April 7th, 2021

Times Quick Cryptic 1847 by Orpheus

I had a pretty hard time with this - hopefully it's just me. Couldn't see what was going on at 1ac (my LOI), NHO 5ac or 15dn, and thrown by the Guardian-esque 2dn. There are a couple of really inspired and witty anagram clues in here. A respectful handshake to Orpheus.

Definitions underlined.

1 H, perhaps, in the role of buccaneer? (8)
ASPIRATE - AS PIRATE (in the role of bucaneer). Aspirate = to pronounce with full breathing, i.e. the sound of 'h', or the sound represented by the letter 'h'.
5 Diving duck scared at first by cat’s cry (4)
SMEW - first letter of (at first) Scared, then (by) MEW (cat's cry). I had never heard of this sea duck, and it is such an unlikely word.
8 Unseen, a badger tormented a bovine animal (8,5)
ABERDEEN ANGUS - lovely anagram of (tormented) UNSEEN A BADGER.
10 Japanese verse originally hidden away in Kyoto university (5)
HAIKU - first letters of (originally) Hidden Away In Kyoto University.
11 Three-dimensional scene Ivor regularly included in play (7)
DIORAMA - first and third letters of (regularly) IvOr contained by (in) DRAMA (play).
12 Drunk son’s inappropriate garment? (6)
TIGHTS - TIGHT (drunk) and S (son). In what sense these are inappropriate, I do not know.
13 Stick one’s nose in, hearing gong (6)
MEDDLE - sounds like (hearing) "medal" (gong).
16 Live among opponents in French resort (7)
ANTIBES - BE (live) contained by (among) ANTIS (opponents).
18 Group of witches beginning to clean stove (5)
COVEN - first letter of (beginning to) Clean, then OVEN (stove).
20 Noble old general giving up whiskey for jazzman (4,9)
DUKE ELLINGTON - DUKE (noble), and wELLINGTON (old general) missing the (giving up) 'w' (whiskey).
21 Reportedly bring in bird of prey (4)
ERNE - sounds like (reportedly) "earn" (bring in).
22 Amiable, and at close of day extremely lively (8)
FRIENDLY - first and last letters of (extremely) LivelY next to (at) FRI END (close of day). Shrug.

1 Area used to be hot and seriously flooded (5)
AWASH - A (area), WAS (used to be), and H (hot).
2 Possible earl in Gateshead, having a close look (7)
PEERING - PEER (possible Earl), IN, and the first letter of 'Gate' (gate's head, Gateshead).
3 Fearful, but again subject to uncertainty? (11)
REDOUBTABLE - RE-DOUBTABLE (again subject to uncertainty).
4 Groovy attempt to secure goal (6)
TRENDY - TRY (attempt) containing (to secure) END (goal).
6 Molten rock mother observed around foot of berg (5)
MAGMA - MAMA (mother) containing (observed around) the last letter (foot) of berG.
7 Worrying at first, a phase in degeneration (7)
WASTAGE - first letter of (at first) Worrying, A, STAGE (phase).
9 Youth in case once led astray (11)
ADOLESCENCE - another great anagram of (astray) CASE ONCE LED.
12 Time to walk with swinging motion? Nonsense (7)
TWADDLE - T (time) WADDLE (to walk with swinging motion).
14 Dedicated action inspiring five religious books (7)
DEVOTED - DEED (action) containing (inspiring) V (five) and OT (Old Testament, religious books).
15 Old way the French primarily regarded a stableman (6)
OSTLER - O (old), ST (street, way), LE ('the' in French), and the first letter of (primarily) Regarded. Back to school for me.
17 Symbol adopted by Vladivostok entrepreneurs (5)
TOKEN - hidden in (adopted by) vladivosTOK ENtrepreneurs.
19 Woman in US city, one looking after children (5)
NANNY - ANN (woman) contained by (in) NY (New York, US city).

Times 27945 - that's life, China.

Middle of the week, middle of the spectrum for me, this one, it's Wednesday fare once again. A good sprinkling of anagrams, a mainstream brand name, and nothing to scare the horses, I thought. For once, nothing sent me off into a WIki session or a rant. Thank you, Mr 1d.

1 Like Urdu musical that's turned round mood (10)
INDICATIVE - INDIC Urdu is an Indic language, EVITA musical reversed.
6 Love to form a bond that's outstanding (4)
OWED -  O love WED form a bond.
10 Maybe charge writer in old case of sacrilege (7)
EXPENSE - PEN (writer) inside EX (old) SE (case of sacrilege).
11 The French state's Eurosceptics (7)
LEAVERS - LE = the French, AVERS = states, verb.
12 Killer's aim with direct shot (9)
13 Making a comeback, lives on energy drink (5)
PEPSI - PEP = energy, IS = lives, reversed. So brand names are allowed.
14 Picked out cape and stockings (5)
CHOSE - C (cape) HOSE (stockings).
15 Feeling life, say, or time is overwhelming one (9)
SENTIENCE - SENTENCE (time in jail) insert I for one.
17 Must those who don't know the score do so? (5-4)
SIGHT-READ - &lit slightly cryptic definition.
20 Faithless fellow's missing at job (5)
HEIST - ATHEIST loses AT; criminal job.
21 Sign in book store missing line (5)
LIBRA - LIBRARY loses RY for railway line.
23 Popular artist in funky blues allowing cover (9)
INSURABLE - IN (popular), (BLUES)* with RA inserted.
25 He composed line in exam papers the wrong way (7)
VIVALDI - VIVA (exam) ID (papers) the wrong way = DI, insert L (line).
26 They soothe a temperature, tucking into round pastries (7)
OPIATES - O (round) PIES (pastries) insert A T. Soothe is a bit of an understatement.
27 Inspired, Dante pens literary collection (4)
EDDA - hidden as above.
28 School now, then this? A learner's acting alone (10)
UNILATERAL - after school we go to UNI(versity) LATER, add A L(earner).
1 The setter shows contentment in supporting structure (1-4)
I-BEAM - I BEAM, I smile. I am the setter.
2 A pair of characters in lower hot pants (9)
DIPHTHONG - DIP (lower) H (hot) THONG (pants, skinny form of). For a change, pants means pants.
3 Convinced India and China in secret (14)
CONFIDENTIALLY - CONFIDENT (convinced, as in "I am condifent that...") I (India) ALLY (china, mate).
4 Where diggers work with spades — it's awful (3,4)
THE PITS - Diggers work in THE PIT, S for spades.
5 Peasant's home south of foreign town (7)
VILLEIN - VILLE French for town, IN = home.
7 Drop litter with domestic servant (5)
WHELP - W (with) HELP (the help = domestic servant).
8 Involved in non-conformism, I would ... be this? (9)
DISSIDENT - DISSENT being non-conformism, put I'D (I would) into that to get DISSIDENT
9 Player of instruments interpreted disco hit, right? (14)
HARPSICHORDIST - HARPS (instruments) (DISCO HIT R)*. Took me a mo to see that the definition was not "player of instruments".
14 Corrected vice with least resigned phrase (4,2,3)
16 What may be tense in Linear B — it's translated (9)
18 Inciting rebellion, no small issue (7)
EDITION - SEDITION = rebellion, lose the S.
19 Oddly, dress Penny with possibly crude sack (7)
DESPOIL - Alternate letters of D r E s S, P for penny, OIL possibly crude.
22 Some stock book by Latin poet (5)
BOVID - B (book), OVID. Bovids are any members of the Bovidae family of ruminants.
24 Stand or move gently left (5)
EASEL - EASE (move gently) L (left).