September 13th, 2021

Times Cryptic Jumbo 1515 - Monday 30th August 2021. My 21a is flagging

Hello all, I hope you enjoyed the bank holiday.  What bank holiday? I hear you say.  Yes, two weeks can be a long time, especially in crosswordland.

I wouldn’t win any prizes for time with this one, which I attacked intermittently, but was just glad to get it all sorted without aids.  I didn’t manage to pick out favourite clues either: just too much to choose from for your chronically indecisive blogger.  I did enjoy it though – thanks setter!

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Times Quick Cryptic 1960 by Hurley

Solving time: 9 minutes. Only a couple of words here that aren't perhaps in daily use so I hope, like me, you found this on the easy side.

As usual definitions are underlined in bold italics, {deletions and substitutions are in curly brackets} and [anagrinds, containment, reversal and other indicators in square ones]. I usually omit all reference to positional indicators unless there is a specific point that requires clarification.

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Ulaca de Milo
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Times 28081 - I'll have whatever Emma's having

Born in Canada to a Romanian dad and a Chinese mum, Emma Radacanu is as British as you can get, and I would like to dedicate this blog to her fabulous run to the US Open, its pint-sized trophy and its hefty cheque. An all-rounder in the sports arena, a straight As student and a dedicated petrolhead, as Baroness Schrader, AKA Eleanor Parker, might have said, 'My dear, is there anything you can't do?'

I seem to have channeled a wee bit of Emma, as I came home on this one in 14:12. I'm not sure it was that easy - it may have been that I was just on the wavelength, or, as Emma might say, 'doing my processes and staying in the moment.'


1 Main cloak worn by Seurat at first for painting (8)
SEASCAPE - S[eurat] in SEA (main) CAPE (cloak)
5 Heads of lodge in extremely distinctive clothing (6)
LIVERY - L[odge] I[n] VERY (extremely)
9 Curb control, securing backing for cultural pursuits (8)
RESTRAIN - ARTS (cultural pursuits reversed) in REIN (curb); I once watched 'Curb your Enthusiasm' because Ricky Gervais raved about it. I didn't laugh once and hardly understood what was going on. It was the first time that I wished a TV show had a laugh track, so I would have some clue which bits were meant to be funny.
10 Cake served in City retreat (6)
ECLAIR - EC (city - of London, East Central) LAIR (retreat)
12 Distant object associated with girl’s old bike (5-8)
PENNY-FARTHING - PENNY (girl) FAR (distant) THING (object)
15 Language once used in school at Inverness? (5)
LATIN - hidden in [schoo]L AT IN[verness]
16 In Paris she accepts call ultimately for skilled workman (9)
ENAMELLER - NAME (call) in ELLE (she in French) R (final letter of [fo]R)
17 Endless recceing by peacekeepers around east (9)
UNCEASING - UN (United Nations, who attempt to keep the peace, at any rate) E (east) in CASING (recceing); my dad was always 'recceing', so this brings back memories of the Humber and point-to-points at Kimble
19 Hoard money, it’s said (5)
CACHE - sounds like 'cash'
20 Behave stoically, but let the bile out (4,3,6)
22 Sexually pure son consumed by constant loathing (6)
CHASTE - S (son) in C (constant) HATE (loathing)
23 Study dance, having postponed payment once (8)
CONTANGO - CON (study) TANGO (dance); I'll leave Collins to explain this bit of financial mumbo-jumbo: '(formerly, on the London Stock Exchange) postponement of payment for and delivery of stock from one account day to the next'. The sort of thing that would have Goldman Sachs salivating, I reckon.
25 Corrupt French nobleman in Canterbury, perhaps (6)
SEDUCE - DUC (French nobleman) in SEE
26 Taught English journalist about old European coin (8)
EDUCATED - DUCAT (old European coin) in E (English) ED (journalist- 'one who has an air of being an expert in everything', as CS Lewis memorably put it)


1 Principled old American curls up awkwardly at first (10)
2 Idiot biting girl’s head off (3)
ASS - [l]ASS
3 Continue to cause a commotion (5,2)
CARRY ON - double definition (DD)
4 Letter introducing recent catalogues for certain collectors (12)
PHILATELISTS - PHI (Greek letter) LATE LISTS; I believe horryd dabbles in this pursuit
6 Rise that has Charlie opening fashionable branch of business (7)
INCLINE - C (Charlie) in IN LINE
7 Bible-bashing woman inspiring saintly girl in the end (11)
EVANGELICAL - ANGELIC (saintly) in EVA (random woman) L (final letter of [gir]L)
8 Overturned cart in enclosed ground (4)
YARD - reversal of DRAY; a bit of a chestnut
11 Odd place to store cargo, putting learner in complete control (12)
STRANGLEHOLD - L (learner) in STRANGE (odd) HOLD (place to store cargo)
13 Clock surmounting management’s information site (11)
NOTICEBOARD - NOTICE (clock, as in 'Did you clock what Arthur Daley was doing?') over BOARD (management)
14 Dire photos misrepresented ministers collectively (10)
18 Potentially moving article thus containing inferior material (7)
ASTATIC - TAT in A (article) SIC (thus); a sciency word, evincing no great imagination, meaning not static, unstable or having no tendency to assume any particular position or orientation. They do like to cover their bases, do those boffins.
19 Corrosive agent mostly leading to spasmodic twitching (7)
CAUSTIC - CAUS[e] (agent mostly) TIC (spasmodic twitching - as evinced by Darling in Blackadder Goes Forth)
21 Sicilian shepherd about to go north on island (4)
ACIS - reversal of CA in IS; in the Greek mythology of Ovid, Acis, the son of Pan and the nymph Symaethis, was a beautiful Sicilian shepherd and lover of the Nereid Galatea. His rival, Polyphemus the Cyclops, surprised them together and crushed Acis with a rock. His blood, gushing forth from beneath, was metamorphosed by Galatea into a river bearing his name, Acis or Acinius, at the base of Mount Etna (the modern river Jaci). So now you know
24 Ultimate catch (3)
NET - DD; net in the sense 'ultimate; final; conclusive (esp in the phrase net result)' (Collins)