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Times Cryptic No 27190, Thursday, 8 November 2018 Second Wave

Not too much to frighten the horses in this one, though a Czech play and a much-loved (by those of a certain age and disposition) comedian might cause a few scratch marks to appear on furrowed brows. Lots of anagrams, and no sneaky hidden make for a pleasant enough workout. Today’s random girl might have just as well been a random chap, perhaps more so, though the reforming Spice Women (surely, by now?) might have something to say about that. I have to acknowledge that I parsed a couple post solve, partly so that I could squeeze in two seconds short of 20 minutes.
One of those crosswords which stirs pleasant memories by association. Clues are presented in italics, definitions underlined, and solutions captalised in BOLD.


1 See terms reorganised as one (8)
SEMESTER A sweet &lit-ish to start with, this version of one term being a reorganisation (that’ll be an anagram, then) of SEE TERMS
5 Meat product in crate (6)
BANGER And a generous (-ish) pair of definitions to follow, a banger being a sausage in the UK (snag in Oz, I believe) and also a dilapidated car.
10 Kind group almost always billets old dog (6,9)
GOLDEN RETRIEVER I believe this is GENRE for kind plus TRI(o) for group almost,  plus EVER for always, with OLD for –um- old inserted towards the front end. Extra points if you took time to work that out.
11 Advocate having second beer brought round (7)
APOSTLE The first (only?) I wasn’t sure of: obviously we have ALE for beer which means second stands for POST. The best I can do is to refer you to post- as a prefix, so war comes first and post-war comes second. Am I missing something obvious? (On edit  Indeed I am: if only I'd put the accent on the second syllable, or checked Chambers "to transfer (an officer) to another post or unit; to transfer (an employee) temporarily to another branch or company, usually to undertake some special task". Thanks to more perceptive minds below.)
12 Club in weapons collection (7)
A***NAL  Allegedly a football club, should be called Woolwich, where bits of the former royal armaments store still stand
13 Insane expert better after reversal (8)
CRACKPOT I think this is still an acceptable alternative for insane, expert giving CRACK and better reversed giving POT
15 What may constitute hangover goes without beginning (5)
EAVES Goes is LEAVES. Knock off the beginning as instructed.
18 Alumnus, represented at centre, having much to lose? (5)
OBESE O(ld) B(oy), our alumnus, has the middle of represented tacked on
20 Short while back put money into trust (8)
RECENTLY So here back is not a reversal indicator. CENT is money, RELY is trust
23 Let's not have cold chicken — it's uncivilised (7)
HEATHEN Look, I don’t make up these definitions or mean anything ungenerous in reporting them. HEAT HEN is given as a charade in the not-definition part of the clue. Any (obviously) civilised heathens please address your pique to the editor, who may tick off the setter if he so chooses.
25 Comedian takes tips from debtors and pays out (7)
UNWINDS “Are you all sitty comftybold two-square on your botty? Then I'll begin” If you know who that comes from, deep joy! If not, O folly folly! “Professor” Stanley Unwin is the comedian you seek, add both tips from DebtorS. Oh, and here’s a samplode
26 One's doctrinaire formulation provides review (15)
RECONSIDERATION Ooh, “formulation. An anagram? Indeed, of the first couple of words.
27 Portion to keep dry that remains in pipe (6)
DOTTLE A (small) portion is a direct synonym of DOLE. TT (for teetotal) is dry. Dottle is the (usually disgusting) remains at the bottom of a pipe bowl.
28 Follower died in this place, clutched by worker? (8)
ADHERENT D(ied) and HERE, in this place, are absorbed into the industrious ANT


1 Extraordinary gesture (6)
SIGNAL Two definitions one an adjective, the other a noun.
2 Girl carried round university city (9)
MELBOURNE I’ve worked this out now (it’s not hard) MEL is your random girl (Brooks? Smith? Tormé? Gibson? I fear I can’t spell Giedroyc, which would otherwise help) BORNE is carried, and U(niversity) the insertion.
3 One with doubts about contaminated houses (7)
SCEPTIC C for about, a legitimate abbreviation of circa, housed in SEPTIC for contaminated. Septic for me will always be the pilot from Angels One Five
4 Strange passion arising in midweek? (5)
EERIE Midweek is, of course EE, and IRE the passion “arising” (this is a down clue) therein
6 First-rate paper under discussion (2,5)
AT ISSUE Bless you. A is first rate, TISSUE your paper
7 Assuming soldier is on discharge, briefly (5)
GIVEN ...the assumption that the two words are interchangeable, GI, our Stateside soldier takes his place on VEN(t), discharge.
8 Play a record for one loving country (8)
RURALIST Rossums Universal Robots (Rossumovi Univerzální Roboti) is a 1920 play by Karel Čapek, though the title is as we have it here, RUR. It is the origin of the English “robot” and of the much-hyped fear that AI will supplant humans. Oh, add A LIST for a record or you won’t have the rest of the entry
9 Craft loses wings in space above the pond (8)
ATLANTIC It’s arguable that in order to work the pond needs to be Pond, but who’s counting? ATTIC is the space above, LAN a plane with its wings clipped.
14 Hurried round, one in flat being very suspicious (8)
PARANOID Hurried is RAN, round O, and flat encompassing both is PAD. Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they’re not out to get you (Joseph Heller)
16 One secretly loved Latin — even in translation (9)
VALENTINE Only 98 days away. An anagram (in translation) of LATIN EVEN
17 Made effort to have more between the sheets? (8)
BOTHERED More translates to OTHER, and between the sheets places it in BED. (Very) mildly risqué?
19 Restructuring the loan makes you solvent (7)
ETHANOL Another anagram (restructuring) THE LOAN
21 Movement from English wives in approach to altar (3,4)
NEW  WAVE We had this the last time I was on duty (Artistic movement of green and white horse?). This time it’s E(nglish) plus 2 W(ives) in NAVE, the main body of a church and hence (sort of) the approach to the altar.
22 American clear about Eastern newsgroups system (6)
USENET Precursor to the WWW, still in use though not as much as it was. Cue real IT people telling you how grossly inadequate that definition  is. Sorry. Here, it’s US American, NET clear and E(astern) within.
24 Adoptee supposedly lucky to miss first course (5)
ASCOT A slightly lengthy definition of MASCOT which is to lose its first letter to produce the (race, duh) course.
25 Author in guide regularly making stand (5)
UPEND Fortunately, the author is the generic PEN, enclosed in the (even) letters of gUiDe

*** RSE, might be censored by LJ’s robot.
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