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Times Cryptic 27218

I needed 52 minutes for this one but I can't really identify many particular problems. I was slow to start and took rather a long time to work out the answer at 2dn as my LOI, where it was literally a case of finding a word that fitted the rather unusual set of checkers.

As usual definitions are underlined in bold italics, {deletions and substitutions are in curly brackets} and [anagrinds, containment, reversal and other indicators in square ones]

1 Music producer, fraud (6)
FIDDLE - Two meanings
4 A passage in plot carried off (8)
ABDUCTED - A, DUCT (passage) contained by [in] BED (plot)
10 Go with “Tea for Two”, not half! (9)
CHAPERONE - CHA (tea), PER (for), ONE (two, not half)
11 Carbon on helmet something to discuss (5)
TOPIC - TOPI (helmet), C (carbon)
12 I say nothing to Elizabeth, ultimately (3)
OOH - 0 (nothing), {t}O + {elizabet}H [ultimately]. Memories of  Dick Emery's 'Mandy' and her catchphrase: "Oooh, you are awful, but I like you!"
13 Go to invest very little? (5,1,5)
SPEND A PENNY - Two meanings
14 Unfinished track, short feature that consists of slow movements (3,3)
TAI CHI - TAI{l} (track) [unfinished], CHI{n} (feature) [short]
16 Don't ask me to recall party with love (2,3,2)
NO CAN DO - CON (party) reversed [to recall], AND (with), 0 (love). I'm not sure the definition quite fits the answer here. On  edit, I originally had the definition as don't ask me, but as Kevin has pointed out it works better as don't ask me to.
19 Hat good on Spanish chap briefly adopting uniform (7)
HOMBURG - HOMBR{e} (Spanish chap) [briefly] containing [adopting] U (uniform), G (good). The style of  hat worn by Tony Hancock in today's user-pic. It was popularised by Edward VII following a visit to Bad Homburg in Germany and later found favour with, amongst others, Churchill, Anthony Eden and Dwight D Eisenhower.
20 Additional English city (6)
BOLTON - Insert a hyphen to get BOLT-ON (additional)
22 Town, on-line, requested Wilts hotel to renovate old bar (7,4)
WHISTLE STOP - Anagram [renovate] of WILTS H (hotel) ESTOP (old bar). The definition combines these two taken from Collins: a. a minor railway station where trains stop only on signal b. a small town having such a station.
25 Blade is article in gold (3)
OAR - A (article) contained by [in] OR (gold). 'Blades on the feather' (Eton Boating Song).
26 Soul only partly evident in salesman, I'm afraid (5)
ANIMA - Hidden [only partly evident] in {salesm}AN I'M A{fraid}
27 Routine taking days, feeding papers into drawer (9)
TREADMILL - D (days) contained by [feeding] REAM (papers), all contained by [into] TILL (drawer)
28 Layer of cells in men odder after surgery (8)
ENDODERM - Anagram [after surgery] of MEN ODDER. Not a word I knew but there are plenty of 'derm' words to account for half the available anagrist leaving little choice for placement of the remainder.
29 My fruit, via squeezes (6)
BLIMEY - BY (via) contains [squeezes] LIME (fruit). Makes a change from my = cor.
1 At the outset, football player finds agent (6)
FACTOR - F{ootball} [at the outset], ACTOR (player)
2 Inspiration will bring one down (9)
DIAPHRAGM - Cryptic definition
3 More than one vegetable has a hole in it, we hear? (5)
LEEKS - Sounds like [we hear] "leaks" (has a hole in it)
5 Routine to look at occupying basic accommodation, say (5-3-6)
BREAD-AND-BUTTER - READ (look at) contained by [occupying] B AND B (basic accommodation - Bed & Breakfast  ), UTTER (say)
6 United and City plan to play. That's remarkable (9)
UNTYPICAL - U (united), anagram [to play] of CITY PLAN
7 I’m thankful to secure easy goal (3-2)
TAP-IN - TA (I’m thankful), PIN (secure)
8 Peculiar bend in formal attire (5,3)
DICKY BOW - DICKY (peculiar), BOW (bend). I can't find 'dicky' defined as 'peculiar' in any of the usual sources; it usually means unsound or shaky.
9 What further explains what ballet term’s doing? (8,6)
COVERING LETTER - What {bal}LET TER{m} is doing in this partial hidden answer
15 See eccentric king, perhaps? (5,4)
COURT CARD - COURT (see - as in dating someone), CARD (eccentric)
17 Noisome, vacant girl given makeover for new term (9)
NEOLOGISM - Anagram [given makeover] of NOISOME G{ir}L [vacant]
18 Display toilet while in Oxford, perhaps? (8)
SHOWCASE - WC (toilet) + AS (while) contained by [in] SHOE (Oxford, perhaps)
21 Fancy horse to steal race after one’s been dropped (6)
FRILLY - FILLY (horse) containing [to steal] R{ace} [after one - 'ace' - has been dropped]
23 I was competitive with climber going up the wall? (5)
IVIED - I, VIED (was competitive)
24 Dirge, primarily, in Ring Cycle (5)
PEDAL - D{irge} [primarily] contained by [in] PEAL (ring)
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