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Times Cryptic 27164

Not the easiest of puzzles and on a par with yesterday's rather tricky offering in my opinion as both took me in the region of 50 minutes. Also like yesterday, there were one or two words or meanings previously unknown to me but I managed to complete the grid without reference to aids.

As usual definitions are underlined in bold italics, {deletions and substitutions are in curly brackets} and [anagrinds, containment, reversal and other indicators in square ones]

1 Squatter — I must leave truck (6)
DUMPER - DUMP{i}ER (squatter) [I must leave]. More properly called a 'dumper truck' it has a body that tilts or opens at the back for unloading.
4 Burn boxes turned off platform (8)
SCAFFOLD - SCALD (burn) contains [boxes] OFF reversed [turned]
10 Attend to Antony and learn English, free (4,2,3)
LEND AN EAR - Anagram [free] of AND LEARN E (English). Reference the opening of Marc Antony's famous speech from Julius Caesar:  "Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears..."
11 Coat back-to-front of no benefit for William (5)
RUFUS - FUR (coat) reversed [back-to-front], U/S (of no benefit - unserviceable, useless).  William II, son of the Conqueror, was known as William Rufus from the Latin meaning 'the red' as he had red hair in his youth and a ruddy complexion.
12 Polish girls hereHogwarts? (5,6)
CHARM SCHOOL - Two cryptic definitions. Charm schools are/were not necessarily restricted to the female of the species. A famous one was established by the Rank Organisation in 1945 in an attempt to create British film stars of the future. Amongst its more successful alumni were Christopher Lee, Diana Dors, Petula Clark, Joan Collins, Donald  Sinden  and  Shirley Eaton. I know almost nothing of Harry Potter, but Hogwarts school and its association with magic have found their way into my brain by osmosis.
14 Formally, I triumphed in speech (3)
ONE - Sounds like [in speech] "won" (triumphed). In formal speech the Queen, for example, usually refers to herself as 'one' rather than 'I'.
15 Travel with new leader for military sport (7)
TOURNEY - {j}OURNEY (travel), [with a new leader] becomes TOURNEY - jousting and the like.
17 Bung soldier back into hazardous situation (6)
SPIGOT - GI (soldier) reversed [back] contained by [into] SPOT (hazardous situation). "Turn on the spigot, Pour the beer and swig it, And Gaudeamus igit-ur [Bright College Days by Tom Lehrer].
19 Touch judge officiating at the start in a row (6)
ADJOIN - J{udge} + O{fficiating} [at the start] contained by [in] A + DIN (row)
21 Grey in mountain range? Shame (7)
CHAGRIN - GR (grey) contained by [in] CHAIN (mountain range). I didn't know 'gr' as an abbreviation for 'grey' but it's in the dictionaries with reference to the colour of horses (see also 25dn).
23 One stolen by Knave almost, or Jack (3)
TAR - TAR{t}(one stolen by Knave) [almost].  "The Queen Of Hearts made some tarts, all on a summers day. The Knave of hearts, stole the tarts, and took them clean away!" 'Jack' as in 'jolly Jack tar'.
24 Out on a limb, raced our military transport (8,3)
ARMOURED CAR - ARM (limb), anagram  [out] of RACED OUR
26 In cricket, Edgbaston’s principal scorer (5)
GRIEG - E{dgbaston's) [principal] contained by [in] GRIG (cricket - insect).  Grieg (Edvard) the composer, not to be confused with  Greig (Tony) the late cricketer. A very devious clue and not one for biffing. The I-checker may have been required by many a solver to avoid error.
27 We are very busy, also housing relatives (9)
HUMANKIND - HUM (are very busy), AND (also) containing [housing] KIN (relatives)
29 Computer experts’ jibe: after a period, reject it (8)
DIGERATI - DIG (jibe), ERA (period), and after that, reverse [reject] IT. Not a word I knew but it seemed reasonable as a combination of 'digital' and 'literati'. This is its first appearance in a Times 15x15 although it turned up at TftT in 2015 in a special science-based puzzle compiled for us by The Rotter, one of our regular QC bloggers. Having 'literati' in the puzzle only yesterday helped.
30 Way to circle tier (6)
STRING - ST (way), RING (circle). Tier pronounced "tie-er".
1 One induced to get up on tiger? Outcome finally requiring careful handling (8)
DELICATE - I (one) + LED (induced) reversed [to get up], CAT (tiger), {outcom}E [finally]
2 Casting a lot, fisherman tackles huge fish (5)
MANTA - Hidden: {fisher}MAN TA{ckles} [casting a lot]. Aka 'manta ray' or devilfish'.
3 Some may understand this character to be a consumer (3)
ETA - Sounds like [some may understand this to be] "eater" (consumer). It's not often that we have a definition bang in the middle of a long clue.
5 Odd evidence people can’t settle yet for dogs? (7)
CURIOUS - CUR IOUS (evidence people can’t settle yet) (for dogs)
6 GP’s motto: “I’m not bothered!” (3,3,1,4)
FOR ALL I CARE - A cryptic hint leading to a phrase with similar meaning to the answer
7 Blue being cancelled, look embarrassed (3,6)
OFF COLOUR - OFF  (being cancelled), COLOUR (look embarrassed - flush, turn red). 'Blue' is usually sad or depressed, and 'off colour' slightly unwell. I wouldn't have said they are exactly the same but there may be some crossover. Edit:  'blue / off colour' in the sense of 'smutty' - thanks to kevingregg.
8 Cleaner departs, pounds removed from overcoat (6)
DUSTER - D (departs), U{l}STER (overcoat) [pounds removed]
9 Hurting after exercise is excellent (6)
PEACHY - PE (exercise), ACHY (hurting)
13 Sadly no bar stops robber, one regularly at his peak? (5-6)
MUNRO-BAGGER - Anagram [sadly] of NO BAR is contained by [stops i.e. fills] MUGGER (robber). The definition is cryptic. Another answer unknown to me that sounds more like the name of a Hobbit, but I knew MUNRO as something to do with Scottish mountains and the rest was getable from wordplay. Collins defines the term as 'a person who climbs as many Munros as possible' and 'munro' as 'any separate mountain peak over 3000 feet high'.
16 No end of stress good for junior (9)
UNDERLING - UNDERLIN{e} (stress) [no end], G (good)
18 Not becoming popular, appreciate possessing brother (5,3)
INFRA DIG - IN (popular) + DIG (appreciate) containing [possessing] FRA (brother - a title given to an Italian monk or friar)
20 Precocious girl’s speed in swimming Tyne (7)
NYMPHET - MPH (speed) contained by [in] anagram [swimming] of TYNE. Some of these at 12ac perhaps?
21 Poor card game — lead is clubs (6)
CRUMMY - C (clubs), RUMMY (card game)
22 Put on in layers (6)
STAGED - Two meanings
25 Chestnut, I claim regularly, is hot to eat (5)
CHILI - CH (chestnut - horse), I, {c}L{a}I{m} [regularly]. One L in 'chilli' is an alternative apparently.
28 By leaving close trap (3)
NET - NE{x}T (close) [by, leaving]. By / x as in multiplication.
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