January 20th, 2021

Times 27879 - not the battle of Θερμοπύλες, but into power, stations.

A pleasant twenty minutes for this offering, nothing too contentious. I liked 4d, once I'd got past thinking about Ezra, and liked 6a, as a word; we have owned a few.
No politics allowed, but I hope all goes well today in DC for our American friends.

1 Two items butcher supplies quickly (4-4)
CHOP-CHOP - Two chops from the butcher.
6 Corvid circling crop heap (6)
JALOPY - A jay is a member of the corvid family, along with crows and such. Into it, insert LOP = crop. Heap as in old car.
9 Efficient medical treatment out of bounds (4)
ABLE - Probably more than one option for this, I see it as TABLET without its T-T bounds.
10 Hat covering lady's hair essential in power station? (10)
THERMOPILE - TILE (hat) covers HER MOP (lady's hair). A thermopile is a thingy that converts heat into electricity, used for measuring temperatures, so I expect they have them in power stations.
11 Dissertation from expert, not an original member? (10)
PROSTHESIS - A thesis from a pro, a pro's thesis.
13 Couple I ran into knocked over (4)
ITEM - I, MET reversed. Seen before I think.
14 Motor close to exit after employee pushed vehicle (8)
HANDCART - HAND (employee) CAR, T = close to exit.
16 Tried to take a catch leaning over (6)
ANGLED - double definition, fishing and leaning.
18 Wind power extremely handy, almost nothing eclipses it (6)
ZEPHYR - P (power) HY (extremely handy) eclipsed by ZER(O).
20 Man-made item contaminated tart, limiting restaurant's turnover (8)
ARTEFACT - (TART)* has CAFE reversed inside.
22 A technique abroad (4)
24 Trade union wrangling revolted flyer (10)
26 New World rodent, plain, with tail (7,3)
PRAIRIE DOG - PRAIRIE = plain, DOG = tail, follow.
28 Concerned with uneven features of ignition? (4)
INTO - alternate letters of I g N i T i O n.
29 Rogue I've confined to the nick (6)
THIEVE - (IVE)* inside THE.
30 Malice long disheartened editor in Times (8)
BITCHERY - BY (Times) has ITCH (long) and ER (EditoR disheartened) inside.
2 Breathe in, out, sleep long and deep (9)
3 Happy prisoners, only the first let out (7)
PLEASED - P (first of prisoners) LEASED (let out).
4 Pound for one's bucks? (5)
HUTCH - a buck is a male rabbit, so a hutch is a 'pound' or pen for one.
5 Author's online work taken up? (3)
POE - E-OP would be online work, reverse it.
6 Right adopting politician with knack for successful transfer of power? (4,5)
JUMP START - insert MP into JUST (right) then ART = knack.
7 Errant mate returned to confess (7)
LAPSING - PAL reversed, SING = confess.
8 Beat province's top university, one in capital (5)
PULSE - P (province's top) U, LSE (London School of Economics).
12 Table d'hote menu they say's favourably established (3,4)
SET FAIR - sounds like SET FARE an English version of a table d'hote meal.
15 Wartime offensive a cause of radio silence? (3,6)
AIR STRIKE - double definition, one cryptic.
17 Eg archaeologist's short axe to carve ground (9)
EXCAVATOR - (AX TO CARVE)*, where AX = short axe.
19 Confused husband always takes Telegraph (7)
HAYWIRE - H (husband) AY (always) WIRE (telegraph).
21 Particular protein-rich food tot tucks into (7)
FADDISH - FISH (protein-rich food) has ADD (tot) inside.
23 Contents of bungalow, or their value (5)
WORTH - today's hidden word.
25 Far from strenuous match (5)
LIGHT - double definition
27 Flipping rotten fish (3)
DAB - BAD (rotten) is flipped.