November 27th, 2020

Quick Cryptic 1754 by Margaret and Bob

Right, so what to say about this one. Fairly chewy in places, some not-altogether-straightforward vocabulary, but enjoyable nonetheless. I'm not sure about 1dn, but I expect someone who owns four different dictionaries will provide definitive judgemement on this. 8 minutes for me.

1 After a nap returned to order a cigar (9)
PANATELLA - A NAP backwards then TELL (order) + A
6 We must be engulfed in sadness: that’s amazing! (5)
WOWEE - WE inside WOE
8 Crackers I turn to in food processing (9)
NUTRITION - anagram ('crackers') of I TURN TO IN
9 Girl I left in meadow (5)
LEILA - I + L inside LEA
10 One converting to book form, turning over lines (9)
NOVELISER - anagram ('turning') of OVER LINES
12 Back in street, bedraggled person owed money (6)
DEBTEE - reverse hidden word: strEET BEDraggled
13 A lieutenant: he meets a lady (6)
ALTHEA - A + LT + HE + A
16 Religious instruction for Catholic? Problem is Mass without English (9)
CATECHISM - CATCH (problem) + IS + M, with E for English inserted
18 Don’t vote for this party? (5)
BEANO - Be a 'No'
19 Country fellow at home, visiting a Royal Academician (9)
ARGENTINA - GENT IN inserted into A RA
21 Row with newspaper boss ended fast? (5)
22 Trio cease perversely making things obscure (9)
ESOTERICA - anagram ('perversely') of TRIO CEASE

1 A curmudgeon finally put in a few coins, showing remorse (7)
PENANCE - A + N (last of 'curmudgeon') put into PENCE. Hmm. Does 'remorse' really mean 'penance'? I'd say one is an emotion, the other is an act.
2 Local from NE coming round at four (6)
NATIVE - NE outside AT IV
3 Test in term: is able to appear regularly (5)
TRIAL - alternate letters of TeRm Is AbLe
4 Garland that is large put up (3)
LEI - IE + L backwards
5 All aboard on convertible, crossing motorway: it might move very slowly! (8,4)
ABNORMAL LOAD - anagram ('convertible') of ALL ABOARD ON + M for motorway
6 Surprised reaction from one in healthy state (4,1,7)
WELL I DECLARE -  I (one), inside WELL (healthy) and DECLARE (state)
7 Turning up in Ratibati a wild, thorny plant (4-1-3)
WAIT-A-BIT - reverse hidden word: raTIB-A-TI A Wild
11 Nan’s wild embraces much disturbed German composer (8)
SCHUMANN - anagram ('wild') of NANS around anagram ('disturbed') of MUCH
14 Buddhist monk taking in sinful erotic dance (7)
LAMBADA - LAMA with BAD inside
15 Italian resort: in one south of border (6)
RIMINI - I IN underneath ('south of') RIM
17 In need of repair, once, a boat (5)
CANOE - anagram ('in need of repair') of ONCE A
20 Stuff that’s sweet and endlessly virtuous? (3)
GOO - GOO(d)