July 9th, 2021

Quick Cryptic 1914 by Orpheus

So a little more tricky than usual, I'd say. I found myself taking an unusual clockwise route round the grid. There are a couple of obscure terms that only the more seasoned solvers will have seen before, and I was slowed down by a couple with too many permutations, e.g 1D. I knew immediately I needed a painter and an islander, but there are thousands of painters and millions of islands, so it didn't immediately jump out. There ought to be a crosswordy term for such a clue. 9 minutes for me.
3 Titled lady a person’s seen in pubs (8)
7 Good meal including a high-class cake (6)
GATEAU - G (good) + A + TEA + U (high class à la Nancy Mitford)
8 Wastes pieces of fruit fried in batter (8)
FRITTERS - Double definition. Second one doesnt have to be fruit.
9 Gaze intently, we hear, seeing breakwater (4)
PIER - sounds like PEER
10 Pass senior officer briefly (3)
COL - mountain pass/short for colonel
11 Strike leading actor without regret ultimately, up until now (8)
HITHERTO - HIT + HERO with T inside
13 Isaac’s son’s particular appeal in Europe (4)
ESAU - SA (sex appeal) inside EU
15 Rebuff press employee round back of inn (4)
SNUB - SUB (editor) with N inside
17 Old man in temporary shelter given government protection? (8)
19 Blunder, introducing Republican to Queen! (3)
ERR - ER with another R for Republican inserted
22 State of mind of officer originally in defence ministry (4)
MOOD - MOD with O inside
23 Bird requiring warmth in river (8)
WHEATEAR - HEAT inside WEAR (as in Tyne and)
24 Carelessly singes coarse-grained rock (6)
GNEISS - Anagram ('carelessly') of SINGES. Not a terribly familiar word, I would say.
25 Oarsman with Yankee in room by kitchen (8)

1 Islander, one who painted outside a hotel (8)
TAHITIAN - TITIAN with AH inside
2 Try at first to hog this warm, inviting place (6)
HEARTH - HEAR (try as in courtroom) + T + H
3 Polish aficionado (4)
BUFF - double definition
4 Unusual Croatian waterproof garment (8)
RAINCOAT - Anagram ('unusual') of CROATIAN
5 A stingy type to annoy! (6)
NETTLE - Double definition
6 Father beginning to show anger (4)
12 Sound of old magistrate supporting agent’s stay of execution (8)
REPRIEVE - Old magistrate is a REEVE, which sounds like RIEVE. Add REP for agent on top.
14 A parasite hanging around bounds of English tavern (8)
ALEHOUSE - A LOUSE with EH (outer letters, i.e 'bounds' of ENGLISH) inside.
16 Happen to live by cataract (6)
BEFALL - BE (live) FALL (cataract)
18 Less sensitive group (6)
NUMBER - Double definition
20 Stylish clubs here in Rome once (4)
CHIC - C + HIC (latin for 'here')
21 Wild party where Bess’s man loses head (4)
ORGY - Bess's man is PORGY, remove first letter.