May 5th, 2021

Times Quick Cryptic 1867 by Hurley

Lovely. This puzzle seemed effortlessly cryptic, with nothing too obvious or obtuse. I didn't get 1ac straight away, but did manage 1dn and built from there. Although there were a couple of clues where I had only entered half an answer before moving on, the only real sticking points were 7dn, 16dn (inexplicably), and my last one in 13dn (never heard of it).

COD to 6dn - definition and anagram both made me smile. Thanks Hurley.

Definitions underlined.

1 Watching — not entirely sure cover is alongside weapon (12)
SURVEILLANCE - all-but-the-last letters of (not entirely) SURe, then VEIL (cover) and LANCE (weapon).
8 City pro turned out to be islander (7)
CYPRIOT - anagram (turned out) CITY PRO.
9 Feature of Church, special, I linked with Religious Education (5)
SPIRE - SP (special), I, then RE (religious education).
10 Held back in Belfast so organised place to sleep (5)
ROOST - reverse hiden (held back) in belfasT SO ORganised.
11 After artist’s come round, eat fish (7)
SARDINE -  DINE (eat) after RA'S (Royal Academician's, artist's) been reversed (come round). Almost COD!
12 House workers’ representatives before party by river (5)
TUDOR - TU (trade union, workers' representatives), DO (party), then R (river).
14 Partner’s arguments against leading to nought, right? (7)
CONSORT - CONS (arguments against) then (leading to) O (nought) and RT (right).
15 Home cider seen brewing (9)
RESIDENCE - anagram of (brewing) CIDER SEEN.
17 Make a choice — work ahead of time (3)
OPT - OP (opus, work) then (ahead of) T (time).
19 Small girl getting on for some fun on wheels (13)
SKATEBOARDING - S (small), KATE (girl), BOARDING (getting on).
21 Annoyingly involve oneself in award, we hear (6)
MEDDLE - sounds like (we hear) "medal" (award).
22 Discourage fellow taking daughter for piano (5)
DETER - pETER (fellow) with D (daughter) replacing (for) 'p' (piano).

1 Threat from icy ruts — skier upset (8,4)
SECURITY RISK - anagram of (upset) ICY RUTS SKIER.
2 Free to import personal computer or parachute feature? (7)
RIPCORD - RID (free) containing (to import) PC (personal computer) and OR.
3 Readmit city, oddly absent in decree (5)
EDICT - ervery even letter from (oddly absent) rEaDmIt CiTy.
4 Great deal on American plant (5)
LOTUS - LOT (great deal) and US (American).
5 Confidence as ace runs round the bend? (9)
ASSURANCE - anagram of (round the bend) AS ACE RUNS.
6 Expert in doing wrong shows I’m storing coil faultily? (13)
CRIMINOLOGIST - anagram of (faultily) I'M STORING COIL.
7 Go over imperfection (6)
DEFECT - double definition.
13 Duck revolutionary leader (7)
REDHEAD - RED (revolutionary) and HEAD (leader).
14 Overlook scam, finished (7)
CONDONE - CON (scam) and DONE (finished).
16 Interest in post (5)
STAKE - double definition.
18 Cat, good, taken into bank (5)
TIGER - G (good) contained by (taken into) TIER (bank).
20 Something for angler in River Oder (3)
ROD - hidden in riveR ODen.

Times 27969 - here's Archie Medes, the chap who brought screws to Greece.

Four anagrams for you, and plenty of "put this into that" wordplay, all making for a mostly straightforward puzzle which took me about twenty minutes, and no problems with the parsing. I tried to spell the candle thing wrongly at first, and took longest over my LOI 22a in seeing it was that sort of "walkover". If you've never had a tropical fish-tank, 23d could be guesswork from wordplay.

1 Two insects circling horse that's monstrous (8)
BEHEMOTH - BEE and MOTH are circling H for horse.
5 Package right put in place for sorting (6)
PARCEL - put R into (PLACE)*.
10 Limitation as art reworked in autocratic approach (15)
11 Mathematician once corresponded in a matter of law (10)
ARCHIMEDES - CHIMED (corresponded) inside A RES (a matter of law, Latin).
13 Hold meeting to involve king in satirical piece (4)
SKIT - put K into SIT.
15 Drunk goes around talking about this evening (7)
TONIGHT - ON (talking about) inside TIGHT (drunk).
17 Composer shown way outside having great knowledge (7)
LEARNED - insert ARNE the composer into LED = shown way.
18 Expert needing to make firm solvent (7)
ACETONE - ACE = expert, TONE = make firm, as in muscle tone.
19 Devil leaving Black Death region in London (4,3)
EAST END - BEAST (devil) loses B for black, END = death.
21 Bay tree lacking in width (4)
ROAN - the ROWAN tree loses W for width.
22 Pay for game that provides a walkover? (10)
FOOTBRIDGE - FOOT (pay for) BRIDGE (game). Nice misdirection of definition.
25 Maybe Iago's characteristic Richardson exemplifies? (15)
HARDHEARTEDNESS - we find HARD at the "heart" of Richardson.
27 Mystery writer covering bananas in fragrant ointment (6)
POMADE - MAD (bananas) inside POE as in Edgar Allan Poe.
28 One put to bed happened to have a bad back (8)
CAMELLIA - CAME = happened to, A ILL reversed.
1 Mouthpiece separate: might player want more than this? (3,4)
BIT PART - BIT = mouthpiece, PART = separate, as verb.
2 Track down missing note in cabin (3)
HUT - HUNT loses its N for note.
3 Crucible girl can put on good snooker shot (7,3)
MELTING POT - MEL (a girl) TIN (can) G (good) POT (snooker shot).
4 Money short then endlessly given in tax (5)
TITHE - TI(N) = money short, THE(N).
6 Analyst’s initial manner is remote (4)
AWAY - A (analyst's initial letter) WAY (manner). I was thinking AFAR as being more like remote, but couldn't make FAR out of the surface.
7 Elegantly smart acquaintance paid a pittance (11)
CHICKENFEED - CHIC (elegantly smart), KEN (acquaintance, as in beyond our ken), FEED (paid).
8 Small child stuck in helmet that's narrow (7)
LIMITED - MITE (small child) inside LID = helmet.
9 Staunch supporter certain at heart to regret waste (4,4)
TRUE BLUE - T ("heart" of certain) RUE (regret) BLUE (waste, as verb).
12 Diabolical cur: damnable one made to support the wicked? (11)
CANDELABRUM - (CUR DAMNABLE)*. Not candleabrum, which was wrong and prevented 11a being correct.
14 Cardcastle collapsed in game (4,6)
CATS CRADLE - (CARDCASTLE)*. I suppose it's a game, of sorts, more of a kid's amusement.
16 Being dry, wild duck swallows energy drink (8)
TEETOTAL - TEAL (wild duck) swallows E TOT.
18 Hindenberg for example spreads with it (7)
AIRSHIP - AIRS (spreads) HIP (with it).
20 Bass note heard in the remotest ocean? (4-3)
DEEP-SEA - sounds like "deep C".
23 Fish seen regularly in Trent area (5)
TETRA - small tropical fish, I had some once in an aquarium.
24 Ground outside hard, but provided with boots (4)
SHOD - insert H for hard into SOD = ground.
26 Measure height missed in the lower regions (3)
ELL - HELL loses H for height.