July 2nd, 2021


Times 28,019: Cricket and Football and Golf, Oh My!

You would have been forgiven for assuming that I would have had stern words to say about a crossword with so many sporting references, but given that one of them, 13d is my COD, with its brilliant IOCESE, it seems I have finally joined the dark side. There are other brilliant clues everywhere too, 14ac and 3dn deserving of special mention in my book. Masive kudos to the setter, I really enjoyed this one.

...and as a special "treat", you can see me solve this one in real time if you like. There's a stream of it at https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1073877354, start at about 9m30 if you don't want to have any truck with the Concise and QC beforehand. If you have any requests for what I should stream in future, sing out!

1 Discharge Roman who’s caught in flagrante? (6)
ACQUIT - QUI [Roman "who"] caught in (the) ACT

5 Hesitates to stop groom’s summary dismissal (4,4)
BUM'S RUSH - UMS [as in, ums and ahs] "stopping" BRUSH [groom]

9 Colouring that’s unknown, established for use in pudding (8)
DYESTUFF - Y EST., "used in" DUFF [pudding]

10 Splendid guess! (6)
DIVINE - double def

11 After loudly interrupting, are quiet again (6)
AFRESH - ARE SH!, "interrupted" by F [loudly]

12 Dance by degrees become sweet, intoxicating? (3,5)

14 The silent force of eg alt-rock? (8,4)
KEYSTONE COPS - "alt" is an example of a (computer keyboard) key, "rock" is stone; but them together and you find a city whose police "force" are the Keystone Cops, famously silent due to talkies having not been invented yet...

17 As insulated building, possibly of fantastic age, bulldozed (6-6)

20 Light show failing to finish: private disappointment (8)
COMEDOWN - COMED{y} + OWN [private]. Is "My Own Private Idaho" a tautology?

22 Wine bottles a tiny bit short caused uproar (6)
RIOTED - RED [wine] "bottles" IOT{a}

23 Regulate fair verdict from ASA? (6)
ADJUST - the Advertising Standards Authority may pronounce an AD JUST

25 Ducks harbouring bug or parasite (6-2)
HANGER-ON - HON(ey) "harbouring" ANGER [bug]

26 Out to lunch, do prefer concession made on course (4,4)

27 PM finishing bottom left the country (6)
SWEDEN - Sir Anthony Eden is my favourite PM - I have a picture of him in my study - and if he finishes (comes after) the bottom left, or southwestern, quadrant, we get: SW EDEN

2 Dutch player leaving United, ringing round to cancel (3,3)
CRY OFF - CR{u}YFF "ringing" O

3 Those hunting for Oscar nab Paul, seek Dicky (11)
UNSPEAKABLE - (NAB PAUL SEEK*). Superb ref to Oscar Wilde's description of hunting as "the unspeakable in pursuit of the uneatable".

4 Show skill as office worker, the sort to stay on the sideline? (5-4)
TOUCH-TYPE - TYPE [sort] staying on TOUCH [sideline, in soccer or rugby]

5 Support strike at Wapping and have consequences to face? (2,3,2)
BE FOR IT - BE FOR [support] + 'IT [strike, in Cockneyland]

6 Woman’s address you see unchanged after looking up (5)
MADAM - reads the same upwards as downwards

7 Gun used by governor in uprising (3)
REV - hidden reversed in {go}VER{nor}. As in "gun your engine"

8 Tanners plus shillings man changed (8)

13 See reward ultimately in knowing the jargon of Olympic admin? (11)
ARCHDIOCESE - {rewar}D, in ARCH [knowing] + IOC-ESE, the language of the International Olympic Committee

15 Extreme letters introduced to cunningly ensnare early Christians (9)
NAZARENES - A+Z "introduced to" (ENSNARE*)

16 Party sentiment upset left wing social reformer? (2-6)
DO-GOODER - DO [party] + GOO [sentiment] + reversed RED [left-wing]

18 Crave ball: one easily dispatched? (4,3)
LONG HOP - LONG [crave] + HOP [ball]

19 Order to leave: do so imploringly (6)
BEGONE - BEGONE! is an imperious order to leave; or you could BEG ONE to, more plaintively

21 Queen weighed down by too much fur (5)
OTTER - E.R. beneath O.T.T.

24 Music maker, oddly overlooked, but keen (3)
UKE - {b}U{t} K{e}E{n}

Times Quick Cryptic No 1909 by Teazel

An enjoyable puzzle from Teazel to end the week. I liked the cryptic definitions, the neat hidden and the misdirection in a couple of clues, but COD to the clever 14D. 1A went in straight away and I finished with 3D in an about an average time for me of 5:17, but there is one word that I only knew from other crosswords. Thank-you Teazel! How did everyone else get on?

Fortnightly Weekend Quick Cryptic. This time it is my turn to provide the extra weekend entertainment. You can find the latest crossword, entitled "Anyone for tennis?", here. Enjoy! And if anyone is interested in our previous offerings you can find an index to them here.

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