April 14th, 2021

Times 27951 - I'm not going to hold back the waves...

A pleasant straightforward offering today, which I found almost as fast to complete as Monday's this week. A handful of anagrams or compound anagrams (none of foreign words) will get you writing in circles perhaps. My CoD is 1d, of course.
We've escaped from home, for the first time for over a year, for a few days self-catering (well, on takeaways) in sunny Broadstairs by the sea, but it's unseasonably chilly, so I shan't be paddling.

1 Get ready to show part of body (7)
FOREARM - double definition.
5 Head, looking embarrassed, jumped around (7)
CAPERED - CAPE = head, RED = looking embarrassed.
9 State of wife — is at home full of tricks (9)
WISCONSIN - W(ife) IS IN insert CONS.
10 Frenchman needing whiskey to get going again (5)
RENEW - RENE could be a Frenchman, W for whiskey; why Irish?
11 Ruined pasties: pantry faced with a tricky situation (2,1,6,4)
13 Could they produce the ultimate in tailored items, so specially? (8)
MODISTES - (D ITEMS SO)*, the D from end of tailored.
15 Yellowish-brown paintings maybe recalled religious writings (6)
TANTRA - TAN, ART reversed.
17 Sport in dispute (6)
ROWING - double definition, different pronunciations.
19 One fast-moving girl, one with long strides (8)
GALLOPER - GAL = girl, LOPER = one with long strides.
22 See villager on ground getting fruit (7,6)
25 Game was first subjected to laws (5)
RULED - RU (rugby union) LED (was first).
26 Awkward pretence with what isn't actually a diamond? (9)
SHAMBLING - Not real jewels could be SHAM BLING.
27 Most suitable gem for tiny fellow to wear (7)
OPTIMAL - OPAL a gem has TIM inserted; Tim as in Tiny Tim in the Dickens story.
28 Problem with novel after cover's bent back (7)
DILEMMA - LID reversed, EMMA Jane Austen novel.
1 Fine bird, and one that provides us with eggs (4)
FOWL - F(fine) OWL (the best bird around).
2 Set aside key with hard outer casing? (7)
RESCIND - RIND (hard outer casing) around ESC key.
3 Market space in circular form in 24 (5)
AGORA - O inserted into answer to 24d.
4 Sad people row — yours truly's upset initially (8)
MISERIES - I'M (yours truly's) reversed = MI; SERIES = row.
5 Vessel and vehicle needed by old king (6)
CANUTE - CAN (vessel) UTE (Australian pickup truck).
6 Sort of division in political group over idiot mostly (5,4)
PARTY WALL - PARTY (political group), WALL(Y).
7 Looking for approval, show sequence of old (3,4)
RUN PAST - RUN = sequence, PAST = of old.
8 Detective about to have good look, reportedly, closer to cellar? (10)
DOWNSTAIRS - DS (detective sergeant) into which put OWN (have) and STAIR which sounds like STARE (have a good look). Closer meaning nearer, not like a door which closes.
12 I promise somehow to engage upcoming artist? (10)
IMPRESARIO - &lit; RA (artist) reversed inside (I PROMISE)*.
14 One's not wanting partner to be in such a state? (9)
SINGLEDOM - cryptic definition; not a common word, but in all the dictionaries.
16 Spooner's exposed worker — one may get over the shock (8)
HAIRBAND - Dr. Spooner would have it as BARE HAND = exposed worker.
18 Ripple moving in wet vale (7)
20 One enthralled by cat maybe is maiden showing excessive devotion (7)
PIETISM - PET (cat maybe) insert I (one), IS M (maiden).
21 Sly person with little support (6)
WEASEL - W (with) EASEL (little support).
23 Inventor — no American one from what we hear (5)
NOBEL - Alfred sounds like NO Alexander Graham BELL, I presume. Bell was Scottish-born but went to America to invent things.
24 Located in India, grand site of famous building (4)
AGRA - hidden as above, Indian city with the site of the Taj Mahal.