May 25th, 2021


Times Quick Cryptic 1881 by Orpheus

If Orpheus was on AM then I was on DAB. A rare dnf for me as I couldn't solve the long 4dn without all the checkers and I felt I had no chance of 9ac (I hadn't heard of either of the definitions) and I couldn't get the clever 23ac without the first letter. So somewhat dissatisfying but that's down to me. If I'd approached this with the patience I reserve for the 15x15s then maybe I could have done better. I approach the QC more as a romp so was probably too impatient. Please let me know how you got on as I can then judge the difficulty of the puzzle or (highly likely) my sluggishness.

I've enjoyed the clever and concise clueing but I'm not as keen on the two names which cropped up in the parsing - although I think Mr. S may enjoy the references.

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