November 28th, 2020

Jumbo 1468

A run of the mill Jumbo, with a couple of words that I have seen in other crosswords, but not elsewhere.

I nearly made a silly mistake but a nagging doubt meant that I checked it out. Nothing to complain about though.

My favourite would be 36D for the definition.

1 List that starts at H (8,5)
PERIODIC TABLE – cryptic definition where H is the symbol for hydrogen

8 Problem reported by newspaper occasionally (9)
SOMETIMES – SOME sounds like SUM = problem, TIMES = newspaper

13 Female writer briefly including a mystic syllable (5)
NAOMI – NI{b} = writer, around A and OM = mystic syllable

14 All ventured out having experienced little (11)

15 Covert mercenary in position in Jamaica (5)
NINJA – hidden in positioN IN JAmaica

16 Philosopher one girl entertains over the years (9)
MILLENNIA – MILL = philosopher, ENNA = ANNE = girl, reversed around I = one

17 School broadcast welcome (4)
HIGH – sounds like HI = welcome

18 American singer depressed meets Charlie Parker (8)
BLUEBIRD – BLUE = depressed, BIRD = Charlie Parker

20 Line appended to schedule going round (6)
ROTARY – ROTA = schedule, RY = line

21 Flower of British nobility baroness made famous? (7,9)
SCARLET PIMPERNEL – double definition, the second mildly cryptic with baroness referring to Baroness Orczy who wrote The Scarlet Pimpernel

24 Baltic people succeeded amongst elite pupils (9)
ESTONIANS – ETONIANS = elite pupils, around S = succeeded

26 King opposed to an apriorist (7)
KANTIAN – K = king, ANTI = opposed, AN

27 Fool in school system (5)
SCHMO – SCH = school, M.O. = system

29 Toothache rages, having consumed mostly cold drink (3,9)

31 Dramatic platform accommodating good band (10)
STAGGERING – STAGE = platform, around G = good, RING = band

33 One short poem penned by a Mitford in Cambridge? (10)
UNIVERSITY – UNITY = a Mitford, around I = one and VERS{e} = poem

35 Mark is sullen about English having to stand for trespass (12)
MISDEMEANOUR – M = mark, IS, DOUR = sullen, around E = English and MEAN = to stand for

38 Broadcast brings controversy (5)
ISSUE – double definition

39 Island man in Iowa converted (3,4)
IWO JIMA – IOWA* around JIM = man

40 Putting together new dissertation after second year (9)
SYNTHESIS – S = second, Y = year, N = new, THESIS = dissertation

42 Vulgar verse still needs correction in book (9,7)

44 Sweet run for B52? (6)
BOMBER – BOMBE = sweet, R = run

47 Shoot wraps the whole onion (8)
SCALLION – SCION = shoot, around ALL = the whole. I nearly submitted with SHALLOOT thinking that it was possibly another way of spelling shallot, but it seemed a bit too obvious so I checked – glad I did

49 Transgression involving parking for short trip (4)
SPIN – SIN = transgression, around P = parking

50 League has location for playing across island (9)
COALITION – LOCATION*, around I = island

52 Tree more bare with bark initially removed (5)
ALDER – {b}ALDER = more bare

53 Basic soldier, endlessly in two minds, stops hunting target (11)
PREPARATORY – PREY = hunting target, around PARA = soldier and TOR{n} = in two minds

54 Absurd how dialogue ends (5)
INANE – the word dialogue ends IN AN E

55 Fungus needs soil and sun (9)
EARTHSTAR – EARTH = soil, STAR = sun

56 Valuable box: safe found in stretch in river (8,5)
TREASURE CHEST – TEST = river, around REACH = stretch, itself around SURE = safe

1 Confine foreign character ascending slope in shadowy areas (9)
PENUMBRAE – PEN = confine, UM = MU = foreign character, reversed, BRAE = slope

2 Search vigorously over time for minor radical (7)
ROOTLET – ROOTLE = search vigorously, T = time

3 Girl born on farm makes conciliatory gesture (5,6)
OLIVE BRANCH – OLIVE = girl, B = born, RANCH = farm

4 Crested lizard one year vanishing from country (6)
IGUANA – I = one, GU{y}ANA = country with y = year removed

5 Hatters mad to receive Roman Catholic rulers (9)
TETRARCHS – HATTERS* around R.C. = Roman Catholic

6 Gossip from British bird about soaps (12)
BLATHERSKITE – B = British, LATHERS = soaps, KITE = bird. I have seen this word before in crosswords (but never in real life!)

7 Woman on river leaves to cook perennial favourites (10)
EVERGREENS – EVE = woman, R = river, GREENS = leaves to cook

8 Completely convinced, faithful ultimately placed in ground (4)
SOLD – SOD = ground, around {faithfu}L

9 Mediator me in representative level of organisation (6,10)
MIDDLE MANAGEMENT – MIDDLEMAN = mediator, AGENT  = representative, around ME

10 Charged for contract (5)
TENSE – double definition

11 One incarcerated in murderous family home (7)
MANSION – MANSON = murderous family, around I = one

12 One to relish canard spread? (13)
SCANDALMONGER – cryptic definition, based around double meanings of canard and spread

19 Ran second copy by news boss (8)
SPRINTED – S = second, PRINT = copy, ED = news boss

22 Opponents at table go to law for result (5)
ENSUE – E,N = opponents at {bridge} table, SUE = go to law

23 Food sent round hospital has lactoprotein taken out (10,6)

25 Snacks made from bird parts (7)
TITBITS – TIT = bird, BITS = parts

28 Wicked male and one with common sense (7)
HEINOUS – HE = male, I = one, NOUS = common sense

29 New Stone Age hut is found in buildings complex (7,6)

30 Lease smallest rooms — key supplied for free (3,5)
LET LOOSE – LET = lease, LOOS = smallest rooms, E = key

32 Revised data given captures deplorable weakness (12)
DISADVANTAGE – (DATA GIVEN)* around SAD = deplorable

34 Resin from tree around eastern India (5)
ELEMI – ELM = tree, around E = Eastern, I = India

36 The other driver on move in Cairo is a PhD (11)
APHRODISIAC – (CAIRO IS A PHD)*. I really like the definition here – a driver of “the other”

37 Interpreter, one in principal role: public house worker? (10)
HIEROPHANT – I = one, in HERO = principal role, P.H. = public house, ANT = worker. Another word that has come up in crosswords before

40 Lecherous Sarah promises to pay without bill (9)
SALACIOUS – SAL = Sarah, AC = bill, IOUS = promises to pay

41 Tight cord flexed when first pulled (9)
STRINGENT – STRING = cord, {b}ENT = flexed

43 Youth from Abydos with piercing look (7)
LEANDER – LEER = look, around AND = with

45 Soldiers ordered to carry kit (7)
BRIGADE – BADE = ordered, around RIG = kit

46 Bar worker keeps whiskey in coat (6)
LAWYER – LAYER = coat, around W = whiskey

48 Tree line to extend over (5)
LARCH – L = line, ARCH = extend over

51 Stick close to housemate in block (4)
BEAR – BAR = block, around {housemat}E
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Times Cryptic No 27828 - Saturday, 21 November 2020. On your marks. Get set. Fizz.

As a gentle warm-up for the Online Championships, this should have hit the spot perfectly! I hoped those who tried the championship would have fun, though I wouldn't be one of you! Neither time zone nor ability made it a temptation for me, but in any case, it didn't happen. Apparently only the dreaded gremlins had success. Next time, we hope!

Meanwhile, this puzzle. It went in smoothly, except for the NE corner, where my early guess that the game might be Nintendo was a hindrance! I enjoyed the geography lesson at 14ac, and the anatomy lesson at 3dn. I didn’t know the noisy bird was noisy, but got the answer regardless. Thanks to the setter for a very enjoyable puzzle. Let’s take a look.

Notes for newcomers: The Times offers prizes for Saturday Cryptic Crosswords. This blog is posted a week later, after the competition closes. So, please don’t comment here on the current Saturday Cryptic.

Clues are blue, with definitions underlined. Deletions are in {curly brackets}. Add your introduction here
Definitions are underlined in italics.

1 100 and too old for insurance protection (8)
COVERAGE – C for 100, then OVER AGE.
9 Game bird returned to new home (8)
NINEPINS – N for new, INS is an old expression for home. (I needed the dictionary to confirm that, to explain where the S came from.) Insert PEN backwards (bird, aka prison). On edit: ... or, you can go with Guy's simpler and more sensible explanation below. Thanks, Guy.
10 For food, consume lamb at last in shopping centre (8)
MEATBALL – EAT is consume. B is lamB “at last”. Put them in MALL.
11 Beginning to assess bad experience, having time to drink (8)
AMARETTO – A is the beginning of “Assess”. MARE is an old expression for a bad experience. (Yes, another trip to the dictionary.) Then T for time, and TO.
12 Torch left burnt residue in passage (10)
FLASHLIGHT – L for left and ASH in FLIGHT.
14 Sebastiano in Piedmont town? On the contrary (4)
ASTI – hidden answer. I didn’t know the town although of course the wine appears regularly in these parts, but the clue is neat!
15 Suggestion husband ignored: discourteous to butt in (7)
17 One making loud calls from severely cold north (7)
BITTERN – BITTER (severely cold), N. Again, I didn’t realise bitterns are so noisy.
21 Go mad for an alcoholic concoction (4)
FLIP – double definition.
22 Something from flora — and from fauna recalled in secluded spot (10)
CORNFLOWER – the fauna is a WOLF, ‘recalled’. Put it in a CORNER.
23 Writer knocked back one drink at pub, then second (8)
RABELAIS – 1 (one) ALE BAR, all ‘knocked back’, then S for second.
25 See in addition the docked canine (8)
26 Chance one day to cut stress (8)
ACCIDENT – 1 (one) and D (day), ‘cutting’ ACCENT.
27 This, invariably lethal, used for starters in fight? (8)
STILETTO – T(his) I(nvariably) L(ethal) in SET-TO = fight.

2 Please write down scheme for avoiding partition (4-4)
3 Muscle former singer used to carry spades (8)
EXTENSOR – EX (former), TENOR ‘carrying’ S for spades.
4 German certainly seen in an unknown Dutch football team (4)
AJAX – JA in A | X.
5 Swell up? Leg near exploded! (7)
ENLARGE – anagram (exploded) of LEG NEAR.
6 Petty criminal appearing as the knife is wielded (5,5)
SNEAK THIEF – anagram (wielded) of AS THE KNIFE.
7 Reluctance shown by girl taking lead from source in government (8)
DISTASTE – DI, then lead from S(ource) in STATE.
8 Privileged pupil engages southern citizen (8)
13 Boy curtailed shout with man entering part of cathedral? (4,6)
LADY CHAPEL – LAD, then CHAP entering YEL(l).
15 Wicked inside where tango gives way to foxtrot (8)
INFERNAL – INTERNAL, with an F replacing the T.
16 Jam blind mouse would have liked? (8)
TAILBACK – ho, ho. Need we explain?
18 Barsetshire writer to wallow in drink (8)
19 Informer stopped by those working for Resistance (8)
RHEOSTAT – RAT ‘stopped’ by anagram (working) of THOSE.
20 System controls pressure on events at Wimbledon (7)
24 Judge almost correct: one would use laser sword (4)
JEDI – J, EDI(t).