April 16th, 2021

Quick Cryptic 1854 by Felix

I'd say this is on the easire end of the scale. I can't give you a time because I was interrupted but I reckon 7 minutes or so. Lots of anagrams. Favourite clue probably 20dn or 23ac. Not so keen on the attempted public health announcement at 24ac

1 Tarquin flustered at first later becoming calm (8)
TRANQUIL - anagram ("flustered") of TARQUIN + L
6 Young attendant, quiet and mature (4)
PAGE - P (quiet) + AGE
8 Heard bell tolling for Ms Gwyn? (4)
NELL - Sounds like KNELL. Nell Gwyn, legendary restoration-era good-time girl and mistress of Charles II
9 Bargain-hunters her gals, out to claim goods primarily (8)
HAGGLERS - anagram ("out") of HER GALS with G inserted
10 Potato dish consumed in quiet: it’s a great success! (5,3)
SMASH HIT - MASH inside SH with IT added
12 Old fellow in ME sultanate (4)
13 Curiosity moving friend ultimately to DIY (6)
ODDITY - anagram ("moving") of D (last letter of FRIEND) + TO DIY
16 Shop finally directs petitions (6)
PLEADS - P (last letter of SHOP) + LEADS
17 Nude appearing in club at last, live (4)
BARE - B (last letter of CLUB) + ARE
18 Minds children in small sections crossing gorge briefly (4-4)
BABY-SITS - BITS oustide ABYS(s)
21 Dally outrageously with hip girl (8)
PHYLLIDA - anagram ("outrageously") of DALLY + HIP
22 Eager to display grief (4)
KEEN - double definition, the second I only learnt by doing crosswords
23 I’m turning red, including yarns, primarily? (4)
DYER - RED backwards with Y for yarns inside, and the definition is the whole clue so it's an '&lit'.
24 Some sunbathe? Sit at eateries? Don’t all rush! (8)
HESITATE - hidden word, denoted by the word 'some': sunbatHE SIT AT Eateries. Maybe a bit topical..?

2 Discharge fellow into alcoholic drink (5)
RHEUM - HE inside RUM. watery discharge from nose or eyes.
3 N Ireland originally let in no goals? (3)
NIL - NI + L
4 Half-hearted “yes” from Ruth, thought to be oddly absent (2-3)
UH-HUH - alternate letters of rUtH tHoUgHt
5 Prepare to smoke? Ray finished (5,2)
LIGHT UP - self explanatory
6 Woollies turned up on large romantic couple (9)
PULLOVERS - UP backwards on L + LOVERS
7 Fish to catch for Judy? (7)
11 Will sever nuts to provide revolving part? (9)
SWIVELLER - anagram ("nuts") of WILL SEVER
14 The lady wandering, so very pale? (7)
DEATHLY - anagram ("wandering") of THE LADY
15 Vulgar Yankee old boy found by mistake (7)
19 Top military officers thought of as bold? (5)
BRASS - self-explanatory
20 River discovered by Rex, camping? (5)
TRENT - R in TENT, ie 'camping'
22 Little Christopher’s equipment (3)
KIT - short for Christopher, as in Kit Marlowe.