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Times Cryptic 27230

Not too demanding a puzzle today, which is perhaps just as well.  Ho Ho Ho! and a Merry Christmas to one and all!

As usual definitions are underlined in bold italics, {deletions and substitutions are in curly brackets} and [anagrinds, containment, reversal and other indicators in square ones]

1 Fish American lawyer caught — and ate, ultimately (4)
DACE - DA (American lawyer), C (caught), {at}E [ultimately]
3 Linesman’s acknowledgement of clever remark about days in jail (5,5)
TOUCH JUDGE - TOUCHÉ (acknowledgement of clever remark) containing [about] D (days) which is itself contained  by [in] JUG (jail). I had a problem with this until I solved the cross-referenced clue at 7dn which identifies the sport in question.
9 Consequence of situation surrounding ancient city (7)
STATURE - STATE (situation) containing [surrounding] UR (ancient city).  Consequence in the sense of importance.
11 Price university may exact at first for clothing (7)
COSTUME - COST (price), U (university), M{ay} + E{xact} [at first]
12 Two women by an enclosure holding record for farm activity (13)
SHEEPSHEARING - SHE + SHE (two women) containing [holding] EP (record), A RING (an enclosure)
14 Meet at end of scripture exam — again (5)
RESIT - RE (scripture - Religious Education), SIT (meet - as Parliament sits or meets, for example). I imagine 'scripture' in this sense has long fallen out of use, but at one time it was the name of the subject as taught in some schools, later retitled RE as in this clue, or RI (Religious Instruction),  a term I suspect has now met a simlar fate. I think the answer has to be read as a noun.
15 Wren eg, male, grabbing insect’s tail, caught on outside (9)
ARCHITECT - ARCHIE (male) containing [grabbing] {insec}T [tail], C{augh}T [on outside] CT (caught - a method of dismissal as noted in cricketing records, although 'c' is also used). 'On outside' is irrelevant unless I'm missing something, but it adds to the surface and acts as a diversion by suggesting enclosure where there is none. Thanks to Kevin for pointing out my oversight. I did actually find 'ct = caught' on a cricketing site but can't trace it now. It isn't supported in any of the usual sources.
17 Description of virgin territory don turned out (9)
UNTRODDEN - Anagram [out] of DON TURNED
19 Hunting cry from Cockney in Scottish town (5)
ALLOA - {h}ALLOA (hunting cry) [from Cockney]. Interminable hours spent in my childhood sitting through football results on Saturday evenings whilst waiting for a favourite TV show to start were not entirely wasted as I learned the names of the Scottish League teams - in this case Alloa Athletic. That helped me here as I didn't know the hunting cry - 'halloo' and 'tally-ho' being the extent of my repertoire.
21 Terrified old nurse stabbed by kid on grass (5-8)
PANIC-STRICKEN - PANIC (grass), SEN (old nurse - State Enrolled Nurse) containing [stabbed by] TRICK (kid)
24 Month in which men will secure court award (7)
OCTOBER - OR (men) contains [will secure] CT (court) + OBE (award)
25 Old coin found by soldier going over base (7)
IGNOBLE - GI (soldier) reversed [going over], NOBLE (old coin)
26 Maintain head has adopted favoured uniform with hesitation (10)
PERPETUATE - PATE (head) contains [has adopted] ER (hesitation) + PET (favoured) + U (uniform - NATO alphabet). The order in the wordplay looks wrong to me as in the clue we have: A/B with C (PET / U / ER) which appears in the answer as C/A/B (ER / PET / U). I know about the convention 'A on B' =  B/A in Across clues, but I'm not aware the same applies when the linking word is 'with'.
27 Inclination to be crooked (4)
BENT - Two meanings
1 Dire sort said to flourish over America (10)
DISASTROUS - Anagram [flourish] of SORT SAID, US (America)
2 People pursuing further drinks (7)
CHASERS - Two meanings
4 Accidentally picked up report of animal minder’s position (9)
OVERHEARD - Sounds like [report of] "over herd" (animal minder’s position)
5 Bill’s companion catches cold, needing a warm drink (5)
COCOA - COO (bill’s companion - 'bill and coo') contains [catches] C (cold), A
6 Defence originally advanced in only one literary genre (13)
JUSTIFICATION - JUST (only), I (one), then A{dvanced} [originally] contained by [in] FICTION (literary genre)
7 Addict finally consumed most of 3’s game, I gathered (7)
DRUGGIE - {consume}D [finally],  RUGGE{r} (3’s game) [most of] containing I [I gathered]
8 English cleric’s flat (4)
EVEN - E (English), VEN (cleric), short for Venerable, this is a title given to Archdeacons in the C of E.
10 Like gripping book lacking capacity to include crushing remark (13)
UNPUTDOWNABLE - UNABLE (lacking capacity) containing [to include] PUT-DOWN (crushing remark)
13 Feat involving Tim and Netta, not daughter (10)
ATTAINMENT - Anagram [involving] of TIM AN{d} NETTA [not daughter]
16 Inhibit firm led by right-wing politician (9)
CONSTRICT - CON (right-wing politician), STRICT (firm)
18 Racecourse character’s quiet way to stop row (7)
TIPSTER - P (quiet) + ST (way) contained by [to stop] TIER (row)
20 Largely similar to a ballet, oddly attractive (7)
LIKABLE - LIK{e} (similar) [largely], A, B{a}L{l}E{t} [oddly]
22 My fine, initially unspoiled, holiday destination? (5)
CORFU - COR (my), F (fine), U{nspoiled} [initially]
23 Business enterprise completed takeover (4)
COUP - CO (business enterprise), UP (completed)
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