September 10th, 2021

Times Quick Cryptic No 1959 by Izetti

Another Izetti Quick Cryptic for me to blog today. It took me just over 7 minutes, so, as with my last QC blogging duty 2 weeks ago, it is somewhat on the harder side of average if my time is anything to go by. I'm not sure where the time went, but 4D and 7D were a little tricky and there's a clue that requires you to solve another one first. My last one in, 22A, didn't come easily but maybe because the definition doesn't seem quite right. I think it is a mistake. What do you think? [Edit: Izetti has kindly dropped by in the comments to confirm it was a slip]. But another good test from Izetti with lots of instructional clueing, such as a the trick in 1A where the definition is a verb in the clue and a noun in the answer. Nice puzzle. Worth it for 1D, my clue of the day, alone. Thank-you Izetti. How did you all get on?

Fortnightly Weekend Quick Cryptic. This time it is Phil's turn to provide the extra weekend entertainment. You can find the latest crossword here. Enjoy! And if anyone is interested in our previous offerings you can find an index to them here.

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