September 8th, 2021

Times 28077 - where the mountains of Mourne sweep where ?

A middle of the road puzzle for me, it took half an hour while watching US tennis. 11a has the same unusual word answer as 4d in 28065 which I blogged 2 weeks ago, so it didn't hold me up. 7d made me smile for the well hidden definition and gets my CoD award. 21d was not a word I knew although its derivation was obvious enough to make it guessable. Once again, nice work, Mr Setter.

1 Times in the morning claiming payment back for power unit (8)
MEGAWATT - "back" = all reversed; TT (times) AM with WAGE inserted. I've just finished the last episode of the docu-drama CHERNOBYL on Sky Atlantic so I'm in reflective mood and have megawatts in mind. It should be compulsory viewing for everyone and I don't know how they managed to make it so realistically (in Lithuania) without blowing up another nuclear power plant.
5 Award for third British team in France? (6)
BRONZE - BR (British) ONZE French for eleven hence team.
10 Train hospital department these days (9)
ENTOURAGE - the ENT department again, then OUR AGE = these days.
11 Ancient city street associated with duke's historic dare (5)
DURST - D (duke) UR (ancient city) ST(reet). See 11a 28065 and comments.
12 Try to introduce new restraint (4)
BIND - BID = try, insert N for new.
13 Head of family more distant, speaking after recurrent trouble (9)
GODFATHER - FATHER sound like farther, (almost), after GOD reversed = DOG = trouble.
15 Ignore me on travels round area below deck (6,4)
17 Russian banker first runs out of country (4)
URAL - That Russian river again, RURAL loses its first R.
19 Round up the lady's daughters (4)
HERD - HER (the lady's) D (daughters). Why is daughters plural not DD?
20 Imagist set off in disgrace (10)
22 Small horse ridden by would-be queen more subject to depression? (9)
SQUASHIER - S (small) QUASI (would-be), insert H (horse), ER (Queen), .
24 We're told of fearful worker changing colour (4)
DYER - sounds like dire = fearful.
26 Scoop a portion of salad leaves (5)
LADLE - hidden as above.
27 Be hesitant to leave housing in a poor state (9)
VACILLATE - VACATE (leave) 'houses' ILL = in a poor state.
28 Bear going round coastal city provides fair game (6)
HOOPLA - POOH (bear) goes round = HOOP, LA a coastal city. Game at a fair.
29 Three-foot case carried by pilot? (8)
TRIPODAL - TRIAL (pilot) carries POD (case).
1 Comply with those gathering for the chase (4)
MEET - double definition, second being meet as in the hunting set.
2 Making delayed start on buying drinks, too disheartened (7,6,2)
3 Causing injury to dog, commonly in flank (8)
WOUNDING - WING (flank) has 'OUND, a cockney dog perhaps, inserted.
4 Pluck shown by all leading toxophilites when arrow nears gold (5)
TWANG - initial letters of Toxophiles When Arrow Nears Gold; toxophiles being archery buffs.
6 Attempt artwork again and screw up (6)
REDRAW - redraw reversed = WARDER, screw being a nickname for same.
7 Down here, with empty larder another dinner's off (8,7)
NORTHERN IRELAND - (LR ANOTHER DINNER)*, LR being 'empty larder', Down being one of the six counties of NI, where the mountains of Mourne sweep down to the sea, so the song goes.
8 Slowing down in the end, curiously engrossed (10)
ENTHRALLED - RALL (abbr. for rallentando, slowing down musically) inside (THE END)*.
9 Reckless leader to be dying (8)
HEADLONG - HEAD (leader), LONG (to) = be dying (to).
14 Your setter, so vigorous getting up for an old fellow (10)
METHUSELAH - ME (your setter) THUS (so), then HALE (vigorous) reversed. Methuselah lived for 969 years, allegedly, and had a large wine bottle (8 times normal size) named after him. Years must have been shorter then.
16 Save short essays dons always returned (8)
RETRIEVE - TRIE(S) = short essays, inside (dons) EVER reversed. Surely you save something, then retrieve it later?
18 Presumption following country's downfall, naturally (8)
LANDSLIP - LAND'S (country's) LIP (presumption).
21 Skeletal bird, previously overlarge (6)
OSTEAL - OS (outsize, over-large) TEAL (a bird). It just means bony or skeleton related, from Greek osteon, bone.
23 Athlete would be naughtier were I to enter (5)
RACER - inserting an i would make it RACIER, naughtier.
25 Went down hill in north (4)
FELL - double definition, even I know that they have FELLS oop north in't Lake District and such. I've seen odd folks running up them on television.

Times Quick Cryptic 1957 by Marty

Not too much to say about this, except I enjoyed solving it. Only the cat and a bit of Latin are somewhat obscure, but they're very familiar words to regulars here. I stumbled with the slightly unusual parsing of 3dn, having to take the two 'grist' words separately, but I think the way it's worded makes it fair.

Definitions underlined.

1 Vehicle is cab Manuel ordered (9)
AMBULANCE - anagram of (ordered) CAB MANUEL.
6 Quiet English lady (3)
SHE - SH (quiet) and E (English).
8 Function at first absolutely no good being held in marquee? (7)
TANGENT - first letter of (at first) Absolutely, with N (no) and G (good), contained by (being held in) TENT (marquee).
9 Cat that weighs very little (5)
OUNCE - definition and cryptic hint.
10 GB mining gold, somehow extraordinary (4-8)
MIND-BOGGLING - anagram of (somehow) GB MINING GOLD.
12 Grand time to go on holiday? (6)
AUGUST - definition and cryptic hint.
13 Maroon thread (6)
STRAND - double definition.
16 See news is yet to unfold? They may when it does (12)
EYEWITNESSES - anagram of (to unfold) SEE NEWS IS YET.
19 Young agent, not entirely free to speak? (5)
UNGAG - hidden in (not entirely) yoUNG AGent.
20 Medic, very skilled, not likely to get stuck? (7)
MOVABLE - MO (medical officer, medic), V (very), and ABLE (skilled).
22 Rested part of the weekend (3)
SAT - double definition.
23 Bloodsuckers mostly care to go after quiet old panda? (6,3)
POLICE CAR - LICE (bloodsuckers) and all-but-the-last letter of (mostly) CARe, all after P (quiet) and O (old).

1 Opponent of BBC, some might say? (4)
ANTI - sounds like (some might say) "auntie" (BBC).
2 Prohibiting report about pub that’s turned up (7)
BANNING - BANG (report) containing (about) INN (pub) that's reversed (turned up).
3 Oddly dismissed old wife’s tale (3)
LIE - remove odd-numbered letters from (oddly dismissed) oLd and wIfE.
4 Not in a dreadful state (6)
NATION - anagram of (dreadful) NOT IN A.
5 Some sentinel on gate sleeps for stretches (9)
ELONGATES - hidden in (some) sentinEL ON GATE Sleeps.
6 Part of Middle East where fine accompanies crime (5)
SINAI - A1 (fine) next to (accompanies) SIN (crime).
7 Appeared to join with editor outside (7)
EMERGED - MERGE (to join) contained by ED (with editor outside).
11 Serving his pud, strangely, with gin (7,2)
DISHING UP - anagram of (strangely) HIS PUD with GIN.
12 Article by Morning Star about eastern ways (7)
AVENUES - A (article) with VENUS (morning star), containing (about) E (eastern).
14 Bitter account by leading royal writer (7)
ACERBIC - AC (account), ER (the Queen, leading royal), and BIC (pen, writer).
15 Paint title in enormous letters (just initials) (6)
ENAMEL - NAME (title) contained by the first letters of (just initials) Enormous and Letters.
17 Team having a row scoffed audibly (5)
EIGHT - sounds like (audibly) "ate" (scoffed).
18 Look noble (4)
PEER - double definition.
21 Short holiday beware is up, finishing early (3)
VAC - CAVe (beware) reversed (up) and missing its last letter (finishing early).