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Times 27232 - when things are not clear

Solving time: 9:01. I got in a bit of a fuddle near the end since I was utterly convinced that my answer at 6 down was correct but it didn't work with the obvious answer at 10 across. Finally figured out it was a cryptic definition, which is often my downfall in crosswords. Well that and fat fingers, poor spellchecking and all round not being that bright.

Greetings from Melbourne! Visiting family here so I won't be checking up on this - if you have questions, check the comments.

The first definition in each clue is underlined.

Away we go...

1 Suitor with style enthralling new society types (4,5)
BEAU MONDE - BEAU(suitor) and MODE(style) containing N(new)
6 Better class of religion found in Tyrrhenian location (5)
CAPRI - CAP(better, beat) then RI(Religious Instruction)
9 Single mothers becoming learned theologians (5)
IMAMS - I(single), MAMS(mothers)
10 Hired privately, plotted to capture the monarch (9)
CHARTERED - CHARTED(plotted) containing ER
11 Main connection linking stars to conservation group (7)
HYDRANT - the constellation HYDRA with NT(National Trust) and a nice definition
12 Cross appearing in church with Tempter going about? (7)
LURCHER - CH(church) with LURER(tempter) surrounding it. A cross breed of dog
13 Perhaps Chuck senior has grizzle, eschewing hotel booze (10,4)
ELDERBERRY WINE - Good Golly Miss Molly it's Chuck BERRY the ELDER then WHINE(grizzle) missing H(hotel)
17 I won't mean solid somehow, being shallow (3-11)
21 Privileged member holding office, socialist is backed (7)
INSIDER - IN(holding office), then RED(socialist) IS all reversed
23 Guts failing to save second artist (7)
VISCERA - VICE(failing) containing S(second), then RA(artist)
25 Change examination to accommodate current leader (9)
EDITORIAL - EDIT(change), ORAL(examination) containin I(current)
26 Greek island in which Corinthians curtailed amusement (5)
CORFU - COR(Corinthians) then FUN (amusement) missing the last letter
27 Investor for show one might be recording (5)
ANGEL - double definition, since there is a RECORDING ANGEL keeping a book of misdeeds. Probably a very very long book.
28 Ely with Labour turning a shade Conservative? (5,4)
ROYAL BLUE - anagram of ELY and LABOUR

1 Wretch born on boat (8)
BLIGHTER - B(born), LIGHTER(boat)
2 Hostilities interrupting commercial settlement (5)
AWARD - WAR(hostilities) inside AD(commercial) - court settlemtent
3 Man turning religious is butchered (9)
MASSACRED - the man is SAM, then SACRED reversed
4 Showing audacity before match, one can get knotted (7)
NECKTIE - NECK(audacity) then TIE(match)
5 Atelier designed for one who’d make a net profit? (1-6)
E-TAILER - anagram of ATELIER, and a profit over the net
6 Ensure provision is made to do the dishes? (5)
CATER - cryptic definition. I was sure this was CLEAR as a double definition
7 Catch up with female working in temple (9)
PARTHENON - TRAP (catch) reversed, then HEN(female) ON(working)
8 Popular physicist short with a certain Gandhi (6)
INDIRA - IN(popular) then the physicist missing the last letter is Paul DIRAC
14 Consumes some chicken in trend towards recession? (9)
DOWNSWING - DOWNS(consumes), WING(some chicken)
15 Mischievous, tailless cat, not accepted in stage show (9)
WHIMSICAL - WHIP(cat) missing the last letter, then no U(accepted) in MUSICAL(stage show)
16 Satisfaction guaranteed with request (8)
PLEASURE - SURE(guaranteed) and PLEA(request)
18 Male dog slipping lead is more carefree (7)
MERRIER - M(male) and TERRIER(dog) missing the fist letter
19 Literary work ends in tragedy, prompting curiosity (7)
NOVELTY - NOVEL(literary work) and T(raged)Y
20 Modern art medicine man exhibits (6)
CINEMA - hidden inside mediCINE MAn
22 Strangely amusing nobleman lifted line (5)
DROLL - LORD(nobleman) reversed, then L(line)
24 Revolutionary wisdom gathered about new recruit (5)
ENROL - reverse LORE(wisdom) and insert N(new)
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