provide me with the comeuppance I so richly deserve, anyway, I say!

1 Vamp never having time for leading lady (7)
EMPRESS - {t}EMP{t}RESS [vamp, stripped of every T for time]

5 Runway with struts? (7)
CATWALK - a cryptic definition, for the sort of runway that models strut up and down.

9 PC rings about source of random artwork on farm (4,7)
CROP CIRCLES - COP CIRCLES [PC | rings] "about" R{andom}

10 Crew's long hair cut (3)
MAN - MAN{e} [long hair, "cut"]

11 Chaperone in Madrid expected lady to come back (6)
DUENNA - DUE [expected] + reversed ANN [lady]

12 Taller ship picked up high priest (8)
HIERARCH - homophone of HIGHER ARK [taller | ship]

14 Beachwear, sort of umber — unusual sort (7,6)
BERMUDA SHORTS - (UMBER*) ["sort of..."] + DASH [—] + (SORT*) ["unusual..."]

17 Check pink revised version (13)

21 Inspect boy covering over outstanding work (8)
CASELOAD - CASE LAD [inspect | boy] "covering" O [over]

23 He wrestled with oars, arriving here? (6)
ASHORE - (HE + OARS*) ["...wrestled with..."], semi-&lit

25 Tender chicken for one, not rook (3)
BID - BI{r}D [chicken for one, minus R for rook]

26 Axe poet describing Irish corn cutter (11)
CHIROPODIST - CHOP ODIST [axe | poet] "describing" IR [Irish]

27 Fashion model assuming a Republican title (7)
EARLDOM - (MODEL*) ["fashion..."] "assuming" A R [a | Republican]

28 Yak from heart of Tibet needing whip to avoid area (7)
BLETHER - {ti}B{et} + LE{a}THER [whip, "avoiding" A for area]

1 Old bit of Lisbon that is toured by Brussels party (6)
ESCUDO - SC [that is (scilicet)], "toured by" EU DO [Brussels | party]

2 Saw dog restrained by lead (7)
PROVERB - ROVER [dog] "restrained" by PB [lead]

3 Crank primarily collects money in Morecambe (9)
ECCENTRIC - C{ollects} + CENT [money] in ERIC [Morecambe]

4 Nimble mole overcomes resistance (4)
SPRY - SPY [mole] "overcomes" R [resistance]

5 Stop work to phone Italian lady with Yankee (4,2,1,3)
CALL IT A DAY - CALL IT ADA [phone | Italian | lady] with Y [Yankee]

6 Star cast will include European stunner (5)
TASER - (STAR*) ["cast"] will include E [European]

7 Fan drier controls damp in odd places (7)
ADMIRER - AIRER [drier] "controls" D{a}M{p}; not an anagram of DRIER {d}AM{p} as I somehow managed to assume at first...

8 Family owns a housing society in African capital (8)
KINSHASA - KIN HAS A [family | owns | a] "housing" S [society]

13 Short county boxer's married, Breton style (10)
SURREALISM - SURRE{y} ALI'S M ["short" county | boxer's | married]. That would be Andre Breton we're talking about.

15 Waves down close to front, a certain sign of cold weather (9)
HAILSTONE - HAILS [waves down] + {fron}T + ONE [a certain]

16 Forecaster said supporting vineyard's a severe test (8)
CRUCIBLE - homophone of SIBYL [forecaster], supporting CRU [vineyard]

18 Cool leftie is upright person with confidential info (7)
INSIDER - IN [cool] + reversed RED IS [leftie | is]

19 Upset female carrying old books and old tool (7)
NEOLITH - reversed HEN [female] "carrying" O LIT [old | books]

20 Gambler showing improvement (6)
BETTER - double definition

22 It's clear police left uniform on top (5)
LUCID - C.I.D. [police], L U [left | uniform] on top

24 Grave, sort of square old doctor (4)
TOMB - T O MB [sort of square | old | doctor]
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