April 6th, 2021


Times Quick Cryptic 1846 by Izetti

An old school Izetti full of cunning, deviousness, unusual terms, double definitions, cleverness, marvellous surfaces and long answers - in short, I'd rate this as hard (I took just over 15 minutes). Old hands will, I think, enjoy this but for anyone newer on the scene who struggles - could I urge you to have a go, not worry about completing and take a look at the way the setter has laid out each clue. The 'surface' is the surface reading - and the more like an English sentence it is, the harder, sometimes it is to break down. The more relevant the surface/parsing is to the answer the cleverer the clue.

The top half didn't yield very much at all so I settled down to enjoy the challenge and found there is so much to enjoy in this - I absolutely loved 2dn - and admired so many more. Thanks Izetti.

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