December 22nd, 2020


Times Quick Cryptic 1771 by Joker

I find the difficulty of this one hard to call. I seemed to struggle throughout yet surprised myself by finishing in 8:53. FOI 1ac and then I worked down the LHS before getting checkers to start the RHS. The SE was next which gave me enough checkers to make the second word of 5dn (and therefore the whole thing) obvious. Struggled to finish in the NE being misled about what was going on in 7dn and thinking I didn't have the GK. LOI 6dn.

Yesterday's concise quintagram is, I feeel, worth a mention. Without, I hope, spoiling it for those who want a belated go at it, I think I can reference these definitions from it - Quick (clever, witty), Cryptic (hidden, camouflaged). This does apply to all our QCs (for which - thanks to all setters) and particularly to this one from Joker which I've thoroughly enjoyed.

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