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Times 27,167: Joculus Riffed

Something of a disaster last night as I clicked submit to post this blog and LiveJournal instantly ate it, beyond any of my attempts at recovery. I have to dash out to catch a train right now... but there was plenty to talk about on this excellent crossword, so I promise I'll return and sort this placeholder out! In the meantime...

1 Goal minders do it (6)
OBJECT - double definition: to mind something is to have an objection to it

4 Rank alongside aphids, ultimately, as parasites (8)
SPONGING - PONGING [rank] alongside {aphid}S

10 Sort of tall beast that’s kept in cellar? (5,4)
TABLE SALT - (TALL BEAST*) ["sort of..."]

11 Assume that one judge must visit French city (5)
DIJON - DON [assume] that I J [one | judge] must "visit"

12 Dashed busy? (9,5)
INSPECTOR MORSE - we've talked in here only recently about how a "busy" is a member of the police force, and Morse code contains many dashes (as well as dots)... suggesting this groanworthy/brilliant pun of a definition.

14 What was taken from Samson and Lot (5)
SIGHT - double definition. Samson was blinded after being shorn; and "a sight" is a lot in some idiomatic uses as, again, I think we've discussed in here recently. "He's a damn sight more friendly than you are," that kind of thing.

16 Grabbing armband, collecting pants (9)
SNAFFLING - SLING [armband], "collecting" NAFF [pants]

18 Something said to be complete, note, within one (9)
UTTERANCE - UTTER [complete] + N [note], within ACE [one]

20 Inadequate person finally found new life, some job (5)
DWEEB - {foun}D {ne}W {lif}E {som}E {jo}B

21 MCC aim: come repeatedly for batting average abroad (5,2,5,2)
COMME CI COMME CA - (MC AIM COME COME*) ["for batting"]. Every schoolboy's favourite response to "Comment ca va?" if I recall correctly, due it being the most fun thing to say.

25 Covered on the inside with wrinkles (5)
LINED - double def

26 Girl fashioned garland, almost new (9)
MADELEINE - MADE LEI [fashioned | garland] + NE{w}

27 Further comment, often too complicated (8)
FOOTNOTE - (OFTEN TOO*) ["complicated"]

28 Beef, for example, from across the pond or canal? (6)
MEATUS - MEAT U.S. [beef, for example | from across the pond]

1 Course books containing sign of error troubles publisher (6,4)
OXTAIL SOUP - O.T. [books] containing X [sign of error] + AILS O.U.P. [troubles | publisher]

2 After first of January, one’s having to live in digs (5)
JIBES - after J{anuary}, I'S [one's] having BE [to live] in

3 Mild Liberal getting stick all round (7)
CLEMENT - L [Liberal] getting CEMENT [stick] all round

5 Pan perhaps necessary for recipe — teriyaki? (5)
PETER - hidden in {reci}PE TER{iyaki}

6 Green light’s extinguished: then sleeps (4,3)
NODS OFF - to give someone the green light is to give them the NOD; so NOD'S OFF [green light's | extinguished]

7 Fair distance beyond home? Wrong (9)
INJUSTICE - JUST ICE [fair | distance] beyond IN [home]

8 On the way out, I dispatched award (4)
GONG - GO{i}NG [on the way out, losing its I]

9 Resistance fighter trained in Sparta (8)
PARTISAN - (IN SPARTA*) ["trained"]

13 Helicopters from Richmond bringing winning team perhaps to the Oval (3,7)
EGG BEATERS - egg beaters are an American term for copters, so this is probably Richmond, VA, not the one south of the Thames. Bring BEATERS [winning, team perhaps] to EGG [the oval]. Whew!

15 Duck excessively short tackle (3,4,2)
GET DOWN TO - GET DOWN [duck] + TO{o} [excessively, "short"]

17 One used to call a contact, briefly, before work (4,4)
AREA CODE - A REAC{h} [a | contact, "briefly"] before ODE [work]

19 Raced round like a loony, after a fast time (7)
RAMADAN - RAN [raced] round MAD [like a loony], after A

20 Director finally accepted Zola and his article (2,5)
DE MILLE - {accepte}D + EMIL [Zola] + LE [his (i.e. a Frenchman's) article]. But wasn't it EMILE?

22 Space traveller wasn’t the only one to get in contact? (5)
COMET - if you get into contact with someone you meet them, so multiple people getting into contact could be said jocularly to have CO-MET.

23 Turn out fine in the end: I’m out of Casualty (5)
EVICT - {fin}E + VICT{im} [casualty, losing it's I'M]

24 Scandinavian of note is visiting (4)
OLAF - OF, visited by LA [note]
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