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Quick Cryptic 1257 by Wurm

Previous puzzles by Wurm have averaged on the trickier side in my book, but this one posed no problems. There are plenty of anagrams and hiddens to help us on our way. COD to 2dn with no doubt: succinct, reads naturally, and requires a bit of thought even after you've figured out what the answer must be! Thanks Wurm.

Definitions underlined.

1 Frenchman greatest boxer in country (4)
MALI - M (Monsieur, Frenchman) and ALI (Mohammed, greatest boxer).
4 Area, quiet river location, is suitable (8)
APPOSITE - A (area), P (quiet, music), PO (river), and SITE (location).
8 Snake bit, causing famous row (4,4)
BOAT RACE - BOA (snake) and TRACE (bit).
9 Revolutionary element to fight it out (4)
TITO - hidden in (element of) fighT IT Out. See here if you (only) see red.
10 Bond brings eastern men into court (6)
CEMENT - E (eastern) and MEN inside CT (court).
11 Dawn, in Ghana, holds sun shade (6)
AWNING - hidden in (holds) dAWN IN Ghana.
12 Valuable box sure to be in the crates at sea (8,5)
TREASURE CHEST - SURE inside (to be in) an anagram of (at sea) THE CRATES.
16 A paper sent out to be published (6)
APPEAR - anagram of (sent out) A PAPER.
17 Say no to rubbish (6)
REFUSE - double defintition.
19 Judge at posh party for sport (4)
JUDO - J (judge), U (upper class, posh) and DO (party).
20 Man's man? (8)
ISLANDER - cryptic definition, i.e. a man from the Isle of Man.
21 One having brawn rather than brains? (8)
MEATHEAD - cryptic definition.
22 European lair is delightful place (4)
EDEN - E (european) and DEN (lair).

2 Fuss about love (5)
ADORE - ADO (fuss) and RE (about).
3 Owl and pussycat were suffering equally (2,3,4,4)
IN THE SAME BOAT - cryptic/double definition. With reference to the famous Lear poem.
4 Initially alerted by Titanic, stop at sea (5)
AVAST - first letter of (initially) Alerted, then VAST (titanic).
5 Lords and ladies look to get on (7)
PEERAGE - PEER (look) and AGE (to get on).
6 Survey two gardens, but choose neither? (3,2,3,5)
SIT ON THE FENCE - cryptic definition.
7 Eat nuts, unfortunately getting lockjaw (7)
TETANUS - anagram of (unfortunately) EAT NUTS.
10 Hypochondriac finally up to bed (3)
COT - last letter of (finally) hypocondriaC, and a reversal of (up) TO.
13 Put bananas in unusual transport (7)
RAPTURE - anagram of (bananas) PUT, inside RARE (unusual).
14 British bad weather beginning to ease in country? (7)
UKRAINE - UK (british), RAIN (bad weather), and the first letter of (beginning to) Ease.
15 Member on foot in ghetto escapes (3)
TOE - hidden in ghetTO Escapes.
17 Idler can become agitated (5)
RILED - anagram of (can become) IDLER.
18 See GI shot in wartime event (5)
SIEGE - anagram of (shot) SEE GI.
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