February 23rd, 2021

  • jackkt

Times Cryptic 27908

My solving time of 55 minutes is evidence that I didn't find this at all easy despite there being a handful of clues that would not be out of place in a Quick Cryptic. There's some tricky stuff to balance this however and one or two clues that were easier to solve than to explain in the blog.

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Times Quick Cryptic 1816 by Joker

You wait for a solve exactly 9 seconds over taget and two come along in a few weeks. Some of this was spent mulling over 12ac  - let me know if I'm missing something here. Hats off to the two long definitions at 9 and 16dn with 9dn winning COD - 16dn had a rather simpler cryptic.

The definitions are underlined.

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