July 11th, 2021

Mephisto 3175 - Don Manley

Greetings, barred-grid fans.

A fun puzzle this week from Don Manley, with the usual precise clueing of unusual words.  I thought it was interesting that the two long entries were both unusual words clued as anagrams, so I did not get off to as quick of a start as I expected, fortunately with a few checking letters in place neither were ambiguous.

I didn't have a lot of notes about this one, most of my scibble on the paper is working ou the anagrams and compound anagrams.

Away we go...

1 Moths — dearie me! — got rampant (11)
9 Chinese official, a fellow seen around Beijing primarily? (5)
AMBAN - A, MAN(fellow) around the first letter in Beijing
11 Firm bound to receive audio signal (6)
EARCON - CO(firm) inside EARN(to receive)
12 A cricket club ace laid into spoilt child in game (8)
BACCARAT - A, CC(Cricket Club), A(ace) inside BRAT(spoilt child)
13 Suppression of measure is restricting Greek character (8)
ELLIPSIS - ELL(measure of cloth), then IS containing PSI(Greek character)
15 Shock of long ago — David’s missile brought about alien’s end (6)
STONNE - David bonked Goliath with a STONE, insert the last letter of alieN
16 Mollusc Nellie found to the west of Torbay (6)
TELLEN - ELLEN(Nellie) after the left side letter in Torbay
17 Cunning needed to have a pound as a unit of weight (5)
ARTAL - ART(cunning), A, L(pound)
19 Second worker a bit useless? (5)
SHAND - S(second), HAND(worker)
21 Meal giving minimum of enjoyment in Lent? (5)
FEAST - first letter of Enjoyment inside FAST(Lent - definition by example indicated by the question mark)
24 It’s heathen god I am following? (5)
PANIM - nice all-in-one where the whole clue is the definition - PAN(heathen god), then I'M
26 Like many a plant sheep devoured (6)
RAMATE - RAM(sheep) ATE(devoured)
28 Minister is wanting end of service to change (6)
REVISE - REV(minister), IS, and the last letter of servicE
29 Sketch-writer maybe supporting office secretary in record-keeping role? (8)
PROFILER - PRO(supporting), FILER(office secretary in record-keeping role)
31 Santa travelling with gig — a big mover seen above? (8, two words)
GAS GIANT - anagram of SANTA and GIG
32 An inauthentic person’s loss of voice (6)
APHONY - A PHONY(an inauthentic person)
33 Entreat outside wordsmith to provide material (5)
SUEDE - SUE(entreat) surrounding ED(editor, wordsmith)
34 Young delinquent in the bar larks about (11)
1 God exciting last of the pagans, not the first (6)
GANESA - anagram of the last letter of thE and PAGANS missing the first letter
2 Toss something round up — an old coin (4)
OBOL - LOB(toss) and O(something round) all reversed
3 Trendy area in ruins — where the yacht clubs are (7)
MARINAS - IN(trendy) and A(area) inside MARS(ruins)
4 Problem with major Christian festival — the time shifting (6)
TEASER - EASTER(major Christian festival) with the T moving to the start
5 Read out liturgy outside church, having been lifted up (6)
RECITE - RITE(liturgy) surrounding CE(church) reversed
6 Slow speech an attraction to learner (5)
DRAWL - DRAW(an attraction) next to L(learner)
7 Cleaner hair? See this fibre here appearing replenished (7)
ACRILAN - anagram of CLEANER,HAIR minus HERE
8 Purpose of home nurse (6)
INTEND - IN(home), TEND(nurse)
10 Drink whisky maybe, then tear around? You’ll get abuse (8)
MALTREAT - MALT(to drink malt liquor), then an anagram of TEAR
14 Something oily I detect in bishop with purpose (8)
BENISEED - I, SEE(detect) inside B(bisop) and END(purpose)
18 Word of thanks about a TV comedy series providing entertainment (7)
TAMASHA - TA(word of thanks) containing A, M*A*S*H(TV sitcom from the 70s and 80s)
20 Old-fashioned conduct of rescuer, new leader (7)
HAVIOUR - SAVIOUR(rescuer) with the first letter changed
21 Economical father dealt with “superior” girl (6)
FRUGAL - FR(father) and U(superior), GAL(girl)
22 Communist revolutionary, say, being transformed — no longer goes wild (6)
DERAYS - RED(communist) reversed, then an anagram of SAY
23 Sea-monster surfacing, catcher of fish — it’s hairy (6)
CRONET - ORC(sea-monster) reversed, then NET(catcher of fish)
25 Man of the cloth in car preceding Queen (6)
MERCER - MERC(Mercedes-Benz car) then ER(Queen)
27 Star’s success embraced by everyone (5)
ALGOL - GO(success) inside ALL(everyone)
30 Plant with bottom side turned over (4)
LEEK - KEEL(bottom side) reversed

Sunday Times 4962 by Robert Price - it’s coming home

14:16. Another immensely enjoyable puzzle from Bob, which I found quite tricky. As usual the surfaces are wonderful. Just look at 16ac, for instance. A marvel of the setter’s art.

Definitions are underlined, anagrams indicated like (TIHS)*, anagram indicators are in italics.

1 Decorator’s coat is long past being mended
8 On notice to adopt wild animals
9 Broadcaster’s novel dares rubbish the Queen
10 Idea that’s not finished yet
12 Root of resistance to a recipe
RADISH - R, A, DISH (recipe).
14 Old American tanks housing university fish collection
OCEANARIUM - O, (AMERICAN)* containing U.
16 Standard heroes possess grit alongside guts
18 Drink trader left in charge of pound stores
OFF-LICENCE - OF, F(L, IC)ENCE. This seems a little loose to me: a pound is an area enclosed by a FENCE, not the FENCE itself. It didn’t cause me a problem though.
21 Port passed, offering bottles to the left
ODESSA - contained (bottled) reversed in ‘passed offering’.
23 Is prejudiced leader replaced at last?
EXISTS - SEXIST with the first letter moved to the back.
25 Fashion classification becoming less extreme
26 Enlightenment leads to turning out in Eastern dress
SATORI - SA(Turning Out)RI. I vaguely knew this word, almost certainly from past puzzles.
27 Sort of rock song collection put together for radio
CRYSTAL SET - CRYSTAL, SET. A set is the list of songs a band plays at a concert. This definition could arguably have done with an archaism indicator.

1 Kind of shop officers ran
2 Bottomless vessel full of American food
3 Through prayer, God provides abundance
4 Moving, deep and nice end to Yankee anniversary
5 Times article about a rare material
TARTAN - two Ts (time), A, R (rare) and AN (article). Assemble according to instructions.
6 Beginnings of love ought to stop grim poet’s misery
DOLOUR - DO(Love, Ought)UR. This word reminds me of Macbeth: ‘New widows howl, new orphans cry, new sorrows/ Strike heaven on the face, that it resounds/ As if it felt with Scotland and yelled out/ Like syllable of dolor’, which has always stuck in my mind because ‘like syllable of dolor’ is such a strange formulation.
7 Dress up and show off
BRAG - reversal of GARB.
11 Frank trailing in last part of the race
HOME STRAIGHT - HOME (in), STRAIGHT (frank). My first thought was HOME STRETCH and it took me a while to discard it. Sometimes a wrong answer can get into your head somehow and block the right one even when (as here) it's obviously wrong.
13 Thief finally confronted over coffee
DECAFF - reversal of thieF, FACED.
15 Complex mix of simple forces
17 High priest, maybe, that keeps rejoicers oddly suppressed
19 How to sound lower class
LESSON - sounds like ‘lessen’.
20 Publication about someone originally from space
COSMIC - CO(Someone)MIC.
22 Praise almost imparted by husband once
EXTOL - EX (husband once), TOLd.
24 Period celebrated by mother and son
XMAS - X (by), MA, S.