February 20th, 2021

Times Cryptic Jumbo 1482 - 6th February

A rather middle-of-the-road Jumbo, I thought; many of the clues clues wouldn't be out of place in a Quick Cryptic, I suspect. But, as usual, there are still a couple of unknowns to expose my general ignorance and some entertaining clues, such as 29A, 34A and 54A... and more, albeit with a couple of MERs too. Good fun. Thank-you setter! How did you all get on?

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  • brnchn

Times Cryptic No 27900 - Saturday, 13 February 2021.

There was some very clever wordplay here, but nothing to stretch the solver’s general knowledge. So, I expect success stories, perhaps achieved slowly. The number of exotic wordplay indicators struck me as unusual, with particular mention for 16ac. Thanks to the setter for a very enjoyable puzzle. How did you get on?

Notes for newcomers: The Times offers prizes for Saturday Cryptic Crosswords. This blog is posted a week later, after the competition closes. So, please don’t comment here on the current Saturday Cryptic.

Clues are blue, with definitions underlined. Deletions are in {curly brackets}.
1 Shabby party dress emerged, inside out (3-5)
DOG-EARED – DO=party, GEAR=dress, E(merge)D with the “inside out”.
5 Aussie state nurses rest in the heat (6)
SIESTA – hidden answer, “nursed”.
9 Son involved in accident filling in new form wrongly (8)
MISSHAPE – S=son in MISHAP=accident, then E=“filling” in nEw.
10 PM ready to drive off on course, keeping left? (6)
ATTLEE – AT TEE=ready to drive a golf ball, “keeping” L=left.
12 What runner with handicap does is significant (7,6)
CARRIES WEIGHT – double definition.
15 Inappropriate female introduced to squad (5)
UNFIT – F=female in UNIT.
16 Find terms of legacy weird (9)
UNEARTHLY – UNEARTH=find, L(egac)Y=“terms” of the word. This is an unusual usage to mean the outside letters, but Chambers has as definition 16: a limit, boundary (archaic).
17 Solid shell of turtle breaking down rapidly (9)
STEADFAST – TE=“shell” of t(urtl)e, “breaking” SAD=down. Then, FAST=rapidly.
19 Second regular migrant back on board (5)
STERN – S=second, TERN=a (migratory) bird.
20 Unreliable way of painting people unlikely to be “detailed” (13)
TEMPERAMENTAL – TEMPERA=way of painting (with egg yolk), MEN=people, TAL(L)=unlikely, as in a tall story.
22 Flower buds preserved for larks? (6)
CAPERS – double definition: cooking ingredients, or fun and games.
23 Threatening relative outside home (8)
25 Precise moment (6)
MINUTE – double definition: minute detail, or just a little minute.
26 Man barred from execution, inevitably (8)
PERFORCE – take MAN out of PERFOR(MAN)CE. It took me a while to see the wordplay!

1 No firm going to produce resistant wall feature? (4,6)
DAMP COURSE – double definition: horse racing, or building construction.
2 Turned up to give talk (3)
GAS – SAG=to give, as in give way. Turn it up.
3 One doesn't believe in theft (7)
ATHEIST – the people involved in the theft were AT (the) HEIST.
4 Argued contrarily as topless relations advanced (12)
EXPOSTULATED – (S)EX=relations, POSTULATED=advanced (an idea, for example).
6 Possibly two or three for one in Bury (7)
INTEGER – EG=for one, in INTER=bury.
7 Extremely large spots itch horribly, most in patches (11)
SPLOTCHIEST – anagram (“horribly”) of L(arg)E SPOTS ITCH.
8 Fell over line making intricate jump (4)
AXEL – AXE=fell (a tree), L=line.
11 Recent burst in ladies troubled delegate to local authority (12)
DECENTRALISE – anagrams (“burst” / “troubled”) of RECENT LADIES, one inside the other.
13 Consider training pet for uncle (7,4)
REFLECT UPON – anagram (“training”) PET FOR UNCLE.
14 Year in company great, on the whole (2,3,5)
BY AND LARGE – Y=year in BAND=company, LARGE=great.
18 Something shameful done in uprising, the speaker admitted (7)
DEMERIT – TIRED=done. Turn it upside down, and insert ME. “Shamed” seems stronger than “demerit”, but near enough, I’m sure.
19 Singular lady's providing force for lawman (7)
SHERIFF – S=singular, HER=lady’s, IF=providing, F=force.
21 Penny extracted from villain's fraud (4)
SCAM – take P out of SCAMP.
24 Seaman from south shunned by despot (3)
TAR – I think this is a matter of taking S=south out of TSAR.